first af all how dare you

i hate when people react “how’s that possible?!?!!?” when they ask me if i got a boyfriend and i said no, as if i’m missing out something or i’m lying…. like first of all the question itself is boring af, secondly having a boyfriend is not a fucking achievement that i have to complete, and last but not least how dare you assume that i must need a “boy”friend

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Guzma, Hau and Fire Dance Man with a s/o who likes to just. Touch their butt sometimes at random

🔥 Fire Dance Man 🔥 (Kiawe)
- the first few times he’ll shriek a little and give you a look….how dare you?
- after a while, he gets used to it. you’ll touch his butt and he won’t react at all. just “oh ok”
- probably wont touch your butt back lmao

- BOY he goes RED AF…like not even kidding he’s so not used to it
- he often enough touches your butt in return. yall probably start a game of butt-tag
- the grunts + plumeria are stunned that you can touch the bosses butt

- touch his but and he will give you the exact same look a cat gives you when you touch it’s feet; really fucking offended
- probably alright with it in private but blease do not do it in public…esp not in front of anyone he knows…he’ll cry
- very confused as to why you like to do that

who should you fight: wjsn ver.

Seola (Winner: You)

Seola calls herself daddy but she’s more like a grandpa. The only 1994 member who can roast you with words and probably stare you down but in the end she’ll just tire herself out if you just run around her a few times just by watching you. Fight her if you want but she’ll still scold you.

Xuan Yi (Winner: Xuan Yi)

First of all how dare you want to fight this literal angel, a blessing from the heavens, the ultimate older sister that will wake you up just so she can play with you. Her sweet smile will overpower you while she washes you away with her fish imitation. If you take her snack away she’ll cry and the other members will kill you for her. Don’t fight Xuanyisus.

Bona (Winner: Bona)

The girl is hot af and will flirt her way to victory. She’s like medusa but more like sedusa because one look from her and you’re dead. Also if you try to fight her, her gf Xuan Yi will fight you and you know you can’t fight Xuanyisus. Don’t fight Bona.

Exy (Winner: You)

Like Seola, she’s a grandma even though she’s the fourth oldest but tire her out enough, she’ll just go to Xuan Yi and sleep on her. You may die a bit from her rapping and edgy smirk but you got this. She’s the mom of 11 kids like she’s seen hell and back just from 2 of them. Fight Exy but it will be a short one or just go color books with her.

Soobin (Winner: You)

She’s too innocent to fight, don’t fight the smiling angel with the scream of a pterodactyl. Just go make cute arts and crafts with her. Don’t fight Soobin.

Luda (Winner: Luda)

She is Satan’s granddaughter made of condensed salt and blunt words. Luda may be small but she will fight you or the other members will fight you for her, even the younger members dote and protect her, like Eunseo. Don’t fight Luda or she’ll send you to hell herself.

Dawon (Winner: Dawon)

She will destroy you with her power vocals as well as her power slaps, have you seen Dayoung’s arm after her hit? Nah son her amazing cheekbones punch harder than you. She’s also an angel why would you fight her. Don’t fight Dawonce.

Eunseo (Winner: Eunseo)

This tall tree has more determination than all of undertale characters combined. She will stop at nothing to win and she’s tall. Eunseo will hit you, scream at you, bruce lee you into the next cosmic, and everything else in between. She’s not called the Vitamin member for no reason. Don’t fight Eunseo unless you really want to be dead.

Cheng Xiao (Winner: Cheng Xiao)

The queen of tumbling will kick your ass in style. Barbie girl one moment then Wendy Wu homecoming warrior the next. She will tumble you so hard you will ask yourself momomo??? Don’t fight Cheng Xiao, why would you want to even fight her you monster.

Mei Qi (Winner: Mei Qi)

Her sexy dance will bring you down to your knees but momma Bona would be there to remind you she’s underage and fight you for fighting a minor. And if try to fight Bona you will lose don’t forget. Don’t fight Mei Qi if you wanna get killed by Bona.

Yeoreum (Winner: You)

Her only attack is cleaning lenses, you can win easily if you give her food, she’ll probably play dead for snacks. She might attack you if you don’t give it to her but still. Fight Yeoreum but just give her the snacks and she’ll let you win, for now.

Dayoung (Winner: Dayoung)

Like Eunseo, this girl has endless energy and will do whatever it takes to win. She will charge at you like a frilled lizard at full speed and knock you out. Have you seen how much energy she has? She’ll suck the life out of you. Just don’t fight Dayoung, she’s too good.

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how dare you post blarke shit after lexas death. unfollowed.


okay first of all, i’m not caught up on the show (life’s been busy af so i’m a few episodes behind) so you’re lucky I already saw that spoiler on my dash or I would’ve been really angry

secondly, lexa’s death has absolutely nothing to do with my shipping bellarke? which I have been doing since s1? I think she’s kickass and I loved her and I’m sad and upset about her death (although I know no specifics about how/why that happened) but that doesn’t mean I ever particularly shipped her with clarke and, let me reiterate, HER DEATH IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO MY SHIPPING BELLAMY AND CLARKE

thirdly, this blog is run via queue 99% of the time so it’s not like I deliberately posted bellarke right after her death to, like, celebrate or piss off upset clexa shippers

fourthly and lastly: fuck you. this is my blog and I can post whatever I want whenever I want. You don’t like me posting a certain ship, grow the fuck up and learn to blacklist like a normal person, or feel free to unfollow without bitching to me about it and being a massive dickwad

suffice to say, have a good life, you won’t be missed