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No acting from Tarjei was actually required in the shooting of this scene


Radio Gazette December 16 2016, courtesy of @wack-translations

Reita: Yeah, you’re right, that’s why they say people who work out are even more annoying than smokers.
Uruha: Yup.
(Reita laughing very hard)
Uruha: You will all see just how annoying they are when our world tour documentary comes out. We have some very detailed footage of that.
Reita: They should have cut out more!
Uruha: We already cut out quite a bit…

From World Tour 16 Documentary Dogmatic Trois.

Starlit Wanderings

ARTIST AND AUTHOR’S NOTE: Art + Edit. With everything but the Endless Summer gang’s symbols, which are by @playchoices, drawn by me.

We were put on this earth for reasons we often do not uncover. We wander about, going off into uncharted territory to find that reason. Some succeed, others don’t. So they keep looking, keep running, keep fighting.

They knock on doors, waiting for them to open. They close their eyes, wishing for a miracle. They take a step, hoping that it’ll take them somewhere.

Then, they find themselves at the crossroads of life, hesitating on whether or not to take the next turn.

They look up at the starry night sky, the compass that’s helped countless generations navigate through the darkness and storm.

They try to attach them together like chains of fate plastered upon the atmosphere, intertwining their destiny with the most unlikely of people. They glance at the crossroads, then look back at the stars.

I’ll just wander for a while longer.