first 1000 note post

so you know those soulmate AUs where you’ve got your soulmates first words to you written on your body in their handwriting? what if your soulmate had really shit handwriting? and you’ll have no idea when you meet them because you can’t decipher their stupid fucking handwriting

Callout Post: BMC Fandom

-doesnt care enough about jake dillinger to realize the frosted tips pictures were obviously faked
-i scribbled those frosted tips on in paint tool sai in like 30 seconds
-i didnt expect yall to take it seriously
-seriously if you google be more chill, the first picture has jake and no frosted tips
- :/

I started making this gif as a thank you for my first post to reach 1000 notes, and passing 600 followers. And before I even finished it I was well over 700 followers and over 4000 notes with the previous Garnet gif. To me that’s so crazy, the feeling that so many people actually connected with my moving scribbles.

Here’s to a bright future with even more fun :D
Also I just realized I draw Garnet basically like Korra

Jams You Shouldn’t Forget Pt. 2

In honor of the first post having almost 1000 notes! Just more ridiculously good jams by extremely talented groups we shouldn’t forget about as new groups and new music comes out this year! (w/ links)

It’s once again Time for my yearly Update

I’ve been on Tumblr for two years now. Yes, a shock and a shame since this place is clearly a mess. But I think is a great place to keep track of my artwork and other shenanigans. In case you’re curious about my first year of digital art >> here's the post << I did for it.

Now did I make progress this past 12 months? I’m gonna say yes. My first art piece I posted was this piece showing me and my new(at the time) friend Cabbage which I posted on May 4, 2016.

I mean its, not a terrible artpiece all things considered but there are a lot of elements in it that make me cringe now.(I still LOVE wHy I made it THO)

Now on to the ones I am proud of and worked hard on:

May 25 (spent two days on this one)

June 24(I spent nearly an entire week to get this one right)

November 8 (my first post to hit 1000 notes)

February 11(my first comic not very good flow but ehhh)

March 8(my first post to hit 2000 also I love my Altean Lance au)

April 23 (My most recent piece, took me about 3-4 hours)

Yep, I’d say I’ve made a bit of progress. Thanks to everyone who has appreciated and supported me and my work. It’s been a long ride this past year but I hope the next year challenges me even more.

A little pic to celebrate both getting accepted into @pidgezine (my first ever zine!) and also my first post to get over 1000 NOTES! (x) Holy smokes! That was a surprise to wake up to!

These past few weeks have been really difficult with getting fired from my job and all, but the Voltron fandom picked me right back up and got me on my feet in record time! 

A big thank you to everyone for continuing to support me and my art! I really do appreciate it, with all my heart ♥ 

I feel... satisfied.

So, this little piece of fanart of Rainbow Quartz has reached one thousand notes.
That was totally unexpected for a sketch I’ve spent so little time on.

 It’s the first time that something I’ve posted reached 1000 notes. It’s not that much in the end, but it still is a little victory and made me really happy.

Thank you so much.

I’m making another RQ piece since I love her so much <3

Pfffff, 3 AM!!! More like at 6:30 AM.