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"GOT7’s Seven Greatest Accomplishments Show How Far They’ve Come”

GOT7 first stepped onto the scene back in January of 2014 and they have come a very long way since then.

This hardworking group never fails to make fans proud and hopefully, they get to showcase even more this new year. Here are their top 7 moments since debut.

1. Getting Their 1st Public Show Win for “Fly”

It’s always a huge deal when groups get their first win on a public broadcast show. The boys of GOT7 were so shocked and emotional when they had their win on M! Countdown.

2. Winning Worldwide Favorite Artist at MAMA 2016

At the 2016 MNet Asian Music Awards, they received the Worldwide Favorite Artist award and it showed that they have truly made an international impact. With worldwide tours and fans from all over, GOT7 have appealed to everyone.

3. Going on their 1st Worldwide Tour

Fans were excited when GOT7 announced their GOT7 1st Concert “FLY IN USA” tour. The boys performed in Dallas, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

4. Flawlessly Performing Their Songs at Double Speed

It’s hard enough dancing to songs at normal speed, but GOT7 took it up another level. They definitely showed what they brought to the table with their double speed dancing to “If You Do” and “Hard Carry”. It just goes to show that they are masters dancing at any speed.

5. Jackson Winning the Best New Male Variety Newcomer Award at the SBS Entertainment Awards

Even though this award went to only Jackson, it was as a result of all his hard work to get GOT7 noticed. He is so grateful for his members and hopefully they keep the momentum up this year.

6. Jinyoung Acting in “Legend of the Blue Sea”

This past year was huge for GOT7, especially Jinyoung. He was able to explore acting and was even cast as the younger version of Lee Minho‘s character in “Legend of the Blue Sea.” The GOT7 members and fans alike were super proud of Jinyoung and his new opportunities.

7. Yugyeom Wins at Hit The Stage

With his second stage, Yugyeom was deemed the winner of Hit The Stage on the final episode. He was able to show off a new side of his dancing and proved to be a dance force in K-Pop. His hyungs were super proud of his achievements and even continue to bring it up in various broadcasts.


With their 3rd anniversary coming up, may more great things happen for GOT7 this year.

BTS Sincerely Open Up About the Meaning of Winning 1st on a Music Show

BTS recently opened up about winning first place on a music show, as well as their determination for future activities.

The group went on a winning streak, as they reached the number one spot starting with the May 5 broadcast of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” the May 7 broadcast of Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” as well as their first-ever public broadcast music show win, since debuting, on the May 8 episode of KBS’ “Music Bank.”

On May 8, MBN Star met with BTS for an interview, during which member Suga expressed, “The trophy was very heavy when we received it. I don’t mean the actual weight [of the trophy], but I felt a sense of responsibility to develop even more and work even harder after receiving the award. All of the members know very well the weight/value [of winning an award], and I hope we continue to promote humbly.”

The oldest member Jin and leader Rap Monster shared, “On the way back to our dorm after receiving the award, we said something like this: ‘Because our fans gave us such a great award, let’s not lose our roots and do well.’ Amongst the members, we made a promise to not be prideful, and especially in these circumstances, to pay more attention to every single one of our actions and speech, and also to greet everyone well.”

Member Jimin added, “I still can’t believe it. I was completely dumbfounded when we received [the award] and was in a daze, thinking ‘Did we really win?’ But after thinking about it once we actually came down from the stage, I thought, ‘All the hard work and practice until now wasn’t in vain.’ I also thought a lot about the fans that were able to make this happen for us. We will work even harder.”

When asked about their goals for the future, Suga explained, “I think it’s important for us to keep doing well without tiring out until the end—even if our bodies are tired. I believe we have to go through the first week of every promotion thinking of our debut.”