Markiplier Reaction Gif Series: THIS

Someone asked me a while ago to make “this” set and a different one. Ever since then I’ve been combing through recent videos, looking for any time Mark points upward. I’ve finally collected enough to justify a set.

Please enjoy. 

All these gifs (plus two pictures) were made by me, and all are free to use, no credit required. Plese reblog them and spread them around so everyone can have a set of THIS gifs from Markiplier. 

All are 299 px or smaller  so they won’t stretch or distort when used in text posts. 

Please, take and use for all your emphasizing needs!! 

Track #markiplierreactionset for updates to this series, and know that all of my gifs are public domain (take and use without credit) unless otherwise stated. 

(That last one doesn’t have giant obnoxious borders, I just put buffers in there to give you a better estimate of its proper size. Click through all gifs to see actual size, some are cropped weirdly by Tumblr)

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—  Welcome to Night Vale, First Date (Ep. 27)

not-for-granted asked:

"I didn't think I'd see you in a dress," Percy admitted, blinking in surprise as Thalia smoothed the front of her bridesmaid gown.

“I think I should check in with Nico and see if Hades has frozen over yet.”

Hilarious,” she replied dryly, scowling at him. Thalia hoped the foul look on her face would distract him from the way she wobbled along in her heels. Being a Hunter of Artemis didn’t give one a lot of time to practice walking in ridiculous footwear. “Don’t make me punch you before the wedding even starts, Jackson. You have no idea how tempting it is to give you a black eye to match that penguin suit of yours.”

Percy grinned in spite of her threat, and offered her his arm. Thalia tried not to look too desperately grateful as she took it; she’d been worried she’d trip going down the aisle in these damn shoes and make a fool of herself during her brother’s big day.

“Will you punch me if I say you look nice?”

Thalia glanced down at her gown once more. Truly, it wasn’t a bad dress; short, black, and cut in a rockabilly style, it was actually something she could see herself wearing more than once… if she didn’t spend the majority of her time in the muck, hunting monsters, that was.  Piper had even let her accessorize it with a silver studded belt around her waist and her nose ring. Annabeth, the killjoy, had drawn the line at her spiked choker and skull earrings, saying, “It’s Jason’s wedding, Thalia, not Dracula’s, for god’s sake,” in that endearingly condescending way of hers.

Unfortunately, dresses were far too drafty for the kind of work she did on a regular basis and, in the end, they weren’t really her thing, even if she did look like the best punk pin-up ever. But this one would do for a few hours, just so she could stand by her brother’s side and hand him off into the arms of his soon-to-be wife. 

“You don’t need to say it,” she said, throwing her head back and smirking at her cousin smugly “I know I look nice.”