When I was young I asked more of people than they could give: everlasting friendship, endless feeling.

Now I know to ask less of them than they can give: a straightforward companionship. And their feelings, their friendship, their generous actions seem in my eyes to be wholly miraculous: a consequence of grace alone.

—  Albert Camus, The First Man

Karamel adventures [12/?]


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I didn't know you had a tattoo! May I ask what it is? I can't really tell in the photo. Also, you don't need makeup, you're too beautiful without it. Pull off that Alicia-Keys-no-makeup

aH thank you! That’s very kind of you!

This was taken right after it got done so that’s why my arm are so red haha

How is it that Pluto’s smog looks prettier than our own?

On both planets, smog is caused by a photochemical reaction. Sunlight acts on the chemicals in the atmosphere and creates by-products which we find in smog.

On Earth, the sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxide and creates aldehydes, while on Pluto, sunlight reacts with methane to create acetylene and ethylene. These form hydrocarbon groups and scatter blue light, which is why we see a blue haze!

Image credit: @colchrishadfield (Tumblr)

carlos would get a binder and only wear it for exactly 8 hours, as recommended, and he would wash it according to the tags about twice a week and he wouldn’t even think about modifying it at all

cecil on the other hand would forget he’s wearing his binder half the time and fall asleep in it, and would never wash it, and do a hack job on the ones that go down too far

I’ve seen a couple of posts about the first time Kirk kisses Spock and how Spock shorts out for a second, but like what if it was the other way round

Kirk respects Spock as well as loves him and he knows how much physical contact is reserved so he tries to abide by that. Sure he hugs him and touches him sometimes (he’s a very physical person and cuddles are a big way to show affection for him) but he never kisses because kissing in Human culture is seen as a bit of a big deal. But Spock grew up on Vulcan, his knowledge of Human kisses is pretty limited (he’s seen his parents do it on occasion, but so rarely it’s hardly relevant) and he generally considers the hugs and cuddles as super intimate anyways (not to mention the whole mental link). But he does know what Amanda told him when he was little about how kisses are a way to say “I love you” so one day Jim gives him a big ol’ hug because he’s just really excited about something and in response Spock kisses him. And for a moment all Jim can do is stand there completely shocked. And then the biggest goofiest grin he’s ever given spreads across his face and Spock immediately regrets everything (but he’s secretly pleased)