A writer’s problem… is always how to write truly and, having found out what is true, to project it in such a way that it becomes a part of the experience of the person who reads it.
—  Ernest Hemingway
About starting this blog

This is my first blog. 

Well not my ‘first first’ one. 5 years ago, when I was 13 I tried tumblr out. But I just didn’t know what to espect actually. I was quite insecure and was hoping for people to somehow unterstad what I was going through. No! Not that kind of hard times. They where just what happes when puberty  hits you.

I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for .. I will tell/ show you a little bit about me and maybe we coult start nice conversations and discussions?
That’s how it works, I think :) 

Wandering Soul

Art by yours truly.

Dearest reader, if you have stumbled upon this post, congratulations – you are now a Wanderer! Achievement unlocked *high five*. Kidding aside, You are probably wondering what the eerie title is all about, so here goes.

As a little girl, I developed a 
love for adventures (influenced greatly by video games and anime). Traveling, walking around new places and simply discovering new things – became paradise to my otherwise shut-in world. So, each opportunity for going out from the house gave me real excitement.

The love and curiosity for discovering and learning became like instinct. Whenever I found something interesting, I tried to absorb all I can about the subject (oh what a lovely sponge I am… \[。•‿•。]/) Otherwise, I simply loved to stroll around and bask in the curious surroundings. It made me appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world that the Great Designer has given us.

Apart from that, my brother and I were encouraged to engage in the arts. Drawing gave me respite from the envy I felt on other children as they were allowed to play while I wasn’t. Though I did not play quite as much outdoors, reading, playing video games and watching films (mostly anime,lol) proved to be great entertainment and future art inspirations. Armed with these forces, I became in-love with the concept of adventures, or as I like to call it, “wandering”.

There is just something so beautiful in everything that has been bestowed to this earth, whether it be natural or man-made. It is always a treat to learn something about anything. And that, I believe is what makes life certainly more exciting.

Thus, I have become a soul dedicated to wandering this world and who has decided to share to you my adventures for as long as I shall live! *evil laugh* 
Well, one cannot be a NEET (no education, employment or training) as the Japanese say or couch potato in layman’s terminology… forever! As I start a new chapter to my exploits, I’d like to cordially (are you now wondering which era I’ve come from? LOL) invite you!

As the saying goes, “not all who wander are lost…or dead.”

And so… Welcome to my world of Wanderings! With an inkling of who I am, I do hope that you too share YOUR ADVENTURES with me.

Feels like the new kid at school

After years of tumblr this and tumblr that I’ve finally created one that I plan on actually using.  For those who have found themselves followed by me, all I can say is I’m a random 23 year old guy with varied interest.  I live for the sake of living and often find myself at the center of a storm.  I followed random people to start off that I found attractive, shared the same interest or peaked my interest. I’ll also be taking recommendations on who to follow, in a lot of ways the tumblr world is both new and exciting yet has a touch of familiarity.

Here’s to that something else.

This is not My Diary

This blog has been created a long time ago. I thought of changing its name but I figured it takes me days even weeks just to come up with a blog name so I decided to retain this one. I repeat, this is not my diary. Well, maybe a bit. This blog can contain about my life or yours. Often times, this will be just an outlet for my restless thoughts and random observation.

When you’re bored, don’t visit this blog. There’s a thin chance you’ll find something funny here. My words don’t exactly entertain. They are usually written to touch lives or simply give you a pat on the back or a hit on the head.

That’s all for now. Ciao!

Di sini jiwa berkerudungkan dosa tadi malam sedang asik mengetuk pada huruf yang berserakan untuk satu-dua kalimat entah apa maksud.
The First Post

Wow! So I impulsively decided to create a blog. I want to share my love for food, all the new recipes I come up with, and even just rockin’ deals I find at local grocery stores for all the college students out there (I feel your pain.)

So here is a little about me:

My name is Kaeli, and I love to cook! But I also don’t like to spend money, which works out great because I am a broke college student. Despite my lack of income, I still manage to create great meals. I refuse to eat baked potatoes and ramen every night! More about me at another date.. 

Great recipes are to come soon :)

Hi, I’m Ach. Mulyawan R. aka Cimul, 19 y.o., Moslem, wild, crazylazy, tukang dagang, and hell yeah. I’m pretty ‘shit’, but always try harder to be a good man for my God (Allah SWT), my religion, my parents , another beloved people I have, and of course for my life!! :)
Honestly, I created this site just because I could not find a real friend. Mostly, they just listen, but can’t really understand, and that’s feel so… know what I mean. Then, I wish we could be a good friend, really2 best friend. So please be friendly, tumblr!!
And this one is my first post!! Cheers up!! ;) *toast

A Chat With a Stranger

Boo there Stranger!

The Internet is simply the strangest place. I’m not even sure it can constitute as a “place” - isn’t it simply a bunch of codes translated onto words or pixels on a screen? I suppose in a way though we are a bunch of atoms ‘translated’ onto ‘screens’ as well. What I find hardest to understand is our translation of The Internet as real, a reality. In fact, I am certain that most of us - especially you reading this post - spend more time in front of screens than in front of ‘realreal’ (in the form of atoms and molecules and cells type of real) people. Which I guess is more ‘real’ than the internet because the internet supposedly channels that type reality.

Now the Internet is odder than you think. Thousands of ‘reareal’ people share and live through these screens. Bloggers dedicate a portion of their lives (and often make a living) to sharing posts about their personal lives, or part of their personal lives, to complete strangers. These complete strangers are free to “follow” or “subscribe” to the lives of these bloggers. To the reader a blogger becomes ‘realreal’. The blogger becomes an idea, a persona and sometimes a fantasy. In a striking way blogging is like porn; or rather bloggers can be compared to porn actors. What I mean by this is that through the shield of anonymity individuals get to see (or read) the most intimate and deepest parts of a stranger’s life: their passions, their fantasies, their desires, their fears, their soft spots and sometimes random ameature dull ‘routines’. These are intended to be displayed to us - their stranger. Suddenly the ‘realreal’ (or rather what we think is) is not intimidating anymore: it is given to us, for free on a screen.

Now look, I’m not here to advocate against porn (that was just a metaphorical way of explaining the concept of blogging) and I’m not here to advocate against over sharing on the internet, in fact I’m an avid reader of some “exciting” blogging lives myself. What I am trying to get at here, is a philosophy that is completely different.

But first listen to a little story, or rather a ponder I had the other day:

As the door to the tram opened four stops (it might have been five), before I was to get off, an odd looking lady of about 26-27 hopped on. It was not that she looked conventionally ugly or pretty or sexy or dull, she just looked very mysterious (?) or nonchalant (?) or alien (?) - The question marks are intended to underline the fact that I cannot find the right word to describe her air- (actually I do not think anyone’s air can be described with a word). But anyways, the way she looked does not really matter to the story: what matters what that I was extremely interested by her. By that, I do not mean in the romantic or lustful way you might be towards attractive strangers- besides I was never into women anyways. It was an interest of that genuine human to human- stranger to stranger- type of way: The way we are on the internet when we search for someone or read someone’s blog. It’s that rare interest one takes in a complete stranger- an interest which has no personal advantageous to you - but simply a genuine altruistic curiosity- That type of interest that the Internet sparks and satisfies so easily.

When you are reading someone’s blog, the effort of ‘small talk’ or time to get to the interesting and the dirt that exists in the ‘reareal’ world, is eliminated. Besides, it is completely unnecessary: you are always shielded with Mr. or Ms. Anonymous.

What I want to understand is:

Why is the gap between our disclosure and avid interest so fucking big between the ‘life of the screen’ and the ‘realreal’ life?

Look, personal blogging and the internet will forever remain important- they break us out of the ego and self orientated air- HOWEVER, why is it that we are so free to read about others and are not afraid to ask silly or rude questions on here, yet are extremely intimidated to do so in the ‘realreal’ place towards a stranger? The type of genuine interest and honesty that the Internet has created is crucial: we need to find a way to incorporate it into our own lives.