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Jean Racine (22 December 1639 – 21 April 1699)

French dramatist.

From our stacks: Frontispiece “Racine” and title page from Théatre Complet de J. Racine. Précédé d’une notice par M. Auger. Paris: Librairie de Firmin-Didot et Cie. 1889.


Illustrations of the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrristos (Tower of the Winds), Athens. Stuart, James and Revett, Nicholas Antiquities of Athens, Vol.1, Paris, Firmin Didot, 1808.

The ancient Greeks knew the gods of the winds as Anemoi. The Romans called them the Venti.

From Left to right:

- Boreas (Roman Septentrio), god of the North wind and bringer of winter.
- Kaikias (Roman Caecius), god of the North-east wind, bringer of hail.
- Apeliotes (Roman Apeliotus), god of the South-east wind, bringer of rain beneficial to farmers.
- Eurus (Roman Subsolanus), god of the East wind, bringer of warm rains.
- Notos (Roman Auster), god of the South wind, bringer of hot winds, humidity and fog.
- Lips (Roman Afer), god of the South-west wind, bringer of the winds which helped or hindered sailors.
- Zephyrus (Roman Favonius), god of the West wind, bringer of gentle breezes.
- Skiron (Roman Caurus), god of the North-west wind, bringer of the cold, dry winds of winter.

The Tower of the Winds is an octogonal weather station and time-piece built in the Roman Agora of Athens by Andronicus of Cyrrhus circa 50BCE. It held a wind vane, eight sundials, and a water clock.

Seven, Saoven ou Sovan. (Ilithya, Junon-Lucine.)
Dubois, L. J. J. (Leon Jean Joseph) (Artist)
Champollion, Jean François (1790-1832) (Author)
Pantheon egyptien : collection des personnages mythologiques de l'ancienne Egypte, d'apres les monuments, avec un texte explicatif
Date Issued: 1823-[1825?] A Paris
Publisher: De L'imprimerie de Firmin Didot …

The New York Public Library Digital Collections.


Flora and french pomona: history and is in color, flowers and fruits of France or naturalized on french soil on Flickr.

By Jaume Saint-Hilaire, Jean Henri, 1772-1845
Didot, Firmin.
Publication info Paris: Chez l'auteur Street Furstemberg 0.1828 to 1833
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