Vault by Vans x Star Wars 

We’ve got two rad Star Wars collections for the season, the first one comes to our Vault line in the form of six limited edition shoes. A larger collection will hit our Classics line of footwear, apparel, and accessories June 1st. This coveted assortment launches with rare Vans prints from the 80s fused with your favorite Star Wars characters. With less than 300 pairs of each style produced, this Vault by Vans special assortment will be available  beginning now exclusively at the Vans DQM General in Boston and New York, Opening Ceremony locations in Los Angeles, London, New York and Ace Hotel New York, Off the Hook in Montreal, Colette in Paris, Firmament in Berlin and Tresbien in Sweden. For more info visit




Anonymous asked:
May 5th 2014, 9:09:00 am

i try too hard and now teachers are telling me i’m a walking time bomb for da vinci syndrome and i’m learning that my fucked up crazy brain is actually visible as such in public and i want very very badly to live but i don’t know if i would (or will)

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لَنْ تَستطيعَ سِنينُ البُعْدِ تَمنَعُنا

إنَّ القُلوبَ بِرَغْمِ البُعدِ تَتَّصِلُ

لا القَلبُ يَنسَى حَبيبًا كَانَ يَعْشَقُهُ

ولا النُّجومُ عَنِ الأفْلاكِ تَنْفَصِلُ

It is impossible for years of separation to come between us.
Hearts will remain connected in spite of the distance.
A heart will never forget the beloved whom it longs for.
And the starts will never be separated from the firmament.

—  عبدالعزيز جويدة