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Hi, I was wondering if you could point me to any good reconnecting Klaine fics? Something along the lines of a Klaine breakup and then getting back together after a few years. Thanks

Come What May by @mrscriss2012

Four years ago, Blaine Anderson broke Kurt Hummel’s heart when he left. Now a smart and successful lawyer and poised to take over the family firm, Blaine is a shadow of the man he used to be. Struggling with conflicting emotions surrounding his parents, and trying to live in a world without his one true love, Blaine must discover who he really wants to be.

The Luckiest by wordplay

Blaine broke Kurt’s heart 3 months before high school graduation. Now, four years later, their group of friends reunites at a lake house to marry off two of their own. With luck, Kurt and Blaine will also be able to finally mend something that’s stayed broken for far too long.

Every Word by @damnpene

After years apart Kurt and Blaine have moved on from one another and built separate lives. Kurt is developing a quiet reputation off-Broadway. Blaine is a fledgling musical theatre writer and producer on the West Coast.

Then they reconnect - because of the music, because of the theater. Because of course they do.

Sequel: Every Road

The Bones of You by stoney

It’s been over 5 years since Kurt and Blaine broke up after Blaine’s graduation from McKinley. Blaine is working on his M.Phil (masters) in Cambridge, UK, when a well-meaning friend sends him a link to a video. And everything in his life changes.

Candy Morningstar Hypothesis!!!

It came to me at 4am. The hypothesis that actually makes me excited about the next episode of Lucifer in May.

The spoilers:

From the IMdB page, we know that Lucifer 2x14 is called “Candy Morningstar” and the actress playing Candy Morningstar is not Lauren German (Chloe), it’s Lindsey Gort. Based on Lindsey posting this picture on instagram, the fact that Lucifer left town, and the fact that Morningstar isn’t a common last name, people are speculating that Lucifer married Candy, a stripper, while hiding out in Las Vegas. The question is why…

The facts:

  1. Lucifer cares deeply for Chloe but doesn’t want to admit it.
  2. From 2x11, Chloe knows exactly how many women Lucifer normally sleeps with in 6 weeks.
  3. Lucifer wants to be with Chloe but is afraid of her because she’s a gift from God.
  4. Lucifer doesn’t want to reveal the facts around Chloe’s birth to Chloe because he believes she was just an unknowing pawn in his Father’s game.
  5. Lucifer wants nothing to do with his Father’s plan or his Mum’s games.

My wild-ass speculation:

Put yourself in Lucifer’s shoes. You need to break off the very first romantic relationship you’ve ever had, without discussing the reasons why you’re breaking things off because you don’t lie and you can’t be truthful. Although you hate to admit it, casual sex without Chloe is suddenly “not fun” and you don’t want to look too closely at why it feels meaningless and empty. Or why you keep thinking about Chloe. All the time. Because love is a terrifying emotion that can be manipulated by your family, and you don’t want them to use Chloe to manipulate you.

Leaving town without talking to Chloe was easy, but now a murder investigation has brought you back to L.A. You want to send a firm message to your family to stop meddling in your life, and that you’ve moved on and they can’t hurt you any more. You also have to figure out how to break things off with Chloe in a way that prevents her from asking all those pesky questions about feelings that you can’t answer truthfully. A distraction might be useful…

So what do you do? You hire someone to pose as your new wife!

Think about it…

Woman at a crime scene flirts with Lucifer, and he looks uncomfortable and ungracefully extracts himself.
Chloe: “It’s not like you to turn down women that throw themselves at you.”
Lucifer: “Well, I’m a married man now, Detective! Monogamy and all that.”
Chloe: Scoffs. “You don’t strike me as the monogamous type.”
Lucifer: “Well, you know… You meet the right person and it changes you.”
*discreetly heart-eyes Chloe*

Lucifer’s fake marriage to Candy is the perfect cover to hide the fact that he’s internally dying of feels and he has no idea how to deal with the fact that he’s tried hardening his heart and having sex with other women but realized he just wants to be with Chloe, who is a beautiful golden trap designed by his Father.

A fake marriage to Candy Morningstar is the easiest way for Lucifer to save face without actually dealing with his emotions towards Chloe. Being Lucifer, he wouldn’t want to tell lies, so he probably actually married Candy. When it’s finally revealed to Chloe as a fake marriage, he can just get it annulled because he didn’t actually sleep with Candy.

It’s such a fun plot device for the writers too. They get to play on the fandom’s heart strings by making Chloe jealous of Candy, while Lucifer can make these “bending the truth without breaking it” kind of statements that show how much he actually cares about Chloe. Watching him try to keep up this charade while not actually lying is going to be hilarious. Watching Chloe’s heart break will kill me.

What do you think? @luciferthemorningstar@mischief-with-sandra@harleyquinntattooparlour

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would you be able to do a thing where mc receives news of her parents dying but instead of he being upset she is happy and says good riddance because her parents were very terrible to her and just terrible people in general? how would the rfa+saeran react?

Sure thing Anon, I hope you enjoy!


·         After you got the letter in the mail, you let him read it.

·         When he was done, you attacked him in a hug and he thought you were crying

·         “It’ll be okay MC!”

·         But then you pulled back, and you were smiling and crying

·         Crying tears of joy

·         “MC… did you read the letter??”

·         “Is this one of those panic response things?”

·         You kissed his face a lot which made him go red and jumped around the apartment

·         This boy was a little scared

·         Eventually you calmed down and explained why you were so happy about it

·         “Yoosung, they were such terrible people to me. All they did was tell me I was worthless and hurt me”

·         “I’m gonna fight them”

·         “They’re dead now Yoosung”

·         “I’ll fight their corpse”

·         Yoosung”

·         After you’ve explained it, he understands why you took their deaths so lightly

·         He told you that if you changed your mind, he’d comfort you

·         But for now, he was fine with getting back to life

·         And he definitely noticed how you did things with less hesitation or fear


·         Jaehee was the one that got informed of your parent’s death

·         She sat you down and very calmly explained the situation

·         “MC I’m so sorry to tell you this, but your parents were in an accident… and they did not make it”

·         “Oh, thank god”

·         Jaehee.exe has stopped working

·         Thank… god??

·         “MC do you understand what I’m telling you?”

·         “Yep”

·         “…”

·         Thinks you’re in some form of shock at first, since she doesn’t know what to say you just kiss her head and continue with working in the café

·         She let it go for a few days, but finally decided to confront you and ask why you were so calm… and why you seemed happier after the news

·         “Jaehee, my parents were very terrible to me. They made my life a living hell, and made me want to give up on it a lot”

·         Ah.

·         She understands now, and tells you she’s happy you’re happy.

·         She’s still concerned that you might feel a little sorrow, but she doesn’t say anything.


·         It was actually a few weeks before Zen found out about your parent’s deaths.

·         He freaked out

·         “MC! You’ve been so strong, why did you hide it from me? You never have to pretend around me!”

·         Honestly, you didn’t tell him because you didn’t care, if anything you were glad they were gone.

·         You explained that they weren’t nice people, and you had felt no sadness whatsoever when you were told they had died

·         “MC… I understand you and your family didn’t see eye-to-eye, but aren’t you a little sad they’re gone?”

·         He is a firm believer in rekindling family ties if possible

·         You were a little annoyed that he suggested you should be sad to see such awful people go

·         So, you listed some terrible things they did. Kicked you out, locked you up, starved you, dehydrated you, hit you, made fun of you, screamed at you, never let you do anything, cared about nothing to do with you, never said ‘I Love You’, always said ‘I Hate You’

·         He gets it now

·         He apologises for suggesting you should be more upset

·         If you’re happy, he’s happy


·         Like Jaehee, he was the one that found out about your parent’s death

·         It took him a few hours to find the words to tell you

·         Finally, he sat you down and told you outright

·         “MC, I received a call today, and I’m sorry to say your parents passed away”

·         “Oh, okay”

·         He doesn’t hear that at first

·         “I’ve organised a session for you to meet up with the best therapi- did you just say ‘Okay’?”

·         “Yes”

·         He stares at you for a second, and you stare back, he’s waiting to see if you break into tears

·         “Jumin, are we having a staring contest?” You asked, laughing lightly

·         “I expected a different reaction”

·         Of course, he did

·         You explained that your parents weren’t supportive, or kind, or caring, or anything positive

·         “So… you won’t need the therapy sessions?”

·         “Nope, I’m fine”

·         He’s still a little sceptical, he’s heard of people being in so much shock they fool themselves into being okay.

·         But, you really are okay, he accepts that, and soon your lives are back to normal


·         He gets it

·         He knew you and your parents didn’t get along, but he thought you’d be a little down after their deaths

·         But instead you read the letter that contained the details and???

·         Threw it in the bin??

·         “Good riddance”

·         MC this is now how you react to a family member’s death

·         He asks if you’re okay, and you nod and explain that your parents were foul people that had no place in your heart

·         He understands so well, that it hurts

·         He shrugs and the both of you get on with your lives pretty quickly

·         However, he decided to add a feature to the app that cause confetti to cross the screen any time people said “Congratulations!”

·         So, everyone in the chat began to say it

·         You knew that Seven made it to congratulate you on your freedom


·         Again, this kid gets it

·         You received the news via phone call

·         And Saeran was listening in on your conversation

·         He was a little scared when he heard your parents had passed, he wasn’t good at comforting people and he’d feel terrible if you started crying

·         You scared the ever-living hell out of this poor boy when you came into the room cheering

·         “Saeran! Saeran! The best thing just happened!”

·         Have you gone m a d?

·         “Uh, what?”

·         You explained that your parents had passed in some horrific accident

·         C o n f u s e d

·         “Saeran, these people tortured me for so many years of my life, they made me feel so trapped that I couldn’t breathe, and their abuse was nothing short of physical and emotional trauma”

·         Now he’s 100% on board with celebrating this occasion

·         Gets a tub of ice cream for you two to share, and the two of you watch your favourite movies

·         He offers to take you to a junkyard and the two of you can smash things in celebration but you settle for the ice cream

Okay, so I have to say, I’m shocked there’s no While You Were Sleeping shieldshock AU.

Imagine it, Darcy sees Bucky every day on his way to work. She charming, meets her eye (instead of her tits) she blushes when he winks at her despite her best effort. She imagines him based on these brief interactions and falls for this ideal even though he never really talks to her. Then one day, someone grabs his briefcase on his way to work and pushes him in the tracks. She saves him, gets him to a hospital but the only way they’ll let her see him is if she’s family so she lies…and says she’s his fiancee.

That’s how she meets his family, including his shit stirrer little brother Steve. He’s an artist by trade, a painter but is doing his best to keep the family design firm together. Maybe Clint or Tony are the Uncle that knows she’s lying through her teeth but it’s been so long since she’s felt this welcomed that she keeps up the charade. The fact that Steve’s smile is the last things she sees when she goes to bed at night, his laughter echoing in her ears…well, that’s just coincidence.

Bonus points if it’s actually set in the MCU and it’s “While You Were Frozen” that Clint & Natasha think is  HILARIOUS. (Or in this case, a potential wintershieldshock.)

Tell me this isn’t Darcy.

London’s Calling

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

Chapter Seven: Lonely

Word Count: 2640

☏ ☏ ☏ ☏

Riley Matthews may be considered a chump to many but she’s clever when it comes to hiding her feelings from her loved ones. In the months that have passed since Riley’s first day of school she has been living two lives. One, the version of reality she shares with her parents each evening when she returns from school, similar stories told to her friends back in New York and two, the truth. 

Riley’s first day of school; the story told to her parents.

Nerve wracking of course, new school, new people but overall she’s positive about it. The people are nice and welcoming, her teachers are helpful and the whole experience was one she rambled on and on about. The brunette spins a similar story to Lucas when he calls her that evening. 

Riley wasn’t exactly sure why she lied to them. Part of her felt embarrassed about the truth. Without seeming conceded, Riley partially thought that she’d be big news at the school, being a new student and American but things didn’t exactly go as she imagined. 

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Its hard validating my abuse because I grew up in a Puerto Rican household in the projects, so hitting and beating were seen as a form of discipline and it was normalized. Everyone got their ass beat in my family, hell, on my block. My family are firm believers of “if you were hit you must have deserved it.” I learned fast and became the quiet, obedient and severely self-disciplined and self-criticizing child as a result of fear. As for emotional and verbal abuse; completely disregarded. Cursing out a small child and making them feel like they were lesser than dog shit was somehow excusable and justified in my childhood. I hate what it’s done to me…being suspicious & afraid of love from others and thus self-sabotaging relationships through purposeful distance and detachment, or instinctually becoming scared and hiding away when someone raises their voice, or when someone is talking beside me and waving their hands rapidly, panic goes off and I flinch a great distance because from the corner of my eye, in the back of my mind, and in the given moment I genuinely think someone is going to hit me. Trust? Out the window. Confidence? What even is that? Emotional Stability? ??? ? It is so easy to break the fragile spirit of youth, instilling insecurity, fear and other psychological disturbances. You know what else is easy? Treating children like decent human beings and loving them so that they grow up with a confident and nontoxic view of themselves and others. 

Yesterday I saw a post about how none of the criticism or hate that Kate has gotten comes anywhere near what Meghan is getting, that nothing has been close to defamatory. I’m sorry but that’s beyond fucking incorrect. And not only Kate, but her family as well.

From accusing Michael Middleton of being a drug dealer and pimping out underage girls (WTF!). To claiming Kate is a mattress and basically a slut and only got William to marry her through sex. Hell there are conspiracies about George and Charlotte being born from surrogates, of course with William’s sperm and Pippa’s eggs because Kate is barren. There are even people that claim William and Kate had the nurse, who tragically killed herself, murdered because of the radio prank!

and let’s not even mention how only Kate can be criticized for any supposed missteps as a private citizen, but how dare you say something even remotely negative about a public person.

Also, there’s been a ton of criticism about Kate not earning her own money.. AND who gives a shit? how is it different from William, Harry or Beatrice being funded by their parents? or how is her work for PP different than any royal working for the Firm, ie the family business?

So frankly.. fuck off if you think Kate or the Middletons have had it easy.

Let’s Play

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Tittle: Let’s Play

Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Reader

Requested: You bet ya

Rating: M for Mature

Warning: Smut, daddy kink, swearing

A/n: This is going to take place in season three episode 14, when Esther hosts the ball to celebrate them all coming together again.

Back story: Elijah and the reader have been married since Elijah was human. When Esther changed them all, she changed the reader as well, unable to be thing that that breaks them apart.

    “Elijah would be so kind as to tie the back of my dress up for me?” I called out, pulling my hair over one shoulder as I did. Tonight was the reunion ball and I chosen to wear a gold ball gown. I had fallen in love with the dress and the way if flowed elegantly when I walked, that I had completely over looked the fact that it was a corset. Since the time where they were no longer need, I never wore one, I found them to be quite the trouble.

  “Of course my love.” Elijah answered, his voice soft as he quickly cross the spacious room. Once behind me, his hands started to gently lace the dress, his finger tips only ever brushing oh so gently against my back. It took him no time to lace it all up and when his was finished he pulled me against his chest, leaning his forward so he could press a delicate kiss to my shoulder. “You look breath taking my darling.”

  “As do you.” I breathed out, smiling as I spun in his arms, my own arms wrapping delicately around his neck. “Then again you always do my sweet Elijah.” It was true of course, for as long as I could remember Elijah was always so well dressed. Always in a well trimmed suit and tie. His hair was always styled styled, today he choose to style is back, so his green eyes shone brightly.  Not for the first time, I thought of myself as a lucky girl. Elijah was handsome and a true gentleman.

  “Well my dear one must always look his best, when he is to be with you.” He said softly, a small smile dancing across his face as he leaned down to press a gently kiss to my waiting lips. “Now come, mother will be wondering where we are no doubt.”

  “Do you truly believe she has forgiven Niklaus?” I asked, linking my arm with his as he lead us from out bedroom.

  “That my dearest Jessica is a good question, one I am hoping will be answered tonight. Mother has made it known she wishes to speak with Elena, I was hoping that I could convince her to tell me what it is mother has planned.”

  “And if she does not forgive him Elijah. What shall we do then?”

  “Then my dearest, I shall grab you and Rebekah and we shall run.” He sighed, his voice full of remorse at the idea. I knew that despite their constant differences, the idea of leaving Niklaus behind hurt him deeply. Elijah was a firm believer that family was to be put above all else.

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This chalet in Switzerland is the latest project by London-based firm Studioilse. “A family home away from home buried deep in the Swiss Alps with a spectacular view. We worked closely with the clients to create the chalet of their dreams. Using a warm palette of natural materials, layers of textile and generous, comfortable furniture, the mood can adapt with ease from entertaining a party to more quiet hibernation.”

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Would you mind writing more modern headcanons for the lords? You can pick which one you'd like to do next :)

Hello sweet anon! Thanks for your request! Since you didn’t specify, I decided to go with Mitsuhide, because he’s cute and I don’t know why he gets so little love. 

Akechi Mitsuhide modern AU headcanons

- He’s a law professor at a good university. Specializes in contract law, but is secretly kind of interested in family law.
- He expects his students to have completed his readings before lectures (because that’s a student’s responsibility!) and will absolutely ask pointed questions if he suspects otherwise. He won’t kick you out if you haven’t done the work, but he will be Disappointed™ and you will feel like the worst student ever.
- That said, his class workload is reasonable. He’s aware that students take multiple modules and that they need to spend a proportionate amount of time on each one.
- Woe betide you if your assignment is late or goes over the word limit (barring the -/+10%).
- Gives out marking rubrics and will adhere to them strictly. You can always discuss your grade with him. He’ll give you a fair evaluation.
- He used to work at the Oda family firm, but left because the crazy hours and work stress took a toll on his health. Essentially got pressured by Nobu & co. into not destroying his own body.
- Wears suits and ties to work everyday, partially because he has a ton of them from his lawyer days, and he thinks it’s a waste to just let them sit neglected in his closet.
- He will not date students. There are Rules. And there are reasons why they exist.
- Goes to the gym regularly, because health is important and his job doesn’t involve much movement.
- Former coffee addict. Now drinks tea instead. Likes to buy fancy, expensive tea in sophisticated packaging. The girl at the tea boutique is really cute and cheery, plus she always gives him free samples…
- He wants to ask for her number, but what if she says no? Does that mean he has to stop going there?? That’s not okay…
- Nobunaga makes fun of his job. Like, hey, when are you going to stop taking care of those babies and do some real work? Mitsuhide reminds him that Nobu basically threw him out after that one health scare. 
- Hideyoshi is in charge of PR at the Oda firm. He often invites Mitsuhide to go drinking together. They’re friendly.
- Ieyasu also works for Nobu. He specializes in medical malpractice and has a reputation for being savage and a teensy bit shady. Mitsuhide respects him as a lawyer, but prefers that they remain acquaintances.
- Inuchiyo is his neighbor. He coaches college football at a different university, and seems vaguely offended that Mitsuhide’s university team often beats his. Mitsuhide is confused as to what this has to do with him, exactly.

Suikoden modern au (spoiler: it’s all crack)
  • Culgan and Seed are childhood-collège friends who happen to be roommates via shady and unfortunate craigslist ad
  • Solon Jhee lives in the same building (by himself) and is always having an existential crisis
  • Luca Blight is their landlord’s son and they all have to put up with the shithead (because ‘it keeps the rent low’ according to Seed) 
  • Seed is one trashy motherfucker despite coming from an upper-middle-class family. He also runs a little tykes soccer team that never makes it to the league. I think he’s using the charity status to launder money or some shit
  • They all work for the Blight family law firm (yes I know, unfortunate) except for Solon who is a Doctor for some reason 
  • Jillia is a model who has her own place, but occasionally checks on said shithead sibling
  • Leon Silverberg works for Blight & Associates. He’s the one Agares sends in when he wants things done.

  • Viktor and Flik run a ‘Pimp My Ride’ operation 
  • Flik used to be in a grunge band with Odessa until she uh, ‘left’ 
  • Mathiu runs the rival law firm to the Blights, Apple is his named heir or some shit 
  • Shu was a prospective intern until he quit to become a stripper, made it big, and now owns a chain of strip clubs. He’s ballin’, guys. Please accept the job.

  • Riou posts some Bear Grylls-esque videos with Jowy as his shitty cameraman 
  • Jowy works at the family convenience store when not being a shitty cameraman 
  • Nanami is a foodie but also posts some weird martial arts videos
  • Hai Yo is the Mayor of Flavortown y’all

That’s what me and my sis have established, so far.

Me coming home from work finding out the trailer dropped like

Imagine Barba finding out Frank Reagan is your father after thinking that you were dating him

(A/N: For the Anon who requested this. I hope you don’t mind the changes I made. Hope you all enjoy!)

Imagine Barba finding out Frank Reagan is your father after thinking that you were dating him

The last thing your Mother ever said to you before she died, was don’t be afraid to take a risk.

Of course, you promised her you would and you did.

You were the youngest child of Mary and Frank Reagan. When your mother, Mary, died, you were only sixteen. You were the only one that lived with your parents at the time. Your Mother’s illness was sudden, onset and terminal. She died four months after you found out she was dying.

Everyone worried about you the most after it happened. You were the youngest and you were the only one left at home at the time. You were her baby and she’d gone before she could see you grow up. She had got to send off all her other babies into the world but she missed that chance with you. Assuming, it would affect you the most everyone took an invested interest for a while, making sure you were okay.

And of course, it affected you however no matter how bad it sounds, you had expected it. You were the one at home and saw first hand how she deteriorated. You knew it was coming, in fact, she even prepared you for it. She said that you would need to take care of everyone and that was something else you promised her you would do.

So you took care of everyone else. You took care of your Dad for as long as he let you. You took care of all your older siblings, everyone. Everything she had asked you to do. You did.

The one thing you didn’t expect was how much it would affect your Grandfather Christopher.

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Suspicious Partner - Final Thoughts

I finished the last episodes of Suspicious Partner this weekend, but I haven’t commented much because I clearly don’t love the show as much as some people do and I don’t like being a killjoy. I understand why people like it - I like the characters and the actors, and the weird little law firm family is adorable. I actually find the running gag about not being able to get through meetings without going off-topic hilarious and accurate, because lawyers are terrible at running meetings.

I do wish that the show had approximately 1000% more scenes with the three women being frenemies because they were fantastic together. In exchange I would’ve taken 1000% less pointless angst and bad lawyering. It was really the legal stuff that ruined some of my positive feelings about the show. I just couldn’t seem to stop being pulled out of the moment when things would happen that are insane ethics violations or otherwise bad lawyering. Like I said, it’s probably the same problem doctors have watching medical shows (I once heard that Scrubs is the most accurate medical show, interestingly enough). Anyway, I enjoyed the ride and I will continue to seek out Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun in future projects. On to the next drama! 

Why Erza Scarlet Is Not A Mary Sue

I would like to preface with an expression of personal disgust for the term Mary Sue. It’s derogatory, gender specific, and completely unnecessary. There aren’t enough female protagonists or even complex female characters to warrant this descriptor. Until we have gender equality and visibility in protagonists across the board, I will not accept this as anything other than a misogynist yard stick used to swipe at female leads and the [typically] women and girls who love them.

Wikipedia* defines a Mary Sue as “An idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-ranked person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities. Often this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment.” The definition goes on to say that the term can be expanded to include Gary Stu to describe male characters but caveats that Mary Sue is the default and is often used for both male and female characters. Why is the female pejorative? Why is the default descriptor female? (Hint: it’s sexism)

TV Tropes** points out that the term Mary Sue originated in the generally accepted fact that most fanfiction writers are women and girls and therefore most OC’s in fic are also female. So it’s pretty obvious that despite there being an alleged male counterpart, the term Mary Sue was coined to point the finger at women trying to gain any semblance of visibility in [the Star Trek] fandom. Women have always been in fandom. Always. Yet here we are, the butt of a joke. There’s a lot more detailed information on the TV Tropes page and if fandom history interests you at all, I’d recommend giving it a read.

As a character descriptor Mary Sue has changed so much since its inception in 1974, has absorbed so many tropes, and even expanded to canon characters that it’s lost it’s original meaning. There’s no clear definition and fans now attach it to characters they simply don’t like as flame bait. The point of this post isn’t to dissect the term Mary Sue. I’m here to dissect why Erza Scarlet in particular is not a Mary Sue. The tropes that are typically used in connection to Erza are: idealistic personality, exotic beauty, [until recently] the unexplained over powered nature of her magic, dramatic backstory, and a lack of story-relevant flaws. I’m here to dismantle those one by one. This will be a longwinded post and under a cut.

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Single parent au

• Eric Bittle (35) is the proud papa of one Chris “Chowder” (11), a former figure skate champion, he moved to Providence to open a third bakery (and low-key escape his family). 

  • Eric quickly becomes a sensation and his pies are starting to become the stuff of legends in town. He strikes up an easy friendship with both Lardo and Shitty who are nearby (but they still haven’t bumped into each other) 
  • It’s no long before the hockey players start going to the bakery on their cheat days. Tater is a regular favourite, who talks non-stop with Chowder about hockey and his teammates, especially someone named Zimbonni. They also give him a nickname after finding out how good he’s on ice, even if he has never played hockey, calling him Bitty.
  • Chowder is quite the happy kid and doesn’t have trouble making friends in his class but there are a couple of bullies in the upper classes that make fun of him, especially for his obsession with the Sharks.
  • One of the times he was being bullied by a boy 2 years older, Dex intervenes and scares the bully away. He starts keeping an eye on Chowder as if he was a little brother, meeting Bitty in the process and gaining the baker’s gratitude and free desserts.
  • Chowder wishes for his papa to find someone that will appreciate him but so far, no luck 

 • Jack (37), amicably divorced from Kent Parson, is the parent of Ransom (17), and Dex (15). They share custody but it was decided that they would stay in Providence so that the kids would not have to move away from their life. 

  • Kent and Jack are still hockey players and they have a friendly if a bit strained relationship. Right now Jack is contemplating the possibility of becoming a coach (with the Falconers), feeling his time on the ice is ending while Kent wants to move back to Las Vegas with his former team (that was partly the reason for why they separated)
  • The divorce was a rather quick one and Parson still comes by on the weekends and has plans to take the kids for a month or so when summer vacation starts. Jack… is a bit worried about what will he do when alone, seeing as his kids are soon to graduate and leave but, he buries the thought and focuses on his career (some will say he focuses a bit too much) and on keeping his children as happy as he can. Lardo and Georgia are convincing him to coach little kids again seeing as it was an activity he genuinely loved doing when younger.
  • While Ransom takes his parents divorce rather well, (he’s NOT happy but, he gets that they weren’t working anymore) Dex is having some trouble adjusting to it, especially since they were the first family that didn’t threw him out like many other foster families had done before. He was in the system since he was 4, bouncing from house to house till he was 9. With the divorce, the fear that they will leave him comes back. 
  • Tater has been trying to get Jack to accompany him to this new bakery but Jack declines every time, even if he’s heard wonderful things about it and Dex seems to have taken quite a liking to the baker and his son from what he has heard and the amount of pies and treats he tends to come home with.

 • Lardo (36), adopted Holster (17) after a close friend of her’s unexpectedly passed away when Adam was 10. She moved to Providence to take care of her new kid and has an art gallery known for having unusual exhibitions and great taste.

  • Because Ransom has been close friends with Holster since they were 7, Jack was familiar enough to be able to help Adam after his mom’s accident and later on, became one of the first friends Lardo made at Providence. In turn, when the divorce came, she was one of his pillars along his parents and kids.
  • She’s the reason Jack started to take photography lessons a few years back.
  • Holster is the co-captain of the school’s hockey team (Ransom is the other) and are starting to look for universities. Samwell is one of their first choices.                                                                        
  • Ransom and Holster try to be matchmakers to both their parents and their friends…. Keyword: TRY. Dex has banned them from even trying to set him up after seeing the legendary fiasco of a date that somehow ended with their friend Olly covered head to toe in ice cream chased by bees.
  • They’re sickeningly cute together but no one is entirely sure what’s going on between them. Lardo thinks she knows what’s up and has made sure to drop several hints that she will support them but those two kids are oblivious as to what she’s talking about.

 • Shitty (38), and his son Nursey (15), both chill (as they can be) moved from New York to Providence so Shitty could start his own law firm away from his family. 

  • Shitty’s new firm is on the same street as the art gallery and close to the new bakery everyone seems to have fallen in love with. Including him, he needs to start working out again and fast if he wants to still be able to fit in his clothes. Still, he likes the owner and he will never be able to turn down pie, especially if Bitty made one especially for him.
  • He’s been tempted more than once to enter the art gallery but hasn’t been able to do so due to how hectic everything’s been since moving there but he’s sure he will be able to relax soon enough. That is, if his son doesn’t murder his newest classmate first (his son may act all chill but Shitty can see that this other kid is really getting under his skin)
  • Nursey clashes with Dex on the first day of school. They met at a rather bad time and then they were stuck having almost all their classes together and, to make matters worse, both are on the hockey team. D-line *simultaneous groans* 
  • When they start to see eye to eye is the moment Chowder starts to visit Dex at practice, sometimes with Bitty, and Nursey witnesses how nice and caring he is with the kid. Slowly and tentatively, Nursey begins to join them in their conversations and helps Dex look out for Chowder whenever they think someone might bother him. If he also starts spending nights awake writing poems about fire and constellations nobody has to know (Shitty totally knows). 
  • Dex prevents Ransom and Holster from fixing Nursey up with a date. Dex loves those two knuckleheads but not even his worst enemy deserves to be on the receiving end of their matchmaking “expertise” (also it doesn’t feel right to even think of Nursey dating someone who isn’t him)

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