firing gun warning

Lost In Polyhex


It was yet another rainy day in Polyhex. It was strong enough to drive most bots under shelter, and it was supposed to downpour in an hour. Still, Optimus figured today would be a good day to go to Zapping Delights, a small cafe which was typically quiet, and where Brightember liked to eat.

Before entering the cafe, though, Optimus happened to hear some grounders. He looked to see a brightly-colored Seeker, and some of his lower-level troops making fun of her. One of them snided, “Better run home while you can, Decepticon! You aren’t tough enough to survive out here!”

Optimus stiffened, and picked up Brightember. Jiving at Decepticons was one thing. But this Seeker looked to be a neautral, meaning she was a full citizen of the Empire. And not worth the insults. Optimus grabbed his gun, and fired a warning shot. The grounders halted, and stared. Optimus said, “Any other comments?!?”

One said, “It’s the Emperor!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!” Everyone transformed and drove off.

Brightember stuck out his tongue. “Meanies!!!”

Optimus said, “Yes indeed, my son.” He made a mental note to make sure that group found themselves jobless soon.

He walked up to the Seeker. “Are you all right, ma’am?”


Harrowing 3D map shows exactly what happened inside Pulse

The Tampa Bay Times has recreated the events of the Pulse shooting in an interactive 3-D rendering. The haunting map allows you to click through the events, one by one, as club goers make split second decisions to save their lives. Including Joe Galligan, who made a run for it during a break in the gun fire. (Warning: Not for the faint of heart.)