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Anti-tcc cheat sheet

(before you plan your next discourse, brush up on the basics to avoid sounding (too) redundant!)

1. The true crime community is not a fandom.
2. Mass shooters and serial killers are not the same thing.
–Mass shooters typically attack a group of people at once (a ‘mass’, if you will) and open fire via guns (that’s the ‘shooting’ part of ‘mass shooting’) or sometimes bombs.
–Serial killers tend to kill multiple victims over a span of time (the word ‘serial’ is derived from ‘series’) and can use a variety of methods.
3. If you can’t remember tip #2 (likely because you probably don’t know enough about the crime to criticize the blogger), just use the generic - the Columbine kids (it’s okay, you don’t know their names), and Dylann Roof were mass shooters, while Dahmer, Bundy, Ramirez were serial killers.
4. Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone. He is not a serial killer, if anything, he is a cult leader.
5. The true crime community is not a fandom.
6. Hybristophilia is an authentic paraphilia that describes a sexual attraction to people who have committed violent acts, including murder. Not all of the TCC are hybristophiles, but many can openly acknowledge that even bad people can have attractive faces without dismissing what they’ve done. Have you ever met a person with a beautiful face, and even an interesting personality or were amazingly intelligent, but they were a total sack of shit human being? That’s how this works.
7. We know that Jeffrey Dahmer was gay.
8. Some of us are male. Some of us aren’t white. Some of us are trans, etc. A lot of us are gay/bisexual, etc. Many of us are adults.
9. You may catch us mocking the killer, but not the victims - we police our own. 99% of us don’t condone murder at all, especially the loss of the victims’ lives and up to including the death penalty.
10. Murderers are human beings. You can argue against this all you want, but the fact is that committing a heinous crime doesn’t alter your DNA nor change your species.
11. The true crime community is not a fandom.
12. Dylann Roof is not the same person as Dylan Klebold (aka Sunshine boy/VoDkA - one of those previously mentioned Columbine boys)
13. Many of us currently work (or want to work) in psych, criminology, law, etc.
14. Jokes/memes are a coping mechanism. Police, nurses, morticians, doctors, and psychiatrists make jokes about their professions and their field of expertise. It allows the subject matter to be of continued study/interest without overwhelming the individual with empathy - it is human nature to adapt to situations with humor and resiliency.
15. Interest in or mentioning how attractive someone is does not equate to wanting to have sex with them.
16. The true crime community is not a fandom.

Today I´m feeling devastated.  A 15-year-old student opened fire with a gun at a private school in the northern city of Monterrey (my city), hitting a teacher and two other students in the head before killing himself.

This has never happened in my city before and was really shocking to see images and a video. I still don´t know if he suffered bullying or haf depression (it looks like so) but I wonder why nobody helped him? Why nobody noticed it? Why do that?

I just want you to know that if you´re suffering, if you´re sad, if you´re having a bad time, if nobody listens to you, remember: NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. 

You are NOT what other people say of you, you are NOT those nicknames they say to you. You´re valuable, you´re strong, you´re worthy. And you don´t need the acceptance of NOBODY including those assholes, you only need the acceptance of yourself, because you are the most important person in your life. Just ignore them, talk to somebody you trust and continue your life.  Become the best version of you.

Also if you see somebody struggling, having trouble with classmates, don´t stay quiet. HELP them, maybe all they need is a good quality friend and somebody to talk. Put their insecurities to sleep. Be a light in a dim world.

Love and respect yourself.

What would Seventeen bring w/them to a deserted island?
  • [Q: In case you get stuck on a deserted island, which 3 things would you bring with you?]
  • S. coups: food, house, gun
  • jeonghan: fire, water, food
  • joshua: food, shampoo, house
  • jun: seventeen members
  • hoshi: fire, water, food
  • wonwoo: PS4, computer, tv
  • woozi: seventeen, rice, music
  • dokyeom: fruit, seventeen, boat
  • mingyu: rice, fire, house
  • the8: the anywhere door from doraemon
  • seungkwan: rice, family, fans
  • vernon: solar charger, phone, weapon
  • dino: fire, water, rice

anonymous asked:

Dialogue 18 with Roy?

“Do you trust me?” Roy shouted over the gun fire as he continuously launched arrows in the direction of the men firing at you.  

“No!” You cried ducking your head behind where the two of you were hiding. How the hell did you get yourself into this fucked up situation? And with him of all people?

“You’re smarter than you look.” He smirked as he launched an explosive to give you two the chance to get out of here. “Come on! Let’s go!” He said grabbing your hand and running with you to safety. 

Reminder: Drabble requests are now closed. 

xmxp-v  asked:

Would you explain the finer points of needing a permit to fire machine guns?

If you ask me about the logics behind that stupid law, I just can’t answer. It’s one of these arbitrary administrative bullshit legislators can’t help themselves to throw in laws every time they’re working on guns (it’s only common sense ! it’s reasonable compromise ! think of fucking the children !… uh… sorry… old habits… think of the fucking children ! the greater good !).

But how it works is that you get your license to own your assault rifle/machine gun/submachine gun. Contrary to the license to own a “civilian” gun which is shall issue, the authorization is at the discretion of the policeman in charge of your local ATF. His criteria can be your age, your social status, the number of firearms you’re already owning, etc. Your home will be desecrated by ritual controls of your safe room, you will have to buy alarm and security systems, etc. But even after having complied with all the arbitrary police requirement, and you’re still a bit itchy with your last cavity search, you’re still not allowed to use the fun switch.

No. For that, you need to ask for another license. Which costs CHF 100.- (about the same amount in USD) and is valid only for 24 hours. And then you’ll need to find a shooting range that will accept to host your hooligan mag-dumps fuckfest. See, life is  very hard in Switzerland.

(To complete my last answer about automatic weapons, it’s possible to use a full-auto gun in semi-auto mode if - and only if - it’s an ordnance firearm (i.e. F ass/Stgw 57 or 90, aka SIG 510 and 550). If you got an automatic (or formerly automatic, converted to semi-auto only) Kalashnikov, you won’t be allowed to use it without that special license.

Of course, to my knowledge, not one full-auto weapon was criminally used these last thirty years in Switzerland. Greater good !)

reggieisbi replied to your post “Episode 12 must reveal the killer, so it might be someone they didn’t…”

dude we need to talk out the timeline again cuz i wanna say its mrs grundy. but wait no the gunshot… idk

What we know:

-it happens in the morning. Like, break of dawn morning.

-It happens on a boat. The boat wrecks and it’s assumed Jason actually drowned until Moose and Kevin find the body with a head shot.

-it happens while Archie and Grundy are banging due to Archie hearing the gunshot while he’s with Grundy.

If it was Grundy, then I could see perhaps Grundy working with another person and that other person killing them (we know she has some dark secret bc Betty finds something out about her past) OR the time frame is fake, ie Grundy has someone else fire a gun NOT at Jason but just so Archie hears it and when he inevitably reports it to the police she has an alibi and can be cleared of murder charges? 

Like, I could see them doing a plot line where Grundy kills Jason because she had a fling with him too and there is some elaborate explanation that only makes sense once you get to the end and hear the explanation (which is why Camila was pretty shocked).

what would happen if you fired a gun in space. what would happen if you fired a gun at the sky? would the bullet fall back down and kill somebody? what the fuck.