Happy New Year!

shopped for new years food for like 3 hours (or seemed like it) walked around Wal Mart for two of that with a big box of an on-sale office chair (my other one was falling apart) that’s why my back hurts–went home at 5–started making pizza–my sister came over–we played games–then watched Man of Steel on the projector screen mom has (no working DVD players in the house–had to be on computer) then at midnight stopped the movie to go upstairs and watch the fireworks from my other sister’s bedroom window (she’s gone for new years with bf) and my little niece wriggled around while we sat on the bed watching the fireworks and then went downstairs and watched the rest of the movie. Now I’m upstairs and I had a cat party with my cat and sister’s cat–cat toys and catnip and treats and of course they fight with each other. 

Now I’m wondering if I should go to bed like everyone else or stay up and do something like watch a movie