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journal - 21/05/2012


okay so on wednesday i went tree planting…interesting experience. i had worms on my head, poisonous lady bugs on my back, went piggy-backing down the middle of the street, almost stepped on a snake - twice, planked on the edge of a small cliff thing, and just had a great time with my girls :)

thursday was track & field, i came first for 100m, 200m, high jump and and second in standing long jump, woot! woot!

friday was just ugh, dont even get me started on that. staurday and sunday  was awesome, did some yoloing and was just an overall greaat day

but now its monday, and its a holiday and i have piles of homework that i havent started, im probably gonna fail, science teacher hates me, cant get off tumblr. story of my life.

im gonna try and get some work done.

byeeeeee :) <3 xx

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