ravens-of-ash asked:

Can you help me start watching Dan and Phil? I have never watched any of their videos and I'd like to start. :)

Yes I’d love to!

All of their channels are:

(Their social media links are in their channel descriptions)

Also worth mentioning that the channel danisnotonfirevyou1 uploads clips of them from other youtubers channel’s and highlight videos of their liveshows and radioshow

I’ll list off a few of my favorite videos from their main channels and gaming channel.


Dan: (note: dan swears every so often so listen with headphones)

Gaming Channel: (note: also a bit of swearing here)

The PINOF’s (Phil is not on fire’s), which are a yearly video series that they’ve been doing since they first met in person, are also some of the first things I watched (here’s a playlist of them).

A few fact tidbits:

  • Dan used to be a fan of Phil for a few years and then they became friends online in 2009 and now live together and consider each other best friends
  • ‘Phan’ is the ship name for the two of them. Almost everyone ships it platonically, and there is also a large handful that ship it romantically
  • They live in London, but also have lived together in Manchester
  • Phil convinced Dan to start YouTube
  • Phil is 4 years older than Dan, Dan’s birthday being June 11th, 1991 and Phil’s being January 30th, 1987.
  • They started something called The Super Amazing Project, which is still run today but by other people
  • They go to many conventions, such as Vidcon, Playlist Live, and Summer in the City
  • They have a radioshow together on BBC Radio 1 that is on the first Monday of every month (with the occasional exception)
  • They do liveshows on YouNow, Phil does his on Saturday/Sunday at about 7-8pm GMT and Dan does his Tuesdays at about 9pm GMT

Here’s a few guidelines if you choose to join the phandom:

  • don’t bring up phan to dan and phil, ever
  • don’t harass them/be rude to them
  • don’t bring up things from 2012 (bad time in the phandom)
  • don’t post the valentines day video (long story of what that is that i’ll explain in another post)
  • you can become friends with anyone if you talk to them, and we are a very accepting and usually kind community
  • don’t post anything phan related under the main tags (Ex: danisnotonfire, amazingphil, dan howell, phil lester, etc.), stick to the ‘phan’ tag

It should take about at the least a week to finish their videos depending on how much time you dedicate to finishing them. (it took me about a week, maybe a bit more, to watch all of their main channel, side channel, and gaming channel videos) 

I hope this helps, sorry for how long it took to reply, it took a while to get all of the links. :) I hope you enjoy their videos!

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