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YOI x empty Chara-Forme Acrylic Straps (Vol. 2)

Original Release Date:
March 2017

Featured Characters (9 Total):
Viktor (Original + Animate Exclusive Fireworks Versions), Makkachin, Yuuri ( Original + AmiAmi Exclusive Fireworks Versions), Yuri (Original + Amazon Japan Exclusive Fireworks Versions), Christophe, Christophe’s Cat, Phichit, Seung Gil, Seung Gil’s Dog

The second volume of the Chara-Forme straps feature six of the characters in their chibi form, each referencing their respective ED moment (This is similar to the Toji Colle clip badges)!

The three exclusive bonus straps feature Viktor and Yuuri playing with fireworks in elegant lines, while Yuri’s is on the wild side XD;

More from the Chara-Forme series!

New Year YOI fan art featuring:
- Titanic Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki, the Ship of Dreams
- Yuri Plisetsky feat. Animal Print (and his two boyfriends)
- Jean Jacques Leroy and Otabek Altin who are secretly identical twins ((srsly tho i can’t tell them apart in fanart)
- Phichit Chulalont the Meme™
- Leo de la Iglesia x Guang Hong Ji because lord knows they need more fanart
- Michele Crispino and his creepy obsession undying love for his sister
- Emil Nekola who wore it better
- Sara Crispino turned me everyone gay
- Mila Babicheva a.k.a Ms. Steal-yo-girl
- Georgi Who-the-fcuk-is-Anya Popovich
- Christophe Giacometti and his trusty sidekick: steel rod of glory portable pole dancing pole
- Finding Minami Kenjirou after episode 5
- Seung-gil Lee baby ur a firework