fireworks show

also did you ever think about how ‘i’m captivated by you baby, like a firework show’ and ‘i’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town’ are on the same album because i actually think it’s kind of empowering

kindervenom, we came through as sane as we were to start; you may make of that what you will. :D (No gibbering, at least.)

Although I do keep catching myself humming the tune. NO. BAD BADGER.

The parade and fireworks were phenomenal, for what it’s worth. Interestingly, while the Frozen section of the fireworks show had the most singing along (and “snow” made of bubbles/foam falling across the entire park–I have to admire the ingenuity of that, since unlike other stand-ins for snow, it didn’t have to be swept up!), the part that got the most cheering was The Lion King.

(The Disney movies that were in theaters during my childhood were The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. I remain unsure whether I find them excellent because they actually are above-average quality, or just because your favorite Disney movies will always be the ones you saw first between the ages of six and eleven.)


Okay, so you’re probably wondering; why the hell does the Fireworks show need a guide? Well, it doesn’t as much as other parts of the game, but I have some advice for playing safe and sane with gorging on fortune cookies all night. Oh, and fireworks, I guess.

Fireworks occur every other Sunday in August. This year, that means Today on the 4th, and on the 18th. EDIT: its every Sunday in August, actually. I suggest you do today by yourself and another sunday with friends, for reasons that will become clear…


Before the show starts, head to the plaza to see Isabelle. You’ll notice Redd, but he wont be doing anything until tonight. Trust me, you’ll get your fill of him then. As for Isabelle, she’s preparing the fireworks, and if you show her designs, you can make them appear as one of the fireworks! I don’t know if there’s a limit other than the 10 your character can hold (so a potential 40 with 4 human villagers?), but not every design is going to look good; Reggie’s face didn’t really seem to be easy to make out, sadly.

Also, make sure your pockets are empty for tonight. You’ll need all the space you can.


At 7 o'clock, the fireworks get set off. Talk to Isabelle again, and you’ll get a random Bopper, special glowing antennae-like hats that cannot be reordered from the catalog. Chat to her again after that, and she’ll give you some fireworks. You can get another one every time you use up your last one, but make sure you have a place to throw the used fireworks away!

But in reality, Fireworks day isn’t about sparkling lights or burning your friends. Oh no, it’s about one thing and one thing only.


This is what you will be doing all night.

Redd is selling really cheap fortune cookies that provide tickets to exchange for items! You can get one of several items you can only obtain during this event, depending on the ticket:

  • Miniature Car - Sparkle
  • Lovely Phone - Flash
  • Boxed Figurine - Bang
  • Love Tester - Pow
  • Ten Billion Barrel - Whiz
  • Ultra Hand - Crackle
  • Ultra Machine - Pop
  • Ultra Scope - Kaboom

The Miniature Car, a reoccurring item in the series, is based off Gracie’s car in the first game. She gets a different car in the next game, and it’s gone by the third, but the Miniature Car item still returns. The Boxed Figurine can be converted from its girly appearance to a Robot one, but it should be noted that the doll is the only item in the game that looks like a human, but fits what the human characters look like, as all the others are statues either based on real art, or at the least, real human beings. Odd…

The Ten Billion Barrel, Love Tester, and Ultra items are all Nintendo toys! Much like the Card Series, its a throwback to before Nintendo started making video games. You may recognize the Ultra Hand and Machine from the WarioWare series, and the Ultra Hand makes a few other cameos in Nintendo games as well, sometimes with Wario since Gunpei Yokoi made both many toys for Nintendo, as well as Wario. The Love Tester also shows up in Pikmin 2 as the Prototype Detector.

The Lovely Phone is easily the most notable of the items, because it tells fortunes! For FREE! Just place it in your house (or the Museum if its too gaudy for you), and after a few seconds, you get a fortune and what item to wear/avoid to help your luck for the day! Its both free and faster than Katrina, so the only real use for her at this point are her two exclusive hats, which you can reorder if you cataloged them anyway.

Now, here’s where things get messy…

If you want all 8 items, do it by yourselfKeep your gates closed, hope you have a house nearby with a garbage/trash disposing furniture item, and just devour fortune cookies all night. If you don’t, this ensues:

Every single one of you will be fighting to talk to read to buy fortune cookies, and then AGAIN to exchange them for prizes, and the dialog is so long, you’ll all just be pushing and shoving and calling each other obscenities just to get your own chance to spend about 5 minutes talking to read about all 16 empty inventory slots being filled with cookies.

This is also where the garbage can comes into play. Throw all the Dud tickets in there, as they only give sparklers, roman candles and the like. You don’t need those if all you’re going for is furniture items, and the floor is gonna be covered in Dud tickets when all this is over, so make sure there’s a house nearby with a trash disposal something. Also keep note of which tickets provide what (as I listed up above) and save yourself some time on not getting furniture you need by just chucking the tickets for them too.

Even without your friends, this will take quite some time. Like I said, this is the REAL main event. The fireworks show is just the backdrop for your amazing fortune cookie speed eating contest.

But hey, you’re gonna get some cool items at the end of this! The lovely phone and the Nintendo toys are especially notable, since the former serves a purpose greater than most other furniture, and the latter being a necessity for any Nintendo collections. Of course, let’s not try ignoring the fireworks too much! It’s what this event is named after, y'know! That’s it for the guide, but remember to play safe and sane with… ah hell, we know you wont.

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Fourth of July

Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Dean

Reader gender: female

Warnings: smut, fluff, mention of childhood incident

“HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!” You shouted, running through the hall towards the kitchen.

“Ay! Some of us have hangovers here.” Dean groaned.

“Sorry, babe.” You lowered your voice considerably. “So what are we doing tonight guys?”

“Well we really don’t do much of anything. We’ll probably just stay in.” Sam muttered, flipping through the pages of a book at the table.

“Oh come on, party poopers. We gotta do something!” You whined.

“Well, what did you have in mind?” Sam said, looking at you now.

“Maybe we could at least buy some little firecrackers or something?”

“Sure. That might be fun.” Dean sat up, nodding.

“See! Yeah!” You got up and did a little happy dance. A flapping noise came from behind you when Cas flew in, entirely too close to your dancing backside. When you felt his chest against you back, you stopped dancing and turned around quickly.

“Cas!” You smiled and gave him a big hug. He managed to wrap his arms around you for a moment, returning the favor.

“Hello, (y/n).” You pulled away from the hug and Cas was smiling down at you.

You went over and kissed Dean on the forehead before wrapping your arms around him. You and Dean had been dating for a month and were always happy with each other. He liked to protect you, you liked to protect him. And you both secretly wanted to say ‘I love you’.

“Hey Cas. Wanna join us for the festivities tonight?” Dean pulled his head away from your neck and looked at Cas.

“What would these festivities be? Oh, it is the human’s independence anniversary, yes?”

“Yeah. So we will do little firecrackers and ooh! Pop-its too! I LOVE THOSE!” You said happily. “So you gonna join us, Cas?”

“I don’t see why not.” A small smile cracked on his face.

“Awesome.” Dean smiled too.

“So where are we going to go for all of this?” Sam always asked the technical questions.

“Well. We could find a park or an empty parking lot or something.” You looked around, waiting for their reactions. They all nodded in unison with the ‘not bad’ look on their faces. You nodded back, “Great! Well let’s get ready and get this show on the road!”


You all ended up going to the nearest park, which was having a fireworks show. You and the boys bought firecrackers, pop-its, sparklers, and plenty of booze. Actually, even enough alcohol for Cas to get buzzed. That was a lot. You laid down blankets on the grass, sharing a blankets with Dean while Cas and Sam were on either side of you two. For the purpose of fun, you guys made Cas down eight bottles of vodka, two bottles of rum, and three bottles of beer before you guys left the bunker. He was getting buzzed, just as you all had hoped. Now it was your turn. Dean wanted to do body shots off of you, but you only refused because you were in public. That didn’t stop you guys from doing a couple regular tequila shots though.

“GOD, this tastes like hell itself.” You muttered. The three men gave you a death glare. “Oh, haha right. Sorry.” You forgot that they knew damn well what hell tasted like and you probably shouldn’t compare such a simple thing.

“Thank you everyone for coming! Please enjoy the show!” A voice boomed over the speakers and you saw little sparks go off in the distance. You four wasted the pop-its on the nearest tree and the squirrel that was in it. The firecrackers were forgotten as you pulled out the sparklers, lighting four and doling them out to your boys. All of you were certainly drunk now, laughing at the dumbest things and very unbalanced.

“You know what, guys? I love you. You rock. Like, seriously.” Sam laughed and fell backwards onto the blanket again. You all laughed your asses off, but knew it was true.

“I love you guys too.” You said on your most serious voice, but it only got you all laughing again.

You practically jumped into the tree when the first big boom of the fireworks went off. You crawled into Dean’s arms and buried your face in his chest. You tried covering your ears, blocking out the booms.

“Hey, baby, you okay?” Dean kissed the top of your head.

“Yeah. Um, no. No I’m not.”

“What’s wrong?”

You pulled your face out of Dean’s chest to look up into his bright green eyes, “Um I’m kind of afraid of big fireworks like that. When- when I was a kid, my dad and uncle set up a big fireworks show at our house and one of them wasn’t facing the right way, and it flew at me and my shirt caught on fire and it burnt me. It was terrifying.”

“Babe. I’m so sorry. Hey, let’s get outta here. Wanna go some place a little quieter?” Dean looked at you with a loving expression.

“Yeah. If you don’t mind.”

“Fine with me. Hey guys, I think (y/n) and I are gonna go chill in the impala for awhile.”

“Okay.” Cas and Sam said in unison.

Dean stood and held out a hand to help you up. You took it gladly and he wrapped his arm around you on the way to the car. You two hopped in and he kept holding you. The sounds of the fireworks we far more tame now, helping you relax.

“Thanks baby.” You smiled at Dean then leaned in to peck his lips. A peck became two, three, then wet kisses along his jaw line and up to his ear.

“Mm, no problem.” You felt him smile.

He kissed your neck as you nipped at his. You gasped as he found the sweet spot on your neck and sucked a mark into place.

“Backseat.” You whispered.

You both climbed into the back, you were laying back on the seat, Dean looming over you. He took off his shirt and helped you with yours. You reached behind you and unclasped your bra, letting it fall on the floor. He leant down and attacked your breasts with his mouth, making you squeak. He awkwardly took off his pants, it was the best he could do in the car. He slid yours down your legs along with your panties.

He kissed up your body, sending a shiver through you as his warm breath ghosted over you. He kissed along the lines of the burns that you were talking about that you got from the fireworks as a kid. “Beautiful.” Dean whispered.

He came up and his lips met yours in a wild kiss. He was nestled between your legs and you were squirming in anticipation.

“Dean, I need you. Please.” You whined in between kisses.

“Mhmm.” He kept kissing you and you felt him slowly push into you, making you moan.

“God, you sound wonderful. You know that?” His lips kissed the sweet spot on your neck again before he kissed up your jaw and nibbled on your earlobe.

“Mm. Mmhm.” You smiled and his hips started slamming against yours. “Fuck. Dean, right there! Oh god.” You moaned into his ear, making him smile against your skin.

His thrusts started getting sloppy and you knew you were both close. Just moments later you were screaming his name and he was moaning into your neck as the fireworks outside were a mere whisper because of the fireworks now going off inside the car. Dean rode out your highs and pulled out, then collapsing on the seat, pulling you on top of him.

He pulled out an old blanket from under and seats and laid it over your bodies.

“That was awesome.” Dean sighed.

You laughed, “Agreed.”


“Yeah, baby?”

“I love you so much.”

You looked up at him, “I love you too. Thanks for understanding the fireworks thing.”

“Hey, any time. Let’s do this the next time you’re afraid of something.” Dean laughed.

“Nice try, Winchester.”

“Hey, well…” He laughed again.

You kissed his chest, “Happy fourth of July.”

“Damn straight.”