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Just a Push

gif by @tomshollandss isn’t it beautiful

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Peter thinks he has discovered the key to predicting his crush’s mood just by looking at her. It’s a completely harmless investigation, until someone stumbles upon his notes and delivers an ultimatum which threatens to expose him.

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: this was based on a stupid thing I told @thekillingquill and she said I should write a short blurb about it just because I’ve been in a slump. It’s literally the weirdest idea ever but here we are. She tricked me guys she bamboozled me into writing a full fic based off an offhand comment. She is devious, but I also owe her a huge thanks for beta-ing this and getting me out of my funk. Sorry if it’s not great friends

I present to you: ZipperFic version 3.01

{ Also: N.B. is used in here to denote the Latin phrase Nota Bene, which basically means take note <3 }

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a dimming bonfire surrounded by an excitable gathering of friends whose hands are occupied with guitars, harmonicas, and each other’s hands. sparks sporadically exit the center of the flame, immediately regretting their action as they fade into ashy dust and smokey ambiance.

a swiveling yellow beam permeating from a decaying lighthouse. it’s searching to help struggling sailors or desperate drifters but instead only finds the empty, echoing waves in its forgotten bay.

a glinting satellite that inquisitively completes its timely orbit, scanning the void for answers to questions beyond the ones it is programmed to ask. its sequenced, bright flashes display its audacious activeness.

the moon in its fullest wane. an intrinsic celestial body that offers its luminosity selflessly, though the world it serves only notices it when they are in need, alone, or desperate. a lunar lapse of glowing phases causes the light it gives to fluctuate, allowing more darkness on some nights than others. but tonight, everything glows.

the sun. a perpetual source and everlasting force of light that enables others to attain insight, visibility, and warmth simply through its existence. a self-powered entity that emulates effulgence effortlessly.

an exquisite chandelier that dangles stably over a spacious hall. it is embellished with ornate carvings that encompass translucent glass shapes which amplify warm light onto the reflective, polished flooring below. a lone soul spins purposefully beneath it. she falls.

the last twinkling paper lantern to be let go at a convivial festival. lovers contribute to its departure, entrusting different promises to the same floating luster. they silently wonder the course the light shall take, but neither truly wants to know.

the light at the end of the tunnel. an alluring brightness that can only be seen with the collective stimulation of closed eyes and an openness to whatever shall happen next.

a sudden, short-lived firework that thunderously alerts of its sparkling presence. it is a pure white and fleetingly enlightens the sky. though the light vanishes, its energy remains captured by observers below.

a fluorescent ceiling light gleaming from the top floor of a metropolitan skyscraper. it was accidentally left on by a venturesome novice who internally claims they are onto something, as they gradually fall asleep atop scattered files and underlined pages.

the shocking radiance of the first functioning light bulb. the patient inventor soulfully celebrates, as the electricity reflects the brightness of the future he so badly wants for the world.

a flickering flashlight underneath a heavy blanket. it is held by a sapient soul that feels too alive to ask their body to sleep. the battery eventually dies but the switch remains on, expecting new life.

Me, staring out the window and waiting for someone to accidentally light my house on fire with a firework:

Originally posted by gameraboy

I had more time to draw today, and since it’s Independence Day here in the US, I figured I’d go a bit bigger for my picture. And since it’s been basically non-stop fireworks all day…. well, we can’t let Jason be left out of the fun, right? ;) Deborah’s got extras too, in case the ones he’s enjoying now run out!

I’d considered trying to draw Part VII Jason, but the skeletal bits and generally complicated design was too daunting, so I stuck with Part VI. I think Tommy’s a bit impressed with Deborah’s accuracy with the fireworks too! I think this may be one of the first times I’ve drawn Tommy smiling too! (This is after the picture where she stepped in one of Jason’s traps, so she needs a little extra help with getting around).


Aaaaaand Lightgazer Apprentices. A masculine familiar to round out the fam.

Okay last of the Pastwalkers for now. I gotta drop off the map for the weekend anyways. I’m totally not hiding from how many notes their lore post got, noooo not at all. lol but yeah enjoy the 4th to those who celebrate it~