fireworks in the distant night sky

Fireworks. (Tokka)

Tokka time!

Actually I had this idea back in 2008, maybe 2009. It probably has been done anyways. But I gave it a new wrapping, put some New Year’s flair on top and here we go :)

This does not consider any happenings during the ATLA comics. Also sorry for weird mistakes, English is not my first language :P

I hope you enjoy!  
Have a happy new year everyone :) <3</i>


It had been a busy year, it sure had. Sokka had spent a lot of time at the South Pole, taking care of his tribe, reunited with his family. If Katara wasn’t busy at home, she’d take every chance to travel with Aang, handling the peace situation. Sokka had done a bit of traveling himself in the name of his friend and new Firelord Zuko, delivering important messages, bringing peace and stuff. And before he knew it another year had gone by. And there he was, back in the Fire Nation, where Zuko had gathered all his friends and their families to celebrate what they’d achieved as well as the beginning of a new year.

Sokka had been ecstatic about this, excited to see everyone again. Especially Suki, the other Kyoshi warriors, Aang of course, Katara, Toph, Zuko, his uncle, Mai and her friend Ty Lee whose presence still creeped him out a little. And then there was Haru, Smellerbee and The Duke and – well, he could go on for a while because Zuko had basically gathered everyone. Sokka had dressed up in one of Zuko’s fancy suits – one he suspected the new Firelord had specifically made for him, sleeveless in dark ruby. But after eating, drinking, laughing and chatting, a weird feeling had started to get a hold of him. This night wouldn’t last. This being together wouldn’t last. And he would miss everyone so bad back at the South Pole. Even if he traveled around, helping everyone out, he’d always end up missing someone and somehow that got to him more than usual.

As everyone went outside for the big firework – the highlight of the night – he suddenly felt overwhelmed by everything. The people, the noise, the situation altogether. So he fell back behind the crowd and took a turn to the left into the Royal Garden.

He hadn’t gone too far when he spotted Toph sitting on the ground, leaning against a low decorative wall. She was alone, her red ball gown draped over her set up feet and all over the ground, her shoes spread on the grass because she’d just carelessly kicked them off her feet.

She had never liked shoes. Somehow that made him smile. Sokka had wondered where she’d gone – not consciously but more like he had felt something or someone was missing. Well now he knew where that feeling had come from, because it instantly started to fade.

She had grown up quite a bit in that short amount of time they’d been apart. Though looking at her like this he realized, it had been way too long. He really had missed her.

As he came closer, he recognized her hunched over posture as she was hugging her knees and somehow it felt like someone had kicked him in the stomach. Or poked a needle into his heart maybe. For a second he had forgotten to keep up his steady pace while walking towards her.

“Hey Toph,” he said, when he finally reached her, concentrated to keep a cheery tone in his voice.

“Hey Sokka,” she answered sounding tired.

“You’re not one for fireworks, huh,” he said a little more serious, picking up her shoes from the ground.

Toph hesitated for a bit – the bit that assured him something was wrong.  

“Yeah, well, I’m not getting too excited over explosion noises”, she said, trying to pick up on the joke but turning away her head.

Sokka had caught that slight shiver in her voice. He sat down next to her, his shoulder touching hers. She was cold and he wondered how long she’d been out here on her own. He knew she’d be embarrassed if he’d just hugged her for appearing so sad or to warm her up, so all he could do for now was sit next to her, that tiny spot of skin touching her shoulder.

They sat for a while and both remained silent. Somehow the memory of her and him sitting on that cliff so many months back came to mind. She probably just didn’t want to talk. But Sokka couldn’t help it, he had to know.  

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly, concentrating on the stars in the night sky so he wouldn’t try to look for even the slightest hint on her face.

She remained silent for a bit, but Sokka waited patiently. He knew she’d tell him. She was just debating on how to put it.  

“It’s just … I’m not one to pity myself for being blind. I’m good, I get by perfectly fine, it’s just I … I guess I got used to feeling like I was normal. Like I had all the chances everyone else has. But sometimes I’m just reminded that I’m … different … Which is not a bad thing, it’s just …”

She fell silent, hugging her knees a little tighter and pressing her lips together while lowering her head so her dark bangs would hide her eyes.

Remembering the shiver in her voice when she’d tried to joke about the fireworks, Sokka put one and one together. It hurt so much to see her like that. This amazing girl. He had always wished for her to be happy. Shoving his thoughts aside his eyes wandered over her pretty face, still in awe about how much she’d grown up in this short year. Then he raised his gaze towards the fireworks right in front of them.

And as Sokka started describing the firework’s journey towards the night sky and the sounds they made while doing so, the way it looked like thousand little shiny dots that exploded and spread in the shape of a flower, she felt like she was actually watching, seeing the fireworks for the first time in her life, starting to understand what one could enjoy about that spectacle. He made up words to explain the motion and colors of the lights and took his time to describe as accurately as he could, connecting the sounds she knew with pictures she didn’t. And while they were watching the night sky accompanied by the distant noises of the actual celebration, she felt tears gather up in her eyes. She turned her head, suppressing the need to cry, as Sokka continued describing the different kinds of flowers the fireworks would paint.

Once she was able to speak again, she said his name in a shaky voice. Sokka stopped abruptly, turning his head. She could feel his irritation, as if he’d been in deep thought about how else to describe what he saw. Felt the excitement he had gained while talking the two of them up into the sky. And also his terror when he realized how she was so close to crying. To falling apart.

“Ye?” he said, letting his gesturing hand sink a little bit, scared he might have hurt her by what he’d done.

She hesitated, then put her head on his shoulder.

“Thanks,” she muttered.

An eased smile was broadening on his face. He pulled out his arm that had been squished between them and put it around her cold shoulders, pulling her a little closer, his relief completely drowning out the worries about touching her – and also that odd tickling sensation in his stomach. She wouldn’t tell him, but she really had been cold. And she would never admit that his touch felt so soft and warm, it made her dizzy.

When Sokka continued to describe the night sky the old year passed and the New Year arrived. They sat in the cold, wishing for all good things to come their way. Or maybe it wouldn’t even matter if only he wouldn’t have to miss her so much, if only she could have him around a little more. Sokka had managed to make her feel like she actually belonged here with everyone else. And like it wouldn’t matter that the night was about to end.

For a little while everything felt perfect. 

The clock struck 12 and I heard the crackling of fireworks. I rushed up the stairs.
As I watched, the whole night lit up with floating lanterns, stars, distant lights and airplanes. I took my hoodie off and held it on my arm, a little out of breath, either by all the running up the stairs or the breathtaking skyline, and I played my song. I lay on the cold floor and watched, eyes sparkling, the wind against my bare arms making me shiver ever so slightly.
The fireworks lit up the sky. Blue, red, golden, purple, and every colour I couldn’t imagine the night could ever be.
My feet are glued into the place, the seconds ticking as fast as my heartbeat.
And all this night and the faintly moving stars and blinking lanterns tell me now, is that it’s time to take another step and see what lies in store for us this year.
—  Tamarind Fall
Happy New Year, guys!
sugar we're going down

(alternatively: a list of everything dan did wrong while cheating on phil)

i….have no idea what this even is????? or why this even is????? i wrote it in second person and i really don’t know why?????

i started writing this at 4am last night so i really can’t explain my intentions.

word count: 1.4k but it’s literally. a list. 

warnings: swearing, mentions of getting drunk, and the words ‘panic attack’ appear, but no elaboration on anything. 

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hey, i was wondering if you ever finished that new years drabble you posted i think a week or so ago? i really liked it and am curious c:

I did! I never posted it though because I wasn’t very proud of the end result … and I didn’t really want to rewrite it (because I got busy and life and fun stuff haha ^^; ) but if you’re still interested; here it is…..

Featuring: Tired Mercy who does not get payed nearly enough to deal with any of this nonsense ;)


Pharmercy - >1700 words

“It’s good fortune to kiss someone at the start of the New Year,” Hana says, idly, her legs draped over Fareeha’s thighs. She’s playing on some handheld game console, her eyes glued to it. Across the room, Lúcio is also playing, his shoulders hunched over, his brow creased in concentration. Fareeha knows they are playing each other, and although she’s not a gambler, she has a pretty good idea of who she would bet on if she were. 

Fareeha hums, turns the page in her book, and wills herself to give nothing away. After all, Hana is perceptive and intuitive and relentless. She looks up from her game, flashes Fareeha a grin which is deceptively sweet.

“I felt your legs tense up,” she says, conversationally. “Bet I can guess who you thought about.”

“I would rather you not,” Fareeha says her voice passive and even. They’re watching each other; waiting for the other to crack.

Hana who has the patience of a small child in a mall, gives in first, groans, falls back; Fareeha smirks.

“Let me help youuu,” she whines.

“I am okay, Hana,” Fareeha tells her, “I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I am capable of acting of my own volition.”

It’s a sweet gesture; it really is, on Hana’s part, to try to assist. But Hana doesn’t take life in half measure, and she doesn’t slow down, and although she’s good intentioned, her methods don’t agree with Fareeha’s style … or Angela’s reservations.  Because here’s the truly unfair fact of life: Dr. Angela Ziegler has a mission, an idea, an aspiration, and although they flit around each other, stealing moments and laughs and soft smiles, Fareeha doesn’t fit into her plan, and Angela … Angela has brought the dead back to life for that plan.

“Could have fooled me,” Hana grumbles. Fareeha chuckles softly.

“HOW?” Lúcio suddenly shouts; his head whipping up from the tiny screen he’d been so intently focused on. Hana turns away from Fareeha to flash him a winsome smirk. “You weren’t even paying attention … thought for sure I’d win that time,” and then he deflates into his chair, the game system dangling from his hand.

“Get good,” Hana grins, focuses back on her screen. Lúcio, with utter indignation throws his hand in a wide sweeping gesture over the entirety of Hana’s body. Fareeha laughs, turns back to her book.

“I am sure you are very good,” she tells him, soothingly.  

“So good,” Lúcio half mutters, half defends, sinking further into the chair.


The entire affair of New Years is a bit more of an ordeal than Fareeha had originally expected it to be. Part of this is because Mei is very excited, as are the Shimada siblings and, oddly, Jack - who has spent the entire evening fluxing between bittersweet stories about Indiana and how he used to sit in front of a small TV with his folks waiting on a ball of glittering lights to drop halfway across the country. There’s something like an ache in his tone and Fareeha has never seen him drink before, but tonight he does.

The junkers are also up to no good. Any holiday which involves explosives is one Jamison takes interest in; Fareeha is not particularly surprised, though when Jamison walks past her carrying a create of gun powder and Mako grunts a greeting carrying two more, she thinks maybe she might stop by Angela’s and let her know that situations could get complicated tonight.

It’s 23:34 when Fareeha knocks lightly on the frame of the door to Angela’s lab. It’s open and Angela is looking studiously into the swirling center of a mug of what is probably coffee.

“May I?” Fareeha says, grabbing her attention. Angela looks to her, smiles vaguely and nods. “Are you alright?” Fareeha asks, she pulls up a spare rolling chair, turns it around and straddles it, her arms folded over the chair’s back. She does this because Angela’s eyes flicker to her forearms briefly, then a little lower, and Fareeha blushes with a hidden pleasure and prays it doesn’t show.

“Yes,” Angela says, “it’s just been a long day. I suppose I’m tired.” Fareeha laughs sheepishly, rubs her neck absently.

“It might be about to get a bit longer,” she says, and points out the med-bay window. The junkers are out there, in the snow, grinning like mad and stringing fuses together.

Angela looks out to them, it takes a moment for her mind to process what is happening, and then she slams a hand on her desk; stands so quickly and with such force that her swivel chair falls over.

“Oh no,” she growls, her eyes narrowing. She looks like a goddess, in some ways; she looks ethereal and hellbent and Fareeha might have said something, might have stared a bit longer at what passion can manifest itself into, but Angela is storming towards the exit in a huff of indignation and Fareeha doesn’t really do anything except blink dumbly for a moment and then rush after her.

They pass Hana in the hallway; presumably the younger girl is heading to the communal living room, to join in in the festivities. She’s carrying what is probably a bottle of soju, and a computer to stream (this is something she does every year, she tells them, even though Winston is adamant that it not be done while she’s working with an unsanctioned ‘rebel’ group).

“What are the lovebirds up to?” Hana smiles, innocent and deviant. Fareeha gives her a disapproving look and Angela, though her cheeks tinge just a bit, is not deterred.

“Not now, Hana,” she says kindly, firmly, almost motherly, and does not stop. Hana balks.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Junkrat is about to light up the night sky … though I think Angela may be the one that explodes.” Fareeha says. Hana blinks.

“Oooooooooooh,” she grins.

“Hana,” Fareeha says seriously, “whatever thought just popped into your head, put it out.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hana winks, turns tail and is gone. Fareeha sighs tiredly, and jogs to catch up with Angela.


“I will not be patching you two up when you blow off your remaining limbs!” Angela all but yells, throwing open the doors to the courtyard. Junkrat’s entire head pops up as he turns, like a meerkat, Mako doesn’t move much, but he does step back - just barely, almost unnoticeable. Fareeha closes the doors sensibly, and stands an appropriate distance behind Angela as she stalks towards the junkers, her hair glowing like a halo under the lamp lights.

“Oi, no worries, doc, I done this a thousand times!” Junkrat beams. “Jus rig up this here and - KABOOM! Got ourselves the best show outside the outback!”

“Absolutely not,” Angela says.

“Absolutely not,” Fareeha echoes.

“Wa?” Junkrat says, blinks at them, looks down at his wrist. There’s a an Overwatch watch placed there - one of those cheap toy-like watches which come in boxes of cereal and he looks at it hard, and then throws his wrist in Roadhog’s face.

“Oi Roadie, what’s it say?”

Roadhog looks at it briefly.

“23:56,” he grunts. Junkrat turns to Angela, grins sheepishly, but with absolutely no guilt.

“Wish I could carry on, do love these chats, doc, but times tick-tockin away and I got some stuff to blow up.”

Angela looks throughly pissed off, which is not something Fareeha thinks she’s ever seen.

“You’ll do no such thing,” she says, steps forward - is distracted.

The doors open behind Fareeha, she turns, and then moves slightly out of the way. The whole based team pours out, lead by one Hana Song, followed closely behind by Lúcio, Winston, everyone.

“An audience,” cheers Junkrat, turns to Roadhog, “get me that match!” Roadhog lights a match, gives it to Jamison, who moves to light the fuse.

“Don’t do it,” Angela growls. He stops, looks at it.

“Do it!” Hana yells, she’s holding her computer and it is open. Fareeha looks at the screen, can see a chat window on the right side of commenters echoing Hana’s sentiments. When Fareeha’s face fills the screen, the conversation switches to her and she quickly withdraws, not wanting to be part of it.

“Don’t,” Angela says again, firm. Junkrat looks between her and Hana, sees Jack lunging for him, presumably to halt the chaos, Hanzo sighing dramatically, Jesse’s thumbs up by the door, and makes his decision.

The explosion is everything Fareeha thought it might be: loud, big, it blows Junkrat into Roadhog into the snow and Fareeha makes it in just enough time to pull Angela out of the blast zone.

The fireworks which follow are, admittedly, beautiful. And the whole team cheers as they light up the night sky. Fareeha is still holding Angela semi-protected against her chest as she watches them and Angela is sighing in defeat, her fingers digging into Fareeha’s forearms.

“Just one quiet night,” she’s muttering, “that is all I wanted.”

“It may never happen,” Fareeha responds, apologetically. She knows she should let go, knows that Angela is tired and stressed and always a little on edge and always a little distant.

“It’s midnight!” Yells Jesse behind them, with a hoot and Fareeha can’t see it, but she would not be surprised if he’d thrown his hat.

“Do you have a New Years resolution?” Fareeha asks, and finally drops her arms, surprised when Angela does not back away. Above then the fireworks are intensifying and vaguely, Fareeha thinks it’s everything she wanted from this evening, explosion and all.

“I want to relax more,” Angela tells her, and then looks at her, “possibly with you.”

Fareeha feels the heat in her arms.

When Angela kisses her it is not what Fareeha is expecting, because it is different from the relationship she’s come to know with the doctor, and because it is more urgent than kisses they have shared before, more fiery, more, more, and Fareeha wants more of it, but Angela pulls away and breathes before Fareeha can think for herself again.

“A kiss at midnight is good fortune,” Angela says, softly, tiredly but with a smile.

“I have heard,” Fareeha breathes.

“I think we could all use a little good fortune.”

sea foam kisses

A/N: I have a few things to say. One: This is the first time I’ve written Jily, so I have no idea what I’m doing. Two: This is for Jily Royalty Fest. (yes, I should have posted it ages ago, but better late than never right?) It’s based on The Little Mermaid, mostly. One or two more parts to come later. Three: I have no idea what’s going on with the style of this. I wrote the ending in a rush so I could post it and tbh I have no idea if it makes sense or is good to anyone but me. (also my prose is very purple at times, so be prepared for that.) Four: I think this is the first serious bit of writing I’ve posted on Tumblr as me. I just want you to know that, I guess. Anyway thanks for reading!

The sea is her master and her mistress, hers to love and be loved by. Her crown is the seaweed tangled in her hair and her gown the seafoam clinging to her skin. The sun and sky and sea are all she’s ever known and all she ever wants to.

Until, that is, Lily’s seventeenth birthday. Her sister brings her to the surface to view the fireworks the humans set off each night and she’s mesmerized. Each night she floats on her back, tail flicking, red hair billowing like blood in the water as she watches the sky. From here she can just barely see the lights of the human world glowing on the horizon. They beckon to her, tugging at her heart until she can’t bear the ache of it.

One summer night it’s too much. She gazes at the distant palace with arms outstretched like she’s flying. The water doesn’t reach her gills and she’s dizzy. She’s nearly ready to visit the sea witch and bargain for a pair of legs when the hand brushes her arm.

It’s a man, a human man, drifting on a current through the dark water. Lily moves away, wary, but his face is slack and his eyes closed. He looks dead.

She reaches for the man with a trembling hand and feels for a heartbeat. His clothes are ripped to shreds and she touches his bare chest for only a moment before she gasps.

His heart beats. The human is alive.

Now that she knows this, Lily can see the faint rise and fall of his chest. Black hair is plastered to his forehead and his cheekbones jut out like he’s starving. She doesn’t even need to think before she takes his arm in hers and pulls him to the shore.

It takes the better part of an hour, and several times she realizes she’s forgotten to keep him above the water, but they make it. Lily has never been beyond the borders of her father’s kingdom and her heart thrills with excitement and terror. All she can think is I have a human in my arms and Petunia is going to kill me and by Triton, this man is heavy for someone so skinny.

She takes a deep gulp of water and hauls herself and the man onto a rocky beach at the base of the cliffs in whicthe palace rests on. His head lolls onto her shoulder and she smiles in spite of the burning in her chest and gills. As she props him against a boulder his eyelids flutter and she freezes. Lily hasn’t thought about what she’ll do when he wakes up.

He coughs weakly and she drags herself back across the beach. Tiny rocks scrape her torso and her tail flops uselessly. She whips her head around at the sound of him moving and moves even faster. Her head is pounding and her vision blurring.

“Wait!” the man shouts. His voice is strong and echoes over the lonely beach. “I can’t see you, come back!” But Lily has been swallowed by the waves and darts away.

She stops when she’s confident he won’t be able to see her. Her lips turn up in a small smile. “I saved a human,” she whispers to herself. “I saved a human!” Lily bursts out of the water and soars above the waves. The winds seem to lift her into the sky, as if she’s made of air instead of sea. She splashes back down, laughing and gasping, the tug in her heart stronger than ever. “I saved a human.”

Lily swims down, past her father’s palace, past the whalebone graveyard, past the shipwrecks and coral reefs. Eventually she reaches a deep cave. The entrance is a wide crack in the sea floor, looking more like the yawning jaws of a sea monster than a sea witch’s lair. She clenches her fists and swims into the murky depths.

“Hello?” she calls. In the inky darkness, something scuttles. Lily swallows and goes in deeper. “Madame Bellatrix? I wish to make a deal.” Slowly, carefully, she feels her way into the center of the cavern. Her head is filled with thoughts of fireworks and legs and dry skin for the first time in her life.

“Yes, my sweet,” a deep voice hisses just behind her. Lily stifles a shriek as a tentacle caresses her freckled shoulder. “A deal with a demon, hm? Brave heart, Lily.”

Lily presses down the urge to swim away as swiftly as she can. “I want legs,” she says steadily, thinking of how she will be able to dance once (if this succeeds?) this is over. “I want to be human. Please.” She reaches blindly for the witch, grasping her slimy hand. “Help me.”

A spot of reddish light hovers between them. It’s a pelican eel the size of a shark, mouth gaping. Bellatrix’s face is illuminated. Her thick lips curl in a smile.

“Of course, princess. I just want one tiny thing.“


“Give me your voice.”

Lily’s hand flies to her throat. “My voice… Why?” she asks. “My father can give you all the riches you could ask for.”

Bellatrix’s hand squeezes Lily’s wrist. Her eyes glow yellow in the darkness. “Don’t ask questions,” she snaps. “I will give you legs if you give me your voice. Then you can dance and dream and fall in love with your little black-haired boy, just like you wanted, yes?” The pelican eel rubs its head against Lily’s and a shiver rips down her spine.

“Fine,” she gasps as the eel twines around her tail. “You can take my voice. But I want one more thing. You have to give me the ability to write the human language, or the deal is off.”

Bellatrix pauses. “I suppose that’s fair,” she says. “But there is a time limit of sorts, darling. You must make that boy fall in love with and marry you before he finds another woman. Else you’ll turn to seafoam once they’ve shared their marriage bed.”

“Yes,” Lily says at once. “Just give me legs.”

Bellatrix laughs, a deep sound like whale song. “You’re an eager young thing. We’ll do it now, if you want it so badly.” She traces a tentacle along Lily’s collarbone and places a hand on her waist. The pelican eel disappears, bringing the one source of light with it. The cave is shrouded in darkness.

A hum fills the cavern and pain shoots through Lily’s tail. It’s a tearing and burning and ripping pain, because that’s what it is, isn’t it, her tail ripping into two legs. Her back arches in agony and Bellatrix clutches her tighter, teeth like a shark’s skimming Lily’s throat. Her eyes squeeze shut and it’s no different than when they were open.

A brightness flashes through the cave. Lily opens her eyes and for the shortest of seconds sees two lovely legs hanging limply below her. She cries out in relief, except instead of a sound only bubbles escape her lips. Her voice is gone.

So are her gills, for that matter. The light subsides and she feels a familiar burning in her chest. Lily wrenches herself away from the sea witch and tries to swim away, but her legs are numb and useless. She falls back into Bellatrix’s open arms as the burning in her chest overtakes her and everything goes silent.

Lily wakes to the cry of seagulls. The sun warms her back as she carefully inches her fingers down her body, and yes, there they are, she has legs. She giggles in delight but no sound comes out. She can’t even laugh.

But that doesn’t stop her from grinning as she wobbles to her feet. The pebbly sand is hot between her toes (her toes, she has toes) and she nearly falls over from shaking so much. Once she’s found her balance she takes a step, then another. Soon she’s running across the beach, hair flying behind her, smile as bright as the sun.

She collapses at the foot of the white cliffs, panting, unable to tear her eyes away from her legs. Lily breathes deeply and pauses. She breathes again, relishing the feeling of air in her lungs. It’s so much lighter than water, so much more free.

“Are you alright?”

Lily leaps up at the sound and skitters back like a spooked horse. She quickly covers her chest with her hands and realizes she suddenly has a lot more to hide. An involuntary smile pulls at her lips and she tries to ignore it.

“I’m sorry, but I need to know if I can help you. Are you okay?” It’s a man’s voice. Clear and high, unlike the black-haired boy’s. Lily peeks out from under her dripping hair and sees the speaker. He’s half-turned away from her, covering his eyes with a hand. Behind him another man is grinning at her, though he quickly faces away when their eyes meet.

For a moment she forgets she can’t speak. Yes, she tries to say, I’m fine, but do you happen to know a man with black hair? He washed up on this very beach last night, I think, and I need to make him fall in love with me. But she raises a hand to her lips once she remembers. This is impossible, she thinks. I should have given the witch my hair instead.

“I don’t think she can talk, mate,” the other man says, “But she seems okay. She was running just a second ago.” He sneaks a glance over his shoulder and she nods at him. Help me, she mouths.

“Yeah, she just asked us to help her. Let’s get her up to the castle. She was probably in the same shipwreck Prongs was in, although I dunno why she’s naked.” The other man takes off his coat and tosses it to her, averting his eyes until she’s pulled it on.

Thank you, Lily says to the men. They nod at her and the dark-haired one smiles. “I’m Sirius,” he says. “That’s Remus. We’re going to take you up to the palace so you can get some help, alright?” She nods and they begin winding up a steep path. “What’s your name?”

Lily, she mouths slowly. Sirius cocks his head questioningly and she repeats it, but it doesn’t help. Once again she mourns the loss of her voice, but she’ll just have to make do.

Oh, she realizes. I can write now. She kneels, holding the oversized coat closed with one hand. Lily traces the letters of her name in the sand, marveling at how her fingers know the loops and lines already.

“Lily,” Remus reads. “Pretty. That’s the queen’s favorite flower, right, Padfoot?”

Before Sirius can answer, footsteps sound and a man sprints between them down to the beach. He passes them in a heartbeat, but Lily catches a glimpse of his face. It’s the black-haired man.

“Was that–?” Sirius starts to ask with a slight crease between his eyebrows.

“James? I think it was,” Remus finishes with a sigh. “Shall we find out what he was up to?” Lily can barely breathe; these people know the man, they know his name, they’re friends with him. Her heart flutters.

Remus is nearly out of sight when he remembers the naked girl in his best friend’s coat. He looks back at her. “Well?” he asks. “You coming?” Lily can’t help but grin. As she stands, another man runs down the path, rather more slowly than James had been. Sirius breaks into a smile at the sight of him.

“Wormtail! You’re up!” he cries jovially. “Lily, this is Peter. Pete, Lily. Come on, let’s go find out what James is up to.” Peter has stopped, hands on his knees, panting. Sirius and Remus are already gone.

Lily waits for Peter to catch his breath. “Sorry about this,” he says, breathing hard. “I’ve been ill,
and James was going on about some girl on the beach. I had to go after him; he’s just been in a shipwreck. He’s not even supposed to be awake.” He looks at her expectantly and she gestures at her mouth in apology. Peter nods in understanding.

A girl on the beach, Lily thinks giddily. That’s me, he remembers me!

“Let’s go, then.” They walk back to the beach, where James is roaming the rocky sand. Remus and Sirius are simply watching him.

“Do you have any idea what he’s doing?” Sirius asks Peter when they arrive. “He was muttering earlier. I think he may have hit his head in the wreck.

Peter sits on the ground and they all follow suit. Lily makes sure to keep the coat covering all of her important parts. "He thinks some girl saved him,” Pete explains. “He said he was out in the middle of the ocean when he passed out. Then he woke up and someone was taking him to shore. I told him it was just a dream, but he ignored me.”

“Figures,” Sirius snorts. “Prongs always wanted to be part of a story. Probably thinks it was a siren who saved him.” Lily shifts on the sand, examining her fingernails. This conversation isn’t exactly comfortable.

“Padfoot, Moony! Wormtail, come here!” James bellows from the far side of the beach. “I found something!” He waves his arms wildly. Sirius heaves a sigh and stands, but Lily can see in his crinkled eyes and half-smile that he’s happy to have his friend back.

When they reach James he’s buzzing with excitement. “Look!” he nearly shouts. “This is where I woke up, and there’s odd tracks leading away into the ocean. I’m telling you! someone saved me!” He points at the ground, where Lily can indeed see the tracks she made by dragging herself back to the sea. Her heart twinges and for the slightest moment she misses the sea. Then it’s gone and she tries to look as un-mermaidlike as she can.

“Alright, alright,” Sirius concedes, raising his hands placatingly, “A gorgeous mermaid saved you from drowning and brought you to the beach. Except you didn’t see her, and she didn’t say anything to you, and she wasn’t captivated by your looks enough to stay. Whatever you say.” James scowls and Sirius hastens to add, “Aren’t you going to ask about the girl?”

“Girl?” James asks. “Oh, her. I thought she was just your new bird, seeing as how she’s naked and wearing your clothes. Hello,” he introduces with a grin. Lily smiles back, hoping he’ll somehow realize she was the girl, although hopefully he’ll forget about the tail. “I’m James. I expect Sirius has told you about me, yeah?”

Being voiceless is more tiring than she expected. Lily never smiled this much before, or gestured uselessly at her mouth. I’m Lily, she mouths. When James doesn’t understand Remus explains.

“She’s mute, or something. Her name is Lily. And she’s not one of Sirius’,” he says with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “She was on the beach earlier. We were actually hoping you might know her? Maybe she was on the same ship you were.”

James is looking out at the sea instead of at Remus or Lily. “Huh? Oh, right. No, she wasn’t. Or at least I didn’t see her.” He stoops again to look at the markings on the beach. Lily’s smile slackens.

“I know it probably wasn’t a mermaid who helped me,” James admits, finally tearing himself away from the waves. “But it was someone, and I want to find her. She saved my life. I need to thank her.” He runs a hand through his black hair and smiles sheepishly. “Will you help me?” He dimples and despite her growing worries, Lily finds herself nodding along with the others, no matter that he wasn’t asking her.

She places a hand on his arm and their eyes meet. Her fingers burn where they touch him, but he doesn’t seem to notice. I’ll help you find her, Lily lies silently.

He beams and looks at the others. “And you?” he asks them. “You’ll help?”

Sirius grimaces but slings an arm around his shoulder. “I suppose,” he sighs. The twinkle in his eye betrays him. “We’ll just have to go around searching every town for appropriate girls. How ever will I manage?”

“Of course I will.” Remus raises a hand to shield his eyes from the noon sun. “C'mon, mate, did you even have to ask?”

James looks at Peter. “Wormtail?”

Peter looks put out. “Same as Moony,” he says. “Of course I will.”

The four of them suddenly have an energy about them, a hum in the air that makes her skin break out in goosebumps. Lily can feel their familiarity with each other and a pang shoots through her like ice.

I may, she muses as they walk back to the palace, be in a little bit of trouble here. The thought gnaws at her mind until they reach the palace. Then she sees the gardens.

Everything is green leaves and fresh air and bubbling fountains and blooming flowers. Lily’s lips part in awe and she falls behind the boys, marveling at the beauty. In her castle, she has a garden, but it’s nothing like this.

And the colors. Underwater, everything is duller. Colors, sounds, even sensations. But in the air everything is clearer. Lily touches a flower the color of her hair and rubs the petals between her fingers. They stain her fingertips a wet red.

She twirls on the cobblestone path, the flowers blurring into a rainbow before her. Swiftly she remembers the homesickness she felt before and wonders how she ever felt at home in the sea. Now she has skin that isn’t wet and red fingers and as she looks at her reflection in a still pond, she sees she has green eyes.

Everything is brighter now, Lily thinks. And I have eyes the color of the leaves, and I’ve met the black-haired man, and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. And I have legs.

Lily’s heart thrums with joy and she can’t help but skip a little as she rejoins the boys. This human world is wonderful, she thinks. For the first time since her seventeenth birthday, months ago, the ache in her heart is gone, replaced by a feeling that she can only describe as love for the world she’s always dreamed of.

A/N, again. I’ve just realized the royalty part hasn’t really come into play yet. If you hadn’t realized, James is the prince and Lily is a mermaid princess. I promise the next part will be better. :) (And yes, the Slaughterhouse-Five reference was intentional.)

“wow, isn’t it amazing?” you smile. tons of fireworks fly through the sky as you all sit on the beach.

“i could’ve put on a better show. but noo.” tony scoffs.

“just let us enjoy the fireworks, besides this is much better than what you could have done.” bucky remarks.

“shut it, you two.” nat cuts in. “one night in peace is all we’re asking for.” sam adds.

“yes! let’s celebrate our independence in peace.” steve smiles.

“okay seriously shut up guys.” you hush, giving everyone a death glare. making the only sounds being the fireworks and the distant people ooing and gasping at the beauty of the night.

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Do 37 with lams, pretty please

Okay, kiddos, I have taken mercy on you and am going to write one final lil fic for the night. This fic will be SUPER ADORABLE to counteract all the angst I’ve left you with, oops! :’) (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

“Wanna dance?” 

“This place has the best view, mes amis!” Lafayette exclaimed as the group of teens walked up to the edge of a parking lot overlooking the valley below, the city off to the right. 

“You sure, Laf?” Alexander asked. He was skeptical of the French boy.

“Oui, mon ami. Martha and George always took me here.” 

Alexander shrugged and fanned out his beach towel on the concrete. Laurens laid out his own towel right next to Alexander, the two boys giggling as they met in the middle for a kiss.

“Ugh,” Peggy said, rolling her eyes at the two boys.

“Oh, Peggy, don’t be such a downer! You’ll find someone eventually,” Eliza said with a laugh.

Peggy swatted her older sister with her towel. “Angelica needs to be here to keep you in line,” Peggy complained.

“Are you kidding? If Angelica was here the taunts would be doubled!”

Peggy sighed. Eliza was right, but she didn’t want to admit it. 

Lafayette and Hercules had set up their towels and were sitting crosslegged, Lafayette fumbling around on his phone, searching for the right radio station.

“Ahh! Here we go!” he exclaimed after a moment. 

The group was gathered on the warm July night to watch the Fourth of July fireworks together, and Lafayette, being the music lover he was, insisted they listen to the radio station that played songs to match the distant explosions of color in the night sky. 

Once the fireworks started, the group mostly settled down, occasionally “WOAHs” and “OOOUUUs” erupting from some of the kids after a particularly amazing firework. 

Then, a slower song began to play and hearts were flashing through the sky. Alexander felt Laurens tap his shoulder. He turned to his boyfriend, smiling at the way his freckles looked in the dimly lit night.

“Hey,” Laurens whispered. “Wanna dance?” 

Alexander raised a brow at him. Laurens just grinned and held out his hand. Alexander shrugged and took it. Laurens pulled him close and they began to sway around together to the music, sure to stay behind their friends so they weren’t blocking their view.

They were met with a few laughs and cheers for the first few moments, but soon their friends settled down and, for that song, it was just Alexander, Laurens, and the distant sound of explosions, matching the ones that’d been sparked anew inside their chests. 


“So many glittering colorful lights, fireworks flooding the sky. A sparkling parade illuminating the night, even the peoples smiles seem to shine brightly giving off a rosy cheerful glow but to me… To me it all seems distant and dull, the light feels so far away, it seems like someones missing, someone who should be next to me smiling…. Who did I want to get a picture with? Who did I want to give a present to? Who isn’t here? Or am I wrong, am I imagining things? Why…. Why can’t I remember? I wanted to come here with him, to get a picture together… I… I wanted to stay by his side but now…”

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Nude male model bellamy

Today’s been the longest day of Clarke’s life. She hasn’t slept for twenty-four hours, and she still has a full night ahead, studying for an anatomy class that just wrecks her brain, and she spends most of her speed-walk to the Arts Center in a quietly furious conversation with her mother, cupping her hand around her phone and tucking her face into her scarf. “No, Mom,” she says, over and over again, a repetition that quickly starts to sum up her whole life since she started doubting her future following in her mother’s footsteps. “No, Mom. It’s fine. No.”

Eventually she reaches the doors and kicks the snow and salt off her boots before entering. “No, Mom, and I gotta go, I’m already late for class, love you, bye,” she says quickly before she hangs up her phone and pockets it. Her fingers start to swell and ache in the warm lobby as soon as she walks in. She hurries to her classroom as best as she can without looking like she’s running, and is sure she looks altogether terrible when she yanks the door open.

Mostly because Bellamy Blake is on the other side.

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New Year's Confession | #5SOSPREFERENCE 1


Sitting outside of your porch, you watched the colorful distant fireworks. The sound of them flying into the night sky, seemed to made your heart thump a little. You felt like you were missing something in this exact moment; somebody that you needed, wanted. The New Year was now here, and to start it off, you were already incomplete. Seeing shadows on the street of people walking together. You saw someone walking closer and closer to you. Wanting to run, your body was kept still hoping nothing bad would happen. With the light’s hitting against his charming face, you saw that it was Calum. He grinned taking a seat beside you- “Hey…”’ Turning red, you laughed a little; and you could feel happiness pour over you, as your heart beated with warmth. Short conversations were laid in the air, while many pauses of silence and a whistling breeze occurred. The night was beautiful, especially since Calum was here now. “I need to tell you something.”,Calum smirked looking down then to your eyes nervously. Waiting, you couldn’t help but smile at your best friend sitting beside you. “I’ve liked you for a long time, and I want this to be our year…together…” Surprised at first, you responded with a gentle kiss on Calum’s soft lips.


The year has been okay for you; although you were really worked and tired alot. You just broke up with your boyfriend two days ago when you caught him cheating, and ever since your heart has been bruised. Cleaning the tables of the small cafe you worked at, you were a little happy to see that it was empty and you were alone with your friend Ashton. He took off his apron, and glasses and took the cleaner from your hands. He stared into your eyes for a moment, and smiled a little- “C'mon Y/’s New Year’s- relax for a minute and come outside with me?” It took a minute to breathe, and realize that he was right. Agreeing you followed him outside, across the street to the bridge. The lake sparkled underneath, and the pretty fireworks boomed in the purple sky. Words were spoken with gestures; Ashton’s hand was wrapped around your shoulder. Sighing, your heart suddenly raced when you could feel his hazel eyes staring at you. Turning to him, you were right, and before you could ask he spoke- “You deserve better…You’re beautiful, and smart, and I’m sorry you weren’t treated right…Y/n..”, he stopped for a minute hesitating to continue. Believing you knew what he was going to say though, you leaned towards him and he did the same. Your lips collided into his, and the night was now magical.


You stood against the brick wall outside of the New Year’s party, kicking rocks and listening to cars passing by. Your mind was set on Michael; it was his eyes, voice- everything. You became frustrated at times knowing he was taken though. You dreamed of this night being spent with him, but instead he was inside. Lately his girlfriend and him have changed a little though, as if they lost interest. Michael’s also been staring at you alot more, and even though it made you anxious you were happy to have those emerald eyes on you. Hearing the front door click open, the loud music blared outside and you just believed it was another couple walking out, eating their faces off- but this time it was Michael. He stopped infront of you, hands hid in pockets, as a warm smile appeared on his face- “What are you doing out here?” You wanted to tell him a lie, but why not tell the truth- “Not really in the mood for a party…”  He then nodded, and asked another question- “Why’d you come then?” It took a moment, the answer laid on your tongue, should you tell him? It’s a new year, so why not? “You…I came for you Michael.” Without a word, Michael was speechless and stood beside you right when the fireworks started to go off. “I’ve wanted you for the longest time Y/n…You’re all that I think about and-”, he continued to talk to himself as the loud fireworks went off, as if you couldn’t hear but you could. You laughed and turned to him, he looked back to you with question. Leaning towards Michael, your lips passionately intertwined with his. The kiss was sweet, and tender and after Michael smirked- “You heard me…”


Sitting at the dinner table with Luke’s family, you were happy to know that this year you got to know his siblings. You were no longer that shy, nervous girl they first met eleven months ago. Luke also loved how much they enjoyed you. It was nice to know that you were accepted. Holding your hand, when you both were finished eating, you both excused yourselves and went upstairs. Going to Luke’s bedroom, you both lied beside one another on his thick duvets. The stars and fireworks from the window shinned onto you both. Luke scattered ticklish kisses on your neck, and gently squeezed your sides. Being the happiest and luckiest girl in the world, you couldn’t help but laugh. You were in love; you just never told Luke that. Stopping, Luke chuckled lying beside you; he’s brush through your hair, admiring every little thing about you. “There’s so much about you Y/n..I can’t explain it.” Blushing, you turned to stare into his crystal blue eyes- ’‘What do you mean?“ His teeth sinked into his bottom lip; trying not to smile, but he failed- ’'I love you.”, his voice shook a little. Passionately kissing Luke, you let go and held his hand- “I love you more.” The night continued with cuddles, the fascinating sound of fireworks, and the feeling of a new year together.