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Hello! I have a request! How Miyuki, Haruichi, Kuramochi, Jun, Ryousuke, Yuki, Chris and Nori will ask to go out his s/o crush to the summer festival? And the following (activities, clothes... love confession ?!!) Thank you (≧▽≦)

oooh!!! This sounds super cute and perfect for summer. Also, you sent me more than 5 characters, so I only did the first 5! In the future, it would be much appreciated if you all could only send me your top 5 characters in one ask so I can do the ones you want the most. Thank you!  ~Admin Tress


He’d casually bring it up one day, like spotting a flyer and saying, “Hey [Name]-[chan/kun], looks like the summer festival’s coming up” and pretend he wasn’t hoping you’d ask him to go with you when you exclaim, “Really? We should go together!” He’d act like he doesn’t really care about it, even teasing you about being so excited, but end up really looking forward to spending time with you. He’s not one for traditional attire, but he definitely enjoys seeing his s/o in their yukata and would tell them so, to their embarrassment. He and his s/o would wander the festival with no particular plan, stopping by wherever interests them, and overall just are happy to enjoy each others’ company before the rush of school and the Fall tournament pull them apart again. They’re not officially dating yet, but Miyuki has to hold himself back from grabbing his s/o’s hand several times as they stroll through the festival. Surrounded by couples, he couldn’t help but wonder if you two would ever be among them. In the end, he promises that one day when he is braver, he will finally confess his feelings to you.


He’d shyly come up to you after class and ask if you were going to the festival the following week, and if so if you were going to go with someone. N-Not that he’d mind if you’d already had plans, but he was hoping that if you didn’t you’d consider maybe going with him? His s/o would giggle at the stuttering boy before accepting his invitation, gently teasing him that he’d better not be late. Haruichi’s mother was overjoyed at the idea and insisted Haruichi wear his brand new yukata that emphasized his short stature and delicate frame even more than usual. To the amusement of his family, Haruichi actually seemed nervous to go to the festival, more nervous than they’d ever seen him on the field. He couldn’t help it; they were just so beautiful and intelligent and friendly, and you were going with someone like him who was constantly mistaken for a girl and couldn’t even look others in the eye. They were amazing and he was…himself.

Seeing them in their own yukata sent his heart into overdrive and made him question if he would be able to string a coherent greeting together. He managed, thankfully, and the first thing his s/o suggested was to visit the goldfish stall. The way their eyes lit up with joy at the sight of the tiny orange fish, the little bit of tongue that stuck out when his they furrowed their brows in concentration, did nothing to calm his pounding heart.

“Adorable” was the only thought racing through his mind when his s/o threw your hands up in defeat and abruptly broke his reverie by hauling him to their spot by the pool. “Haruichi,” his s/o pouted, “Help me.” Their fingers brushed against his as they handed him the goldfish scooper, sending a jolt of electricity where they had touched. “I-I’ll do my best, [Name]-san!” Sure enough, several minutes later found a beaming s/o crowing over how amazing he was at the little goldfish he had caught. “I’ll name him Haru-chan!” “[N-Name]-san!” “Haru-chan, you’re so cute~” Haruichi flushed. “I was talking to the fish!” But you’re cute too, they secretly added.


“Kyahaha! The festival gets better every year, doesn’t it [Name]?” Kuramochi didn’t actually have the guts to ask you to the festival himself, but the two of you shared mutual friends who had made plans to go together, and for that Kuramochi was thankful. You had gradually separated yourselves from the rest of the group, each secretly wanting to be alone with the other but not willing to do more about it than subtly trail farther and farther behind, and eventually ended up at the water yo-yo stall. Naturally, a competition was declared

The next ten minutes were tense with the pressure of battle, yet neither of you could deny the thrill of adrenaline whenever a water yo-yo was hooked or just slipped out of reach. It was likely part of the reason you both enjoyed spending time with each other–you were competitive over the little things, but knew when to have a good laugh instead, even if it didn’t seem that way when Kuramochi won by one water yo-yo and spent the rest of the festival playfully bantering (read: flirting) over the impromptu war.

At the end, he insists on walking you home and awkwardly asks if you had a good time, and that you can have the one extra water yo-yo if you wanted, to make it even and all. And when you ask him, “Make what even?” he just scratches the back of his head and admits he had a lot more fun at the festival than he’d ever expected.


“Oi! Be careful with that! It’s not a toy!” Jun barked at the nearest child, who’s attention had been caught by a pretty firefly and was holding the sparkler dangerously close to her toes.

The child instantly snapped to attention, squeaking softly both at the proximity of the flame and the ferocity at which Jun reprimanded her. He turned away when he caught his s/o watching, muttering about how kids were too reckless these days, too easily distracted as he refused to look anywhere but his own sparkler, cheeks pink.

His s/o laughed softly at his embarrassment, coming closer despite all his signals not to. It was such a rare sight to see the normally vocal center fielder flustered like this, how could they not tease him?

“You know, it’s really sweet of you to be so protective over little kids.”

Jun scowled at you, cheeks flushing a shade darker. “My sisters always did that for me, so I guess it’s my duty to repay the fav–STOP LAUGHING AT ME!”

Ah yes, they loved the summer festival (and their adorable boyfriend).


You were sitting alone at the top of the hill behind the shrine, away from the hustle and bustle of the festival. Crystalline tears slipped from your eyes as you drew your knees closer to your chest, tangling your fingers in the fabric of your yukata. Maybe the bullies were right. Maybe you were weird, and ugly, and boring, and that’s why no one wanted to go to the festival with you. Maybe you were stupid to hope in the first place.

Liking yourself is hard, but it’s even harder when everyone else seems to be trying to convince you of the opposite.

Except for one pink-haired boy who, unbeknownst to you, had just searched an entire festival to find the spot next to yours on the grass.

“What are you crying for, [Name]?”

Blunt and to the point as usual, you knew better than to try to lie to Ryosuke. “Nothing, just feeling…lonely, I guess.”

“Hmmm,” he hummed, eyes shut as always. “You know, I think the fireworks are starting.”

Sure enough, bright bursts of light began to illuminate the sky, drawing your attention from the way Ryosuke’s bangs fell across his face to the show kilometers above you.

Until you felt warm lips on yours and gentle fingers wiping away the last of the tears from your eyes.

“I love you.” Blunt and to the point, the way he liked to do things. “Never forget that.”  

I hoped this lived up to your expectations! I wanted to do more but didn’t want it to get too long or take forever OTL