firework eye

summer house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF- the smell of honeysuckle and warm breezes ruffling hair; dry grass crunching underneath sandals; lemon popsicles and flushed cheeks; closing your eyes and feeling the sun; a picnic basket being opened

RAVENCLAW- collapsing in the shade of a tree; crunching the ice from a cold drink between your teeth; pages of a book being turned by the wind; the scent of blueberries and freshly cut grass; cloud gazing in the company of a friend

SLYTHERIN- the sound of car tires crunching on gravel; leaving your house to go on a long trip; unexpected summer rainstorms; taking off your shoes after a long walk; spilling cold water all over yourself; loose tank tops and bare feet; wet hair making water droplets run down your back

GRYFFINDOR- the crackling of a summer bonfire; tying your hair up; sand between toes; breathless laughter from friends’ open mouths; putting your feet on a car dashboard; sunglasses and floppy hats; the reflection of fireworks in someone’s eyes

darling, you are the one
born with galaxies and supernovas like fireworks in your eyes.
your fingers hold strength that mine will never know.
your bones carry prophecies that mine does not dare dream of.

i was only born
     with flower petals staining my cheeks pink
     and strange songs murmuring faintly in my heart. 
i was only born 
     with snatches of fool’s good trapped in my hair
     and gossamer tangled somewhere between my lungs and my ribs.

and darling, i do not mind
if your light is brighter
   your voice is louder 
   your steps are stronger

i have always known, after all, 
that your fate soars much higher than mine ever will
and it does not do to envy a demigod
                                               or an angel 
                                               or a hero
                                               or a friend. 

but darling, this i swear:
when they come for you
     (and they will, my darling,
     let’s not lie to ourselves
                          to each other)
i will grind my teeth into bloodlust fangs.
i will file my nails into tigers’ claws.

darling, this i swear:
i will make poisons of the flowers in my cheeks
and spiderwebs of the gossamer torn from my chest.
i will teach my heart to beat to the rhythm of a battle drum.

and this, this i swear:
i will make them all face 
the thin-edged broken glass
     s h a t t e r e d  p i e c e s
          of myself.

—  gods should fear when pretty little things goes to war ( j.p. )
House Aesthetics, as Written by House Members

Gryffindor [by Olga]:

Gryffindor is laughing at your jokes and not caring what others think. Gryffindor is falling in love with life every day when you wake up when the sun touches your face. Gryffindor is emptying a water bottle over your head on a hot day and not changing your wet clothes. Gryffindor is always telling the truth even if it hurts. Gryffindor is knowing that brave doesn’t mean not being afraid but doing something despite experiencing fear. Gryffindor is kissing strangers at a party. Gryffindor is blasting music and singing the lyrics wrong. Gryffindor is the strong wind playing with your hair as you’re leaning out of the window. Gryffindor is crying with the rain and screaming with the thunder. Gryffindor is the friend who takes you by the hand when you need them to. Gryffindor is staring at fireworks with wide-opened eyes. Gryffindor is stargazing with that one person and feeling eternity. Gryffindor is the smirk you give someone right before you punch them in the face. Gryffindor is the one person you’ll always remember for being loud and strong yet always there when you needed them. Gryffindor are the memories of your youth that never fade. Gryffindor is the song stuck in your head that you associate with something that happened to you when you heard it for the first time. Gryffindor is slipping into sweatpants and an old t-shirt and not getting out of them for the whole day. Gryffindor is the red and yellow leaves in Fall that rustle beneath your feet. Gryffindor is the river flowing so fast and reckless taking everything with it. Gryffindor is dancing around a fire and singing songs from old days. Gryffindor is staying up all night to talk. Gryffindor is belonging to no one and everyone at the same time. Gryffindor is running so fast that your legs hurt. Gryffindor doing without thinking and living with the consequences.

Slytherin [by Tory]:

Slytherin is hanging an old diploma that belonged to a long-deceased family member you’ve never met in a place of honor in your house. Slytherin is clutching smoke and loving the feeling of it slipping through your fingers. Slytherin is turning off all the lights in your house and letting the last glints of the setting sun peek in through your window. Slytherin is smiling and laughing and never letting on that you secretly want to hit the person you’re talking to over the head. Slytherin is weaving in and out of traffic. Slytherin is the sunlight that ripples down onto the floor below you when you’re submerged in a pool. Slytherin is sometimes lying to others, but never to yourself. Slytherin is playing up the shadows and contrast when you’re editing a picture. Slytherin is dressing up on your days off. Slytherin is expecting the very best from those around you, and yet also turning the other cheek when the ones you love hurt you. Slytherin is missing the school bus and, instead of calling a friend or family member for a ride, walking home instead. Slytherin is falling in love with historical figures. Slytherin is skimming through photo albums by the light of a fire at Christmas time. Slytherin is wanting the freedom to change your mind whenever you want, but not actually doing so. Slytherin is a Venetian mask. Slytherin is a velvet curtain on a stage. Slytherin is an instrumental music track that pulls at your heartstrings. Slytherin is a piece of refreshing mint gum. Slytherin is the pair of eyes that says much more than a mouth ever could. 

Hufflepuff [by Jinxy]:  

Hufflepuff is sweaters with fraying sleeves and fading covers. It’s skipping stones sending up ripples as they sink in a lake. It’s the last dandelion seed clinging to the stem and a half-written letter. Hufflepuff is hair escaping a braid. It’s extra buttons collected in a jar on the bookshelf. Hufflepuff is empty birdhouses and open windows. It’s a garden of sunflowers reaching for the sun. Hufflepuff is the moment of anticipation right before something exciting happens. It’s trumpet music and untied shoelaces. Hufflepuff is old, flowery wallpaper. It’s singing along to a song, but only knowing the words to the chorus. It’s waiting, but not giving up hope. Hufflepuff is the nostalgia of entering a childhood home. It’s thunderstorms. Hufflepuff is forgetting a word mid-sentence. It’s a smile hiding tears, blurred family photographs, and the kitchen in wake of cooking. Hufflepuff is glasses clinking together in toast and friends reuniting after too long apart. It’s a long exhale and the first step into a new adventure.

Ravenclaw [by Abigail]:  

Ravenclaw is the quiet patter of rain at night, leaves falling in fall, finding a geode, converse, hair falling onto the floor after being cut.  Ravenclaw is purple flower petals blowing in the wind, glitter, the smell of hot chocolate in the winter, the sound of water flowing over rocks in the creek, trying new ice cream flavors, stupid puns, new sheet music, the seat heater in the car. Ravenclaw is scribbling with a brand new pen, quiet giggles at a campfire, spinning in a dress, the new book smell, space, lavender, newly painted nails, fluffing a pillow right before bed, making a fresh cup of tea, Ravenclaw is the moment you get something perfect after working hard on it, snowflakes falling on your nose, petting a dog after a long day, a half smile, water dripping on your nose after a shower, a perfectly baked treat. Ravenclaw is catching fireflies once the night has gone completely dark, the wind in your face and hair while walking, dark lipstick, a new pair of heels, curly hair. Ravenclaw is staring up at the stars on a summer night with a friend, the feeling you get after learning something new, crazy socks, perfecting the messy bun. Ravenclaw is standing on the beach as the waves come up and hit your knees, the sound of a clock ticking, the feeling of when you just jump in without thinking. 

Kiss Me

Hey guys! Welp, Anon, I hope this is kinda what you were looking for because I’m actually pretty proud of this. I got a little more carried away than originally intended, but whatever. I hope you enjoy this! 

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested: Yes

Anonymous Requested: can I request and imagine set during ootp where reader is in the halls after hours or something and she runs into Draco and he’s going to take her to unbridge but she’s like no Draco please I’ll do anything and you can decide if it’s just a couple of kisses or proper smut 

Warnings: Swearing, some smut 

You poked your head out of the Room of Requirement, checking to see if anyone was watching as you made your exit. Seeing no one, you began to walk down the corridor as though you hadn’t been basically training to go to war. It was late, probably hours after curfew. If anyone caught you in the hall about now, you’d be dead meat. No sooner did the thought cross your mind then you heard foot steps. 

“Shit,” You whispered, taking off down to corridor. 

The footsteps followed you as you made a break for your common room. You took odd twists and turns to avoid whoever was chasing you, sending you the long way. It was so close. Just one more corner and you were home free. As you rounded the a corner, you smacked into something. Someone. 

“Forget how to tell time, (L/N)?” Of course you’d run into Draco Malfoy. 

“Fuck,” You muttered, breathlessly. 

“I’ll be sure to think of you when I get my reward from Professor Umbridge,” He said, smirking. You looked just behind him at the entrance to your common room. So close, yet so far. 

“You wouldn’t,” You said. He hauled you off the ground. 

“We both know that I will,” He said, nastily. Your mind screamed for a way out. The last thing you wanted to do was face her. 

“Don’t, Malfoy,” You snapped. He laughed and began to pull you towards her office. 

“You don’t have the power to stop me,” He said. You began to panic. You couldn’t go to Umbridge. She’d force you to tell her about what Harry was doing and you didn’t want to betray your friend. 

Planting your feet, you jerked yourself backwards. Draco stopped dead as you did and turned slowly to look at you. You turned your face up to his, allowing your desperate eyes to make contact with his steely ones. The only thoughts running through your mind were ones of staying out of her office. He glared, a stony look on his sharp features. You grasped his hand. 

“Please don’t turn me in,” You begged. He smirked. 

“Why shouldn’t I?” He asked, tipping his eyebrow in a way that made you think he was interested in your answer. When you didn’t give him one, he began to pull you again. 

“Please, don’t, please,” You urged. 

“Keep in mind that I don’t like you, (L/N),” He replied, cruely. 

“Come on, Malfoy, I know you don’t, but you know what she’ll do to me!” You cried. His smile was unnerving as he glanced over his shoulder at you. 

“I’ll enjoy every second of it,” He said. You yanked yourself backwards again, forcing him to stop. 

“Please, Malfoy, I’ll do anything,” You pleaded. The grip on your wrist became looser as the word anything passed your lips. He swallowed, thickly. 

“Anything?” He asked, quietly. Nodding, you watched him carefully.

“Anything,” You confirmed, “As long as you don’t turn me in.” His expression remained carefully neutral as his hand readjusted itself on your wrist. It wasn’t as tight as it had been. Slowly, he began to nod and pulled you into the nearest free room. As soon as the door closed, he released your wrist. You weren’t sure what the room was, but it was about classroom sized and empty. Fear began to build in your chest. 

“Kiss me,” He said, evenly. You blinked in surprise. 

“Say again?” His eyes closed and his brows furrowed as though he were in physical pain. 

“Kiss me,” He repeated, clenching and unclenching his fists. 


You took a step closer to him, leaning closer to him than you’d ever been before (excluding the time you punched him for calling Hermione a mudblood). Up close he was actually kinda handsome. His eyes were still screwed shut, like opening them would make this real. You took note of the deep, slightly uneven breaths he took. If you had to guess, your breathing sounded that way too. 

“Merlin’s beard, (L/N), kiss me!” He snapped. 

Jolting forward, you pressed your lips to his. They were warm and soft, not slightly chapped from being bitten constantly like your own. The kiss was just an awkward collision of lips, but something exploded in your mind. Fireworks. You pulled back, eyes wide to find a pair of equally terrified ones. Draco had felt it too. You took two steps back, but didn’t leave the room. You were sure you could have, sure that he’d let you go. It took you a moment to realize, but you were both shaking. 

“I’m going to–” 

“Do it again,” He demanded. There was no power behind his voice. 

“I don’t think-” You took another step back. 

“Do. It. Again,” He said, saying each word clearly. His eyes were wild; wild in a way that told you he was afraid. 

“Look–” Even though he took a step away from you, he cut you off again. 

“Do I have to tell you everything three bloody times? Do it again!” He snapped. Cautiously, you moved closer to him until your chest touched his and your faces were merely inches apart. 

More slowly this time, you pushed your faces close, just brushing your lips over his. He didn’t move away, but he didn’t move into you either. Your hands moved up to cup his face as you kissed him a little harder. Fireworks went off behind your eyelids once more and, judging by the sharp intake of breath, it was happening to him too. Eventually, almost shyly, Draco placed his hands on your hips. Just like his lips, they were pleasantly warm against you. Then he began to kiss you back with fervor. 

Nothing about what was happening should have made you feel so right, but it did. Oh did it feel right. Before you knew what was happening, you’d backed him up against a wall as you unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders. Draco’s hands had wandered up inside your shirt; his fingers burning their way up the skin of your back, leaving blazing trails in their wake. Your own hands moved up and down his torso, feeling a trail of goosebumps rise wherever you touched. You pulled your lips away from his to take a look. Somehow, you’d always imagined him more impressive shirtless, not that you were disappointed.

You drank in the sight in front of you. Smooth, pale skin stood out in stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded the two of you. The only color to him resided in his cheeks as he furiously blushed and his lips. His lips were somewhat red and swollen and it occurred to you that you had no idea how long you’d been kissing. You didn’t care. All you knew was that you wanted to admire what was in front of you for as long as you were able. Panting, you began to kiss your way down his neck, leaving small bruises as you went. Draco only pulled you closer to him, like he couldn’t get enough of the feeling of your skin on his. You understood the feeling.

“(L/N), fuck, (Y/N),” He panted. You froze at the sound of your first name. It sounded erotic coming from his lips. You nearly moaned. 

“Jesus,” You breathed. He pulled you back to his lips, kissing you like he’d never stop. And you were okay with that. One on his hands slipped under your bra; his thumb rubbing over your nipple. 

“Draco,” You moaned against his lips. 

“Say it again,” He said, removing your bra and flicking his thumb over your nipple again. 

“Draco.” He bit hit his lip, closing his eyes as though your voice were as good as your touch. 

“Again.” You let you head fall back, nails digging into his biceps, as he replaced his thumb with his mouth. 

“Draco,” You moaned, softly.

“God you sound pretty when you moan my name, (Y/N),” He mumbled, voice muffled by your chest. Even with the mood the way it was, you found yourself smirking. 

“Don’t I sound pretty all the time?” You teased. His head came level with yours again and he mirrored your expression. His eyes were still wild, still wild like he was afraid of something. 

“Always,” He chuckled. 

“Ya know, I’m beginning to think,” You said as he bit your neck lightly. You let out a squeaking moan. “That you don’t dislike me as much as you say.” His head came up again. 

“How clever of you,” He responded, sarcastically. You glared lightly, snaking a hand down between you to rub him through his pants. It was his turn to squeak. Obviously, you had surprised him. 

You didn’t get to go much past there before loud, thumping footsteps came close to the door. You’d barely had the time to get your bra on before Goyle threw the door open. He was panting like a dog and sweaty. Without thinking, you drew your wand and pointed it at him. 

“Tell a single soul about this and I’ll hex you into next week,” You growled, fierceness in your voice. He looked at Draco who simply shrugged. 

“You heard the lady. Now get out,” He snapped. Goyle backtracked instantly and disappeared from sight. Sighing, you pulled your shirt back on and looked at him again. 

“I should probably go. The next person to come in here might be a little harder to keep quiet,” You said. He nodded, pulling his shirt on as well. 

“True,” He sighed, leading you out of the room and back towards the (House) common room. You stopped just outside and turned to him.

“Thanks for not turning me in,” You said. He straightened himself out a little more and he nodded.

“You might not be so lucky next time, (Y/N),” He retorted. You smiled up at him, pressing a kiss to his, still slightly red, cheek. 

“Goodnight, Draco,” You said, slipping into your common room without waiting for a response. 

4th July

On the first day of the month, Steve arranged things.

Hotel and cab booked, tickets sorted, overnight bag packed. He was ready to go at a moment’s notice. He’d even pre-written his letter of apology to the others, in case he didn’t have time to say goodbye.

He was prepared.

Last year, he’d been stupid. Left it too late, and then faced the consequences throughout the whole damn week.
He wasn’t going to be stupid this time. He was prepared, see.

Unfortunately, it was very difficult to plan anything when you had people like Tony Stark living in the same tower as you. That man was predictably unpredictable. Damn him.

“Steve?” Came the confused voice from the door, and Steve jerked, turning around quickly and looking up, spotting Tony leaning against the wall with his arms folded, looking at him in confusion.

Well, not him. The bag he was re-packing was what was grabbing all the attention right now.

“What… what are you doing?” Tony asked, brow furrowed deeply as he stepped further in and took a shirt from the pile of luggage. Steve quickly snatched it back, stuffing it into his bag defensively.

“Nothing, Tony, I’m just…packing,” Steve muttered, searching for his toothbrush among the mess.

Tony paused, and Steve got the feeling he was holding back a sigh of exasperation. “Hmm- yes, I gathered that much. I was just wondering, y’know, why?”

Steve kept his eyes fixed on the shirt he was folding in front of him. “Birthday plans,” he lied, before spinning around to face Tony, preparing to usher him back out of the door.

He stopped when he noticed how obviously Tony’s face had fallen, and the hurt look that was lingering on his face.

Fucking Tony. It had to be Tony who had caught him. Anyone else, and he probably could have just let it slide.

“What’s wrong?” he said with a sigh, because he was a fucking sucker.

Tony quickly smoothed his face over and smiled, that horrible brittle one that made Steve want to argue relentlessly with him, just to bring out some semblance of an emotion on his face instead of that thing. “Nothing, nothing. Go, be free, it’s your birthday, you need to relax. I’m happy you’re actually taking a break for onc-”

“Tony,” Steve asked, raising an eyebrow and grabbing his shoulders between his two hands, “what’s wrong?”

Tony paused, and for a moment it seemed as if he was going to continue to bullshit his way through it, but then his face just sort of…fell again, and he shook his head. 

“I…uh, remember we had- uh- plans? Your big party at the tower! and then you and me were going to catch a movie afterward? I don’t… I mean, obviously, you’ve got other plans, and that’s fine, I don’t mind, honestly,” Tony assured him, blustering around back and forth between his two feet and generally looking like he’d rather be anywhere else than in Steve’s room.

As soon as Tony had begun speaking, Steve realised he was right. Shit. He hadn’t been paying too much attention to the dates when Tony had spoken about it- too busy having a little crisis over the fact that Tony had pretty much asked him out to notice about the when and where of it all.


“I…” Steve stumbled, trying to think of what to say to try and fix this, to try and not be such a stupid fucking idiot, “I’m really sorry, I forgot completely-”

Oh, fuck, that just made Tony look even more sad. Steve was pretty sure if he looked any more upset he’d make Steve start crying through fucking exposure.

“No, wait, I didn’t mean it like that,” he said quickly, grabbing Tony’s forearm desperately, “I was just… God, I just need to leave for a week. Okay?”


Steve winced. “I just… have to, okay, but we can do it when I get back! I-”

“Steve, if you don’t want to, and you’d rather be alone, that’s absolutely fine,” Tony said, giving him a sad smile as he began backing away, “you go, uh, do your thing. Have fun, be merry, it’s your birthday, you deserv-”

“I can’t handle the fireworks,” Steve blurted, and then immediately balked.

Shit. Shit shit fuck shit fuck fuck shit, he shouldn’t have told Tony that. He’d made sure not to let anyone know that, God dammit, it was so fucking stupid-

“What?” Tony asked blankly.

“Nothing,” Steve jumped in immediately, desperately trying to quell the sickening shame in his gut and the red on his cheeks as he put an arm on Tony’s shoulder and started pushing again, more forceful this time, “listen, Tony, I’ve really got to get back to-”

“You can’t handle fireworks?” Tony asked again, and shit, it didn’t seem like he had missed that like Steve had hoped.

Steve stopped. Sighed. Let go of Tony’s arm and turned away. “uh, yeah- no, I can’t. It’s a thing, I don’t know, I just… I’m fine, I’m just gonna… head out to the country for a week or so, because, y’know,” Steve gestured vaguely to himself, “4th of July and all.”

“Lots and lots of fireworks,” Tony said slowly, eyes widening a little in understanding. “Right.”

They stood in silence for a moment, before Tony opened his mouth again. Steve, however, got in first.

“Please don’t, Tony,” he said, shaking his head, “whatever you’re about to say, I don’t… just leave it. I’m fine.”

“But it’s your birthday,” Tony said weakly, “don’t you want to… I don’t know, celebrate that?”

“Maybe in a world where I’d never gone to goddamn war, yeah,” Steve snapped angrily, “I would love to get through one fucking birthday without screaming, y’know, would be swell, but unlucky for me, life doesn’t agree. So sorry I’m not gonna be present this week, but believe me, it’s for the best.”

He was fucking tired. What the fuck was it with people setting off fireworks a week in advance to the fucking celebration? It made no fucking sense and Steve was sick of coming back to himself after a minute of sheer panic and realizing he’d crawled under his fucking bed to stop the non-existent shrapnel burying itself in his skull-

Tony said something, but it was white noise to Steve, and he’d marched out of the room before any of it could sink in anyway.

It was 4am. Everyone was asleep. No one would notice him slipping out, and he’d left his note for them in the morning. Turns out it was easier to explain his absence on paper than it was face to face.

“Steve! Just wait a second!”

God fucking dammit.

Wearily, he turned again, watching Tony hurry toward him, jumping down the stairs two at a time in his ratty jeans and faded band tshirt. “What do you want, Tony?” He asked.

Tony stopped moving once he got to Steve’s side and grabbed his hand excitedly. “Listen- I’m going to propose something awesome to you that you really should have thought of before deciding it was best to fuck off into the middle of nowhere on your own, but whatever, I won’t hold it to you, I am a genius-”


“Right, yes, yes, okay,” Tony paused, and took a breath before looking Steve in the eye. “Let me come with you?”

Steve stopped. That was… certainly an idea. Bad or good, Steve wasn’t too sure.

“ I know you might think it’s weird and forward or whatever, but a) fuck the stereotypes, just as a matter of principle more than anything, and b)-” Tony’s hand tightened briefly around Steve’s as he shrugged in an attempt at nonchalance that, in Steve’s opinion, didn’t work out for him very well, “you shouldn’t be alone on your birthday, Steve. That just sucks. You… you deserve better than that. You deserve someone to be there with you.” He shrugged again, biting his lip, “and I know I’m not like, y’know, this Special Thing or whatever, and really you should have someone better here for you, but at the moment everyone else is asleep and-”

Tony was cut off as Steve laid his hand across Tony’s moving mouth, effectively silencing the fast-derailing thought process. He couldn’t help but chuckle a little as he watched Tony just stand there, Steve’s hand over his mouth, not knowing quite what to do.

It was honestly more than a little adorable.

“That would be… nice,” Steve admitted softly, “but Tony- it’s really late, and you have work, and I don’t want to inconvenience you-”

Tony scoffed, removing Steve’s hand to speak. “Believe me, this would be my pleasure. I’m pretty sure Fury’s out for my head this week anyway, so I need somewhere to lay low. Don’t sweat it, Rogers, I’ve got it all sorted.”

Steve looked at him for a moment; watched the way his gaze flickered briefly from Steve’s eyes to his mouth and then back up, or the way his heart was beating just that little bit faster than normal through the pulse in his wrist.

“Sure, Tony- come along for the ride,” Steve said with a smile and a fond roll of his eyes.

Tony positively beamed, and then held up a finger as he rushed over to the kitchen counter, where he pulled out a bag of his own and then hurried back to Steve’s side, still grinning.

“You were confident, then,” Steve said dryly, eyeing the bag full of stuff.

Tony raised his eyebrows. “I am very persuasive. I hedged my bets.”

Steve just huffed and hid a smile behind his hand as he pulled Tony into the elevator with him, feeling the all-too-familiar sensation of butterflies in his stomach as Tony smiled up at him.

The sky was beautifully clear, and the place was utterly, utterly silent.

Well. Apart from Tony. Of course.

Don’t you think it’s so incredible? Literally, Steve, look at them. Look at those insignificant, stupid little dots in the sky. They created every atom in your body. Every atom on this planet. Each atom in the visible universe. And they’re up there. We’re looking at…creation,” Tony gushed, hands waving through the air as they pointed at random objects in the sky.

They were both sat on the grass outside the tiny barn Steve had rented, a blanket under their backs as they stared up into the blissfully clear skies.

The stars hadn’t changed. That was all the same, at least. It was comforting.

“-and, I mean, there’s so much we don’t know yet, and probably never will. It frustrates the damn hell out of me. I hate not knowing stuff. Main reason I never pursued astronomy or theoretical physics. Theoretical physics, Steve- a whole branch of science dedicated to not knowing things,” Tony shuddered, and Steve felt it reverberate through his shoulder, “Good lord, the horror.”

Steve just smiled and nodded along, listening as Tony explained how stars were made and something about dark matter. Steve didn’t really follow it. He was more interested in how Tony’s hands moved, and the way the moonlight illuminated each curve and crease in Tony’s face, and the fact that he hadn’t thought about bombs even once since this trip-

“Thank you,” he whispered suddenly, cutting through Tony’s speech more effectively with those two quietly spoken words than Fury could in a direct scream.

There was silence as Tony paused, and turned his head to look over at Steve. He opened his mouth, undoubtedly to ask ‘what for’ before he caught on and nodded in understanding.

He didn’t say anything. Just grabbed Steve’s hand and linked their fingers together. 

Closing his eyes and once more reveling in the silence and lack of terrifyingly familiar hisses or whines that had always haunted his birthday before, he brought Tony’s hand to his lips and kissed the knuckles there.

Steve heard Tony exhale ever so slightly, and felt with amusement as his pulse suddenly spiked. Neither of them said anything, but Tony shifted a little after a few moments; shuffling closer until his body pressed against Steve’s. 

“Happy birthday, Steve,” Tony said softly, his head falling against Steve’s chest.

It was soft and silent and perfect, and Steve let his spare hand trail aimlessly over the soft curls of Tony’s hair as they lay there on the thick grass in the dead of night. Honestly, they probably needed to talk about a few things that had changed tonight.

But for now, Steve was just going to enjoy the stars above him and Tony beside him and the fact that the world appeared to have stopped, just for tonight- just for him.

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And then there was Merlin

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: turonegerton

Song: ‘Raging’ by Kygo

Warnings: Swearing.

Reading time: 18 Min.

Notes: None

Summary: You’ve been working nights in the tech department of Kingsman and have a run in with Eggsy that could make things a little messy.


“You invent some kinda way to write code with your eyeballs?”

A wisp of hot breath tickled her ear. Y/N whipped her head sideways to meet it. Her face collided with the brim of Eggsy’s hat. “Oww,” She exclaimed. Her eyes squinted shut as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“Sorry love.” Eggsy stood behind her chair, leaning over her shoulder, his face next to hers. “You’ve been staring at that screen for 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure you were even awake.”

“I wasn’t,” Y/N muttered. She turned back to the computer, slouched down in her chair and yawned.

It had been almost two months since she started working nights in the tech department of Kingsman. She had met all the agents her first day but only ever saw Trinity, the night watch, which usually meant she could get in a good nap during her shifts.

“Don’t see you around here much.” Eggsy stood up.

“Yea, Uni keeps me pretty busy during the day,” She spoke with her eyes closed, arms folded across her chest. “But Merlin needs my help here so I find the- SHIT!” She sat up fast, eyes gaping. “What time is it?” She frantically checked the desktop for her phone and retrieved it from under a pile of papers and a half eaten banana. It was dead.

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Pillow Fort (M)

Summary: Date night with Taehyung takes a pleasant turn, not that you’re complaining.
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut
Word Count: 4,439
Author’s Note: I feel like once you’ve opened the gates of knowing you’re capable of writing (trashy) smut it just… it doesn’t go away and that idea is ruining my life so I wrote this. For science. Basically you and Taehyung have (a lot of) sex in a pillow fort, because I’m single and frustrated. Enjoy.


To say you are excited would be an understatement as you take the stairs up to the dorms two at a time, your bag swinging at your side with each hop but you don’t care, even as breathing starts to become harder as your muscles start to ache after every step. Your lungs are working beyond what constitutes as a normal, everyday walk for you, but you are dashing down the hallway as soon as you reach the landing at the top of the stairs. You can feel your heartbeat in your ear, footsteps pounding against the floor, sure to disrupt all the neighbors who can hear the echo but you don’t give a fuck.

How could you possibly care, especially when your emotions have positively skyrocketed into the air with a simple phone call, that bright-eyed smile refusing to dip out from your face, your heart racing for more reasons than one as you watch the numbers of each apartment fly by.

Until finally you reach it.

You stop dead in your tracks, the wind catching up to you to ruffle hair as you stand with flushed cheeks, heaving chest, parted lips—locks in your mouth. You take in the apartment number, running the digits through your mind even though you already have the combination long memorized. You bite your lip as your heart continues to ram in your chest, fingers lifting up to curl at the hair sticking in your mouth to pull it down.

As soon as the hair is out of your mouth, you forget to straighten your clothes or your hair or wait until you’ve calmed down considerably. You’re still standing, heaving as if you’ve just ran miles and miles, fist raising up before you pound on the door.

It’s only a few seconds before the individual on the other side swings open the door, no ounce of hesitation in the gesture much like had it been with you, revealing Kim Taehyung—messy hair, bright eyes, cheeks flushed and his own chest heaving even though he’s only had to flutter from the couch to the door. But you’ve never seen a sight more beautiful, more perfect, and your heart sings from the sight of his physical presence.

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The Five Senses of MONSTA X

Other versions   B.A.P   VIXX   2PM  


See – Sincerity behind his every word and gesture

Hear – Moans of gratitude when you massage his shoulders

Smell – Body wash when he joins you in the shower after practice

Taste – Words that he can never say right waiting for you on his tongue

Feel – So safe and protected in his arms


See – The waver in his smile when he’s uncertain of himself

Hear – His embarrassed giggle when he tries to be suave and fails

Smell – A hint of cologne when you tuck your nose into his neck

Taste – His addiction to you on his lips

Feel – Your back against the wall when he’s home after being away for days


See – Fireworks spark in his eyes when you turn him on

Hear – Murmurs as he’s drifting off to sleep but still wants to talk to you

Smell – The candles and lotions he loves to use

Taste - Sugar on his fingers when he feeds you a treat

Feel – A teasing touch because his favorite sound is you calling his name


See - His proud smile when he knows he’s made you happy

Hear – Compliments that aren’t as greasy when he actually means them

Smell – Strawberry lip balm right before you kiss

Taste – Delicious food from the picnic he prepared for you

Feel – His tongue lap at the hollow of your neck


See – Him bite his lip and blush when you admire his poetry

Hear – Laughing fits when you crack him up

Smell – The breakfest in bed the two of you share

Taste – Him groan into your mouth when you shift your hips just so

Feel – Fingers playing with your hair because he can’t stop himself from touching you


See – His hands fidget because you give him butterflies

Hear – A whine when you tug his hair to gain access to his neck

Smell – His shirts that he’ll let only you wear

Taste – Oxygen because that’s what you are to him

Feel – Sweat-slicked skin after he gives himself to you completely


See – Random texts at any time just because he’s thinking of you

Hear – Him sing shyly after you beg to hear it

Smell – His scent on your pillow when he’s not there

Taste – Foods from other countries he wants you to try

Feel – Him shudder above you when you come undone

Seventeen At a Fourth of July Picnic

made this while hiding from my family at a fourth of july picnic so here you go!


- insists on manning the grill even tho he KNOWS mingyu can grill better than him
- buys fireworks in bulk from some shady firework stand beside walmart
- wears a dad cap and sunglasses around his neck like the classic American Dad™
- nearly burns the house down twice before letting mingyu take over
- decides to watch the kids set up fireworks instead
- wonders how much more fun this would be if they had a puppy


- sits on a lawn chair with his feet in the kiddie pool, sipping a homemade margarita
- watches the chaos happen with a smile on his face
- hair pulled back by a bandana
- ignores the maknae line who yell at him to get out bc they all want to swim
- sunscreen on the bridge of his nose
- splashes anyone who tries to get him to help them


- brings the snacks
- hides in the kitchen to make red white and blue sprinkles bc “guys!! i bought american flag sprinkles for sale!!! i have to use them!!”
- every time he turns around a cupcake is missing before he can put sprinkles on it and he’s so confused
- asks the china line abt it but jun just smiles like “who would do such a think??”
- he gave himself away bc his teeth were stained blue
- joshua shoos them out of the kitchen
- when he finally comes outside he’s wearing american flag swimming shorts and ugly flipflop
- makes everyone pray before mealtime
- probably makes them recite the pledge of allegiance too


- came for the food and stayed for the food
- ate all the snacks joshua and jeonghan brought and acted innocent when when confronted about it
- cue: jun w salty fingertips surrounded by chip bags
- “who me?”
- convinces minghao to steal cupcakes from shua
- china line giggling behind the counter as joshua wonders where his cupcakes went
- jeonghan made him brush his teeth bc “you look tacky”
- can’t wait for it to get dark so he can watch the fireworks


- was taking a nap in the sun until 98 line doused water over his head
- chased them around with a lighter before getting detained by joshua who gave him a safety speech
- decided to set up the fireworks instead
- eyes light up around fire
- nearly shoots a firework at seungkwan and seokmin bc they won’t stop siNGING
- votes for a bonfire but is quickly turned down


- sets up the fireworks w jihoon
- wants to go home and finish reading his book
- no one will let him
- “where’s your american spirit?!?” - joshua hong probably
- “it died with the economy.” - wonwoo, definitely
- eats all the hamburgers and leaves the other members w hotdogs
- smiles evilly as they complain


- attracts mosquitoes like no ones business
- screams and runs around to get them off
- everyone thinks he’s just dancing so they don’t get him bugspray
- joshua to the rescue!! who brings him off! bracelets and lights citronella candles everywhere
- only person jeonghan let’s in the pool
- the official dj
- plays the most annoying freedom songs ever and hides his phone so no one can turn it off


- takes over the grill after seungcheol nearly burns the yard and home down
- seungcheol: “was I not supposed to douse the grill in gasoline???”
- marinates ribs for everyone after wonwoo eats all the hamburgers out of spite
- screams in frustration when soonyoung won’t turn off proud_to_be_an_american_freedaddy_remix_mp3
- hates hotdogs with a burning passion bc he can’t do anything to them
- dodges sparklers that the 98 line and the china line are throwing around
- pretends to have to pee like twelve times just to Get Away™


- started poolside karaoke
- he and seungkwan singing their heart out to soonyoung’s freedom playlist
- invited strangers to the cookout at the grocery store before mingyu hastily shooed him away
- “we already don’t have enough food for thirteen boys why are we inviting guests??”
- “to be nice!! to spread love!!”
- bought sparklers for everyone
- which are promptly stolen by vernon in 3.67 seconds
- loves ketchup
- refused to buy relish even tho joshua put it on the list


- asked if they could shoot guns outside and whined when seungcheol said no
- “everyone else is doing it!!”
- “so if everyone else jumped off a cliff—”
- “YES”
- settles for playing with the sparklers seokmin bought inside
- lights eight of the up at the same time and spins them around the very flammable fireworks
- steals cupcakes with jun but let’s him take all the blame
- ate all the cupcakes with white icing so nothing would stain his teeth
- threatens people with sparklers when provoked
- helped wonwoo eat all of the hamburgers


- sings along to the national anthem with seokmin
- pouts when he loses
- poured water over jihoon’s head after vernon convinced him it would be a good idea
- ran as fast as he could when jihoon came at them
- takes blurry pictures of the members and calls them aesthetic
- is content with one sparkler in each hand
- freaks out when vernon accidentally burns his hand
- “it’s just a lil burn chill”
- “RIP”


- tried to rap to the national anthem but failed
- convinced seungkwan to help him pour water over jihoon’s head then left him in the dust running away
- has watermelon seed spitting contest with seungkwan and can’t get any further than three inches
- stole all of the sparklers from seokmin
- burnt himself as soon as he tried to hold a bunch in his hand like minghao
- lowkey afraid of fireworks like sparklers are all he can handle
- covers his ears when they start


- spits watermelon seeds at his hyungs
- insisted on helping jihoon and wonwoo w fireworks bc he’s grown and can do it just fine
- accidentally points the fireworks at seungcheol
- cue seungcheol at that one music show
- officially banned from helping w fireworks
- jeonghan let’s him sit in the kiddie pool bc he’s jeonghan’s baby
- gets annoyed by soonyoung’s playlist and goes on a phone hunt
- finds his phone and changes it to a michael jackson playlist
- he is officially everyone’s secret hero tho they’d never admit it

Dead weight and a heavy heart,
I have always been told- I love backwards-
everything, backwards, head first.
Too many pieces to fit into two hands,
a broken backbone that needs
courage every morning, sad and sorry
more often than I am anything else.
The things you found beautiful
in the beginning will twist themselves
into burdens when my nightmares,
my anxieties, start ripping through
your paper skin, I already know
you are not as tough as you’ve had to be.
But I already know- I will unstitch
the corners of your mouth when
you forget what your smile feels like,
remind you of the galaxies drawn
into your own palms every time
you feel the stars collapse around you,
bandage your knees on the days you
pray the loudest and pull god out
of your chest when you ache for
forgiveness. I will always try to salvage
the butterflies in your stomach that
I will keep crushing on accident.
Ignite the fireworks in your eyes,
pour sunlight over your demons, I will
have patience with you when you lose
yours with me, and you will. I will
remind you that you are beautiful
on the days when all of your mirrors
feel shattered, pull thorns from your
fists when you’re tired of fighting, and
we will. I will feign bravery through
my own thunderstorms and I will
will trace these promises on your
back when you are restless. And
I promise, my heavy heart will never
be easy, but I’m standing here with
all of my pieces, feet first, ready
to give you something wonderful.
—  To give you back the things you’ve given me- Riley Lynne
If you love someone

Request: You’re dating Daveed and playing Eliza, and Lin is pining for you like nobody’s business.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader, Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: piiiiining, drunkenness 

Word count: 2,187

A/N: let’s hear it for day five (sorry it’s published on day six because life got in the way) of the @hamwriters​ writeathon… also known as “reverse pov” day. title from the Sting song “if you love somebody set them free”

@gonnamurderyou​, @pearltheartist​, @whitestorm547​, @pancakebunny

Lin didn’t fall in love with you right away. When you auditioned for the ensemble, he was pleased with your skills and your potential. When you became fast friends with everyone and started to turn up in whatever dressing room the cast was crashing in during the afternoon, he laughed and got to know you. When you became the alternate for the Schuyler sisters, he was a little nervous, but you never seemed to be needed on the nights he was there.

When Pippa decided to take a month off, making you the full-time Eliza, he realised he was screwed.

The night of the first performance, Lin was uncharacteristically nervous. Groff sauntered into his room about an hour before places, most of his costume on though his hair was still brown and loose. “Hey,” he grinned and flopped on Lin’s couch, “you look nervous.”

“No more than usual,” Lin insisted, gaze fixed on the video game he was playing. Groff picked up a controller and joined in, a little player two has entered the game notification flashing at the corner of the screen.

Groff smoothly vaulted over an obstacle and grabbed the coins stashed there. “Is it Y/N?” he asked conversationally. Lin promptly dropped his control. He scrambled for it, swearing as his character was killed. Groff laughed, “How apt.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Lin said resolutely, quickly regenerating his character. His slight blush gave him away and Groff smirked triumphantly.

“Someone has a cru-ush,” he said in a sing-song voice. Lin shoved him lightly.

“I do not have a crush,” he said, “Crushes are for high-schoolers.” He just enjoyed your company, had grown used to having you curled up in a corner, reading or chatting. You were kind and funny and of course he liked you. Just not like that, right?

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