firework effect

Honestly… I’ve never really thought a day would come where people celebrate me being born. 
I thought it was all meaningless… That it was all just annoying things… But… 
Though it might not be… is what I started to think.
Really… I can’t deal with this… 
(- based on Kuro’s birthday scene in The Vampire Only Winter Vacation drama CD translated by @hatmirror)

Happy Birthday Sleepy Ash of Sloth— Kuro!! [ 12 / 31 ]

Let’s have another Servamp filled year guys!

The 10th Day of Christmas--New Year’s Eve

Shepard and Company are ready to ring in the new year with, the traditional countdown, fireworks and midnight kiss. Somehow she got talked into letting Zaeed, Garrus, Jack, Joker and James set off the fireworks, but her perfect celebration goes off without a hitch…

No one could figure out how they had let James, Jack, Garrus, Zaeed and Joker be in charge of the fireworks…it was a disaster just waiting to happen. But they’d all really wanted to do the fireworks and ring in the new year, so no one had been able to tell them ‘no’. She flopped back on the wet lawn in her rain gear, sad the snow had washed away—even though she’d known that them actually getting a white Christmas had been slim to none, but they’d had one and she should be happy. Now here they were less than a week later with almost nothing but rain.

A firework streaked across the sky, it’s starting point less than two feet away from where Jack was standing; she grinned and lit off another one as the first one exploded in a shower of orange and pink sparks, lighting up the surrounding area. It was half an hour to midnight and they had a lot of fireworks to go through—Alyss had been stockpiling them for a month like she had with her Halloween pumpkins. So why not start the celebrating a little early? There was no harm, as long as they had one left to set off during her midnight kiss with Kaidan…she’d made that very clear to everyone who was playing with fire.

He’d blushed crimson.

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all of dan’s little references to very Domestic Husband™ things are making me so emo ….. the conversations about the correct use of ‘sound barrier’ and the reference to the shared firework effect yet again and the ‘thought this was going to a dark place but somehow you always find a way to make it okay’ comment and, just like, STOP WE GET IT YOU LIVE TOGETHER AND CO-PURCHASE DUMB VISUAL EFFECTS AND TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING AND ARE PROBS IN LOVE OK ENOUGH :’( 

Samewadaweek day not6 x’’D Festival.

Fuack well dayum. Much late. Good job me x’D
Festival.. New Year.. Fireworks. Done.
Happy New Year. May 2016 be less of a fucknugget than 2015.  (°w°)/
//hugs you peeps hahaha//



                  “ ‘Tis but a tent, Silas. What could go wrong in a tent?”

Described as a WONDERLAND of fireworks, the large, red and white striped tent loomed before them. Inside were rows of fireworks, all ranging from small boxes to large rockets. Loki wasn’t sure how effective those fireworks were, but if the looks on the shoppers’ faces were any indication, they seemed to be pretty happy with their purchases.

    “You would be surprised.”

Silas eyed the god suspiciously, but kept a calm and rational head. Thankfully, firework burns wouldn’t be enough to hurt him–
                               [ although it would still be most wise to avoid that situation ]
                                                   –and honestly, standing close enough to Loki was similar to standing in shade thirty degrees cooler than the current temperature.

    “What did you say you needed to be here for?”

on your 29th year of existence

Summary: A note from Dan to Phil on his 29th birthday.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: My very first fic and it’s for Phil’s birthday! A quick mention to two of my favourite authors @glitteringdan and @galaxyphan whose work inspired me to write a little something of my own

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