Root’s look here. The most polite killer.

And it’s full Root from here on out. Also, how did I not notice the ladder was yellow?!

This show and it’s breadcrumbs!

The way the music drops as the first strains of Root’s music starts to sound, especially as Zoe gets closer to the truth.

Zoe dismantling ‘Caroline Turing’s’ fake life is fun to watch.

And then Root kills Alicia Corwin (boo!) actually finishing what Harold refrained from doing a few years ago.

We finally get full force Root. And we finally meet the real Root through mirrors, first seeing her shoot Alicia and then here as she joins Harold in the car.

Her hair’s down and she’s reveling in a well executed plan.

(When she’s not emotionally involved, Root really was quite the planner but boy put Shaw into the equation and she’s leaps before she looks– no seriously, how horrified would season 1 Root be if she met season 5!Root?)

This was such a great introduction to Root and showed how formidable and clever she was– this is why the Voice will only ever be a poor imitation Root. Heck, down to his reveal, its a rip-off of Root’s playbook.

If Harold went to Root about the Voice instead of Elias, I bet Root would’ve sussed out who the Voice was. Also, mildly annoyed that someone’s cribbing her style. Even if she retired that years ago.

I guess, to Root’s credit back in season 1 and 2, she never really put a kid in danger or caused mass casualties when she and Harold first met.

Also, Root saying: “I thought she’d never shut-up.” is really funny considering how much Root loves to talk. 

Awww, Harold.

His first traumatic experience with Root. Harold, that surprised WTF feeling never really goes away.

I haven’t talked about Carter and Fusco because I was focused on Root– but can I just say, I MISS THE COMPETENT POLICE WORK. I bet Fusco misses it a lot too. Like Look at Carter being all competent and awesome.

And then look at John Riley.

Ghost!Carter is laughing really hard somewhere.