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Hey folks!

Time’s almost up to order the new “Princeless:  Short Stories for Warrior Women”!  There’s less than a week for your retailers to get their orders into Diamond so they can get your orders into us!  At this point it looks like it may be on pace to be the highest selling single issue order for Action Lab so far!  So let’s make those numbers really sing.

While you’re there, you can also order issue 1 of my new series “The Order of Dagonet”.  It’s a very different book from Princeless and not for all ages, but if you enjoy my sense of humor, I think you’ll dig this one as well.  


So, my long time cohort Jason Strutz (@strutzart) and I are cooking up something that we’re going to be shopping around to some comic companies.  We both wanted to do a superhero book, but we wanted it to be something special.  And boy, looking at these character designs, I think it’s definitely going to be something special.

The one on top is the most powerful superheroine in the world.  The one on the bottom is our protagonist, a newly super powered woman that finds herself right in the middle of an all out war.  The two in between are baddies.

I have to credit Jason with the Grace Jones hair up top.  We’re still going round and round about it.  What are your thoughts?

Also, he is totally responsible for giving the demon girl Bieber hair, if you were wondering.