fireteam majestic

Fireteam Crimson's Surrender
  • DeMarco: Look guys, we really need a victory, so what's it gonna take to make you surrender?
  • Crimson 1: How about you admit that Fireteam Majestic Sucks?
  • DeMarco: (Madsen whispers in his ear)...What if we admit that one of us sucks?
  • Thorn: Nice. Wait, you mean Hoya, right?
  • ////2 hours later//////////
  • Crimson 1: Alright. We agree to the terms. You first, and we'll let you have the War Game Victory.
  • *Thorn stands forward with microphone*
  • Grant: Get on with it, Thorn.
  • Thorn: (Sighs) I would just like to let everyone on Infinity know that I Suck.
  • Crimson 2: And?
  • Thorn: ...and that I'm a girl.
  • Crimson 3: What else?
  • Thorn: ...and I like ribbons in my hair...and I wanna kiss all the boys.
  • Crimson 4: Heh. This might be the best surrender of all time.