fireteam crimson

Fireteam Crimson's Surrender
  • DeMarco: Look guys, we really need a victory, so what's it gonna take to make you surrender?
  • Crimson 1: How about you admit that Fireteam Majestic Sucks?
  • DeMarco: (Madsen whispers in his ear)...What if we admit that one of us sucks?
  • Thorn: Nice. Wait, you mean Hoya, right?
  • ////2 hours later//////////
  • Crimson 1: Alright. We agree to the terms. You first, and we'll let you have the War Game Victory.
  • *Thorn stands forward with microphone*
  • Grant: Get on with it, Thorn.
  • Thorn: (Sighs) I would just like to let everyone on Infinity know that I Suck.
  • Crimson 2: And?
  • Thorn: ...and that I'm a girl.
  • Crimson 3: What else?
  • Thorn: ...and I like ribbons in my hair...and I wanna kiss all the boys.
  • Crimson 4: Heh. This might be the best surrender of all time.
I think Miller is going to be getting Dalton's job sometime soon…
  • Commander Palmer: Dalton!
  • Dalton: On-Line, Commander.
  • Palmer: You have that emergency dispatch ready yet?
  • Dalton: Prepped and loading as fast as we can, Commander. Pelicans aren't exactly rated for…
  • Palmer: Don't bore me with facts. Just make it happen.
  • ...[later]...
  • Commander Palmer: Dalton, I need a Pelican to extract Crimson. We can leave the Mantis behind.
  • Dalton: Commander, that's a suicide run. I won't get a bird within a hundred clicks.
  • Palmer: I need solutions, not excuses, Dalton!
  • Miller: Commander, I think I've got a way to retrieve Crimson.
  • Palmer: Crimson, hold out a little longer. Help is on its way.

Fireteam Crimson! Five Spartans, including the Halo 4 style Mk VI and the superbly sexy Orbital armor, and everyone has the upgraded articulation and armor system. Even all the freaking thigh armors are differentiated! And there is beaucoup de weapons, among which is a sniper rifle and machine gun turret. The terrain bit is simple but makes for a nice overall set. And there’s a flag to defend!

Check the photo captions for flippant remarks! 

Crimson Doubles


Form a Fireteam with a friend and confront all challengers in an all new 2v2 Elimination Mode. Win five rounds against the opposing team to secure victory.

The all new Crimson Doubles game mode will be available for a limited time, beginning February 9th, 2016 and ending on February 16th, 2016. Launch Crimson Doubles via the featured activities section available in the Director. You must be in a Fireteam of two players to play Crimson Doubles.


Lord Shaxx has an all new Quest and brand new Bounties for Guardians willing to forge themselves in Crimson Doubles combat. Visit him in the Tower to obtain them prior to starting your matches.


If your teammate falls to the opposition in Crimson Doubles, you will be infused with the power of Broken Heart. In your vengeful state, you will be faster on the draw and much quicker to recover from any damage you take. Use this boost to avenge your partner and keep your dreams of victory alive. The Broken Heart buff will last until you revive your fallen comrade, until the round ends, or until you fall in combat yourself.


Complete Lord Shaxx’s “Crimson Bonds” quest for a new Crimson Days Emblem. Play Crimson Doubles for a chance at new Shaders and new Ghost Shells that can drop at up to 320 Light. Crunch down a Crimson Candy to buff yourself and your Fireteam.


When a Guardian consumes a Crimson Candy, they share a Crimson Connection with all of the other members in their current Fireteam that boosts experience gain on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes.



Tess Everis has added new emotes to the Eververse Store. Get down with the new Awkward and Strange dances, give a Secret Greeting or Fist Bump to your Crimson Doubles partner, or Charm potential new friends in the Tower when you’re looking for Fireteam.

Holiday emotes may only be available for sale for a limited time, but once purchased will always be available for your Guardians.