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Canon-friendly family tree for whoever prefers canon over my small tweaks~

Original tree here: Firestar Family Tree

Dandelion and Juniper’s looks are however completely original, considering the Erins haven’t seen fit to give them an official design… and chances are, they’ll turn out COMPLETELY unrealistic anyhow so who cares~

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Warrior cats during fourth of july

Firestar: I made enough brats, burgers, and hot dogs for everyone to have at least three of each
Ravenpaw: *sulking in the corner because tigerstar was invited*
Tigerstar: my son needs to learn to set off fireworks. I bought 250 huge rockets and I aimed them all at firestar
Brambleclaw: pls dad, ur embarrassing me
Graystripe: I set a child on fire
Alderheart: *screaming while tail is afire*
Lionblaze: *making out with cinderheart the whole time*
Leafpool: I’ll set up the music *puts on Stone Cold by Demi Lovato*
Squirrelflight: *wearing matching hats with Sparkpelt*
Dovewing: *staring at Tigerheart*
Tigerheart: *staring at Dovewing*
Ivypool: *glaring at Tiger and Dove*
Bumblestripe: *sulking with Ravenpaw*
Cloudtail: I’ve shoved 15 hot dogs and 10 burgers into my mouth. But they just brought out the watermelon. I’m conflicted.
Hollyleaf: I like explosives
Jayfeather: Hollyleaf, pls stop taping Ashfur to those fireworks

UPDATE: Holy heck tree’s finally finished, whoop~ And thank goodness for it, I’m still debating whether I ought to resize the whole thing for better viewing. o.o;

New names are new bc I didn’t like the canon name for Amber and co. in the LEAST. Also, pleasant reminder to keep your hands off the fanbabies Flame and Plume, thank you. 

Canon-friendly tree here: Firestar Family Tree -Canon-

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one of my favorite firestar family headcanons is that Sandstorm was this tall shortfurred beautiful half-Windclan molly and Firestar was this short little fluffy munchkin and both of their daughters inherited their dad’s tiny fat fluffy body type

anonymous asked:

For your Firestar family, what is sandstorm genetically? I personally made mine Amber due to the complications with Cream..

fawn o: 

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