-“hey, raventhroat, do you think fireheart’s being a little short with us this morning?”
-”that isn’t funny, graystripe.”
-”yeah, graystripe. your humor is really… stooping to a new low.”
-”you have to admit it’s a LITTLE funny, fireheart!”
-”yeah, fireheart, don’t have such a small sense of humor!”
-”i hate you both.”

you can pry british shorthair @warriorsredux fireheart from my cold, dead paws hands

two legends breath their final breaths; one defined by the ideals of the old, and the other defined by the ideals of the new. two sides of a single generation, neither good nor bad, but kings in their own right.

a crown of thorns lay on one’s head, while a crown of stars lay on the other’s.

two souls, one entity. they reunite, and together, they walk.

the end of an era