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Hi. What would be Batfamily(Bruce, Alfred, Dick, Barbara, Helena, Jason, Tim, Cassandra, Stephanie, Kate, Duke and Harper)'s favourite scented-candles?

I don’t know much about scented candle scents so I had to do some research for this one. I had no idea there could be so many options for scented candles and now I’m kind of worried for humanity given how much time they must spend coming up with all of those scents.

Bruce- Justice is his favourite scent, however, his second favourite is birthday cake because it reminds him of his own birthdays as a kid as well as the birthdays of his children.

Alfred- Autumn Evenings is his favourite because it’s his favourite season and his favourite time of day combined in one candle.

Dick- Peeps because we all know how much Dick loves things are just pure sugar. Everyone attempts to hide this candle though because he’ll go out and buy so many Peeps after smelling it.

Barbara- MidSummer’s Night, not necessarily because it smells the best but because it reminds her of the Shakespeare play and she loves that.

Helena- Night Secrets is her favourite simply for the double meaning that scent has for her and the batfamily in general. Bruce does not find it nearly as amusing.

Jason- Vanilla Bourbon, does this one really even need an explanation? I think not.

Tim- Spiced Pumpkin is his favourite because it’s the only one he owns so he has nothing to compare it to. It was actually a joke gift from Steph due to his love of pumpkin spiced lattes, but the joke’s on her because he loves it.

Cassandra- Crisp Morning Air is her favourite because Cass loves going for runs in the morning to calm herself down and if she needs to calm down and she can’t do that, she just lights the candle.

Stephanie- Christmas Cookie is her favourite because Stephanie loves Christmas and she loves cookies so combined, it’s a great match. Everyone makes fun of her for using this candle year round.

Kate- Chocolate Bunnies is her favourite, because who doesn’t love chocolate? And she ends up going out and buying so much chocolate when she smells it. Needless to say, the batfamily should not be trusted with scented candles because they will buy all the candy in Gotham.

Duke- Jellybeans is his favourite because he loves jellybeans, but like Dick, every time he smells it he goes out and buys too much candy.

Harper- Candle Store is her favourite because she doesn’t particularly like one scent but it always smells so good whenever she goes into a candle store and she can’t deny that.

Damian- Fireside is his favourite because it reminds him of that one time everyone went camping and they had a campfire. It was a disaster in many ways, but Damian secretly loves all of the chaos that comes with being part of the family.

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