RUSSIA. Chechnya. Bamut. May 1996. Members of the Russian Army special forces enter in the Chechen stronghold of Bamut, during a battle between Russian commandos and Chechen separatist guerrillas. Federal forces backed by tanks and APC took control of the locality. Bamut, a fortress-like village that once housed a Soviet rocket base, had little strategic value but symbolised Chechnya’s struggle for independence.

Photograph: Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty

I am still
learning the art
of giving
but not letting others take.
I wonder if you felt it
deep in the dusty corners of your heart
when I finally
let you go.
Know that I am indifferent,
so far from love or hate
seeing you no longer
lights fires or hushes flames.
You are just another face.
—  Michelle K., You Are Just Another Face.