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Some even know what foreshadowing is? Just because someone throws a line doesn't mean that. And what does the North have to do with Varys and Dany conversation? The North revolting would mean that they will go against Jon for his alliance with Dany, meaning say they will go against the Targaryen, Jon and Dany who are together, in any case it would be North vs Targaryen, but there wont be nothing of that, the same with Starkbowl or Targbowl because there are ice zombies coming for all of them.

“there wont be nothing of that, the same with Starkbowl or Targbowl because there are ice zombies coming for all of them.”

Precisely anon!

Facing a revolt among the Northerners while also facing the Wight Walkers and  Team Cersei/Euron would be overkill. It would also be a completely stupid and irresponsible move on the part of the Northerners. Are we supposed to cheer the North for rebelling against Jon because he teamed up with the woman who had the army and firepower to save them all? Is this suppose to be a good for those who proposed this theory? Becuase it’s not. The only ones who will look like they are in the wrong are those who rebel against those who want to save them, talk about cutting your nose to spite your face. 

I think the anon was trying to tie in Varys contingent loyalty towards Dany as a sign that they will be betrayed on all sides. They are already getting betrayed by Cersei. It’s overkill, especially for a season that is being condensed to 6 episodes. Or perhaps they are thinking that Varys will betray Dany for Jon because Jon is a boy and the rightful heir and Dany is a girl who somehow because worthless once Jon’s parentage is revealed? Am I getting that right?

Again, coming up with theories to reach the ending you want without taking into consideration the narrative structure of the story and where the story has been clearly pointing at, is a fool’s errand. 


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honestly, my favourite tony trope is him surviving so much bullshit that everyone starts to believe that he's actually immortal. Villains start just giving up on actually killing him, and either incapacitate him or make sure he's unavailable when they start the fight. Some of the more egotistical ones go out of their way to try. There's many conspiracy theories about him, and how it's possible that he's survived. One of his favourite pastimes is reading the more outlandish ones. (Tree)

Listen. It’s common knowledge among the villains of the world. If you’re anywhere close to being a professional Badguy, then you’ve heard the stories. You know the rumours.

Tony Stark Does Not Die. So for God’s sake, do not be stupid enough to try.

Some of the newbies, they ask. They wonder why no-one tries to shoot a fatal hit, why they never even bother to go for Iron Man. 

The older, more weary villains just roll their eyes and mutter “don’t wanna waste my firepower. Save your shots for the ones that will actually stay dead, kid,”

“That asshole crawled out of a cave with a hole in his chest and still managed to kick everyone’s ass,” someone pipes up moodily from the corner.

There’s a sudden bang as a hand slaps on the counter, and the newbie turns to see another grim-looking villain.“I once shot straight through him. Laser right through the stomach. You know what that piece of shit did?” The guy gestures to his lack of foot. “He Goddamn turned around and shot my leg off! and then he just sort of looked down and shrugged at his own fatal wound. He told me I had it worse, and that he was ‘sorry’. Who even does that?”

“I crushed him,” says another, “he just buried out the other way and then caught me a day later. It took me years to get out of prison.”

“I planted a virus in his suit while he was thousands of miles above sea, and not only did he defend it, but he traced my source and sent it back. Thousands and thousands of dollar’s worth of tech, gone,” someone shouts miserably from across the room. “He didn’t even have a fucking keyboard! Every line of code was verbal! He spoke and memorised those lines faster than I could type them, and I goddamn invented the thing!”

A bottle of… something, flies across the room. Obviously everyone is very bitter about this.

The newbie, because they’re always like this at the start; over-confident and stiflingly cocky, puffs their chest and looks them all in the eye. “you just haven’t been thinking about it hard enough. I’ll kill him. Just watch.”

Everyone descends into hysterical laughter. Someone is crying. No one in the room is Okay. 

“Whatever you say, whatever you think or plan, he’s one step ahead. Don’t, for your sake, please. Take Thor. Or Cap. Or maybe the Widow, if you’re feeling brave? But just… don’t waste your time with him. Try and keep him away, instead. That’s all we can ask for,” says someone next to her, obviously taking pity.

“He might be smart, but he’ll have no idea what’s coming when I step on the scene!” Newbie growls. “Listen-”

A few miles across, Tony Stark listens to the whole conversation via a bug he planted in the known Villain Hiding-Spot, and smiles smugly.

“Damn straight,” he mutters, before calling in the rest of the Avengers to gloat.

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 008- Revenant

Another instance of demonic forces being combined with UAC technology were what the research team called Revenants. At an average height of 10-11 feet, Revenants were found to be a race of giant men, whose animated corpses were responsible for a lot of construction work in Hell itself, their size and strength exploited for slave-labor. A lot of this involved heavy lifting of raw materials, resulting in their arms being outstretched. Aside from this, their muscle and skin tissue (and even the presence of internal organs) seem to be slowly, but constantly regenerating, as if Hell kept them in a state of temporary decomposition. Once through the Hell-Gate, a shroud of metal enveloped much of their shoulders and torsos, mounted with miniature rocket or fragmentation grenade launchers, some with homing capabilities. Though this high amount of firepower alone makes Revenants a force to be reckoned with, their long arms and sturdy hands have turned them into excellent fist-fighters, just as devastating in close-combat.

Note 008-01: Though many human lives have been lost to the Revenants, they have been spotted attacking their own allies, perhaps in defiant retaliation to their masters.

These  fire starters were commissioned by kyurem2424 on dA and are based off his own designs. They are from the Austra Region.

Puffire (Fire)
#004 - When young, these desert-dwelling snake Pokemon spend most of their time buried in the sand, avoiding predators. The intense heat from the sun soaks into their scales, and enables them to spit out fire attacks. Though naturally a bit skittish, they can be quickly befriended if one plays music.

Baskobra (Fire)
#005 - After soaking in enough heat, this Pokemon has developed an internal flame organ near the tip of their tail, granting them firepower regardless of how hot their environment is. Talented at weaving, they utilize the shed skin of their previous evolution to create a sturdy and protective basket. Anything from food and items, to even small Pokemon taking shelter, have been found inside.

Charson (Fire/Ground)
#006  - Combining a perfected weaving technique with the reinforcement of fine clay particles, these Pokemon create a fortified basket that offers impressive protection. A special back entrance allows them to fit inside, making it easier to retreat if necessary. By carefully controlling the airflow from the opening of their tails, they are able to produce a strange but mesmerizing music that draws small Pokemon to them.

Grass Starters: Hadropy - Dinosphere - Memorasaur

Water Starters: Cowacrab - Shellbric - Rhythmicare

- - - - - - - - - -

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Donald Trump may have disclosed highly sensitive information on the most secretive part of the US’s nuclear arsenal to the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, in a phone call last month.

“We have a lot of firepower over there,” Trump said of the Korean Peninsula, according to a transcript of the call obtained by the New York Times and verified by White House officials.

“We have two submarines - the best in the world. We have two nuclear submarines, not that we want to use them at all.”

The incident appears to mirror previous allegations that Trump divulged the most highly classified sort of intelligence to Russian officials, but it’s not as clear.

While the locations of the US’s nuclear-armed submarines have to remain a secret to even the highest commanders of the US military, the US also has nuclear-powered submarines. It’s unclear which type of “nuclear submarine” Trump was referring to.

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Forgiveness is a concept of limitation. Does this sound strange to you? Well, you see, in the broader sense of things, no one ever did anything to you. You create your own reality absolutely. Everything in your life you have created, or co-created, and you have done so for your greatest spiritual growth, whether or not you accept it as such. Understand that every situation is a learning process for the benefit of all peoples concerned, to help you to grow in love, honour, sovereignty and compassion.


I was touching on this headcanon in fanfiction form earlier but I want to make a regular textpost explaining it.

It occurred to me earlier how it’s a bit unusual that Bakugou’s never burnt himself with his own quirk. Canon explains that his palms have very thick skin that doesn’t burn easily, but considering explosions tend to—ya know—explode, it’s still a bit surprising he’s never burnt any other part of his body.

This got me thinking in a couple different directions. Perhaps Bakugou’s trained himself to carefully position his body and limit his firepower so as not to injure himself. Maybe when he was younger and stupider, experimenting with the limit of his powers, he did burn himself badly and has been keeping himself below that threshold ever since so as not to burn himself ever again.

This was all sitting in “casual headcanon” territory until I realized something that makes it all so, so much more complicated.

And that’s Deku.

Because Deku has done the opposite. Deku was incapable of moderating his quirk for so long. He was harnessing incredible power, and yet leading his body to ruin in order to do it.

And all the while Bakugou’s been trying to figure out how Deku managed to surpass him.

Deku’s quirk is stronger than his, because Deku doesn’t hold back. Deku gets himself injured when Bakugou doesn’t. Bakugou’s ability to safely moderate his quirk looks like a positive skill until you throw Deku into the mix, and then try to figure out why Bakugou’s losing.

Bakugou’s reaction in episode 7 stands out to me, when Deku explains the severe drawbacks of his quirk. Bakugou looks just, shocked, devastated, like his world’s been shaken.

Maybe it’s because he just witnessed Deku do what he can never push himself to do: injure himself for the sake of incredible power.

I’m not putting much stock in this being something canon ever addresses. More like it’s something I find fascinating to think about in the context of Bakugou’s character. It would torment him to know he can perform at a level far above his current max output if he just embraced the physical backlash. Maybe he can’t make himself do it, the same way you can’t force yourself to bite off your finger despite having the jaw-strength for it. Like it’s a deeply ingrained, instinctual limit. The kind of thing that would take horrifying amounts of willpower to overcome.

But Bakugou has seen Deku be endlessly rewarded for pushing past this limit every time. Bodily injury seems to be working in Deku’s favor, and Bakugou’s only getting more and more desperate to surpass him.

It leads me to envision a high-stakes battle, one the villains are steadily winning, that ends with a single enormous explosion wiping out the villain side entirely. And it leaves Bakugou at the center with third degree burns covering half his body, blinking through tears and yelling “What? Did you think Deku was the only one who could do this!?”

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"two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause theyre not gay" is jason and percy

theyre only 5 feet apart bc leo’s in between them and he’s making the hot tub bubble. they’re not sure if its farts or firepower

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*whispering* lance circus auuuuuuuuuuuu *naruto-runs away*

Girl. GUUUURL i am living. I could probably make this a huge fix of it’s own too, but i won’t cuz I’m very sick. haha. Ok!

“Oh no,” Hunk blots off the white paint that has spotted his bright orange clown pants. His trailer smells like an odd combination of makeup and fresh bread. 

“There’s no way in hell you’re using me as your sacrifice.” Hunk cries with more determination.

“Aw c’mon Hunk! You’re always being shot out of a cannon or something! How is this more dangerous?” Keith whines. His throwing knives jangle in his back pocket.

“Um, well for one thing…. it’s not a real cannon. It’s one I designed and built so I know exactly how much firepower it has and the risk that’s involved.” He sets down his pants. “And like, the whole joke is that I DON’T get shot out! There’s no risk.”

“We also go through our equipment before every show for safety checks.” Pidge chimes in from her dark corner of the trailer. He hair is still sprayed in crazy directions from their last performance, but she’s removed her makeup. There are still traces of red around her mouth. 

“And Hunk even reduced the sugar content in his pies because they were stinging his eyes a bit too much.”

Hunk nods to confirm. Keith rolls his eyes and groans.

“I’m desperate here guys. I really need a new partner. Thace just called and said the doctors won’t sign off on him touring.” Keith had gotten the call just hours before. Thace had been his mentor and partner for all of their tours, but in recent years he had taken more of a back seat. He would participate less in the throwing aspect, and now just enjoyed spinning on boards blindfolded while Keith threw knives at him. Only the circus performers could tell that he was secretly napping under that blindfold. 

But Thace was getting older. He would joke that Keith should find some “pretty young thing” to replace him, but Keith enjoyed working on their act together. he liked the close bond and comradery that they shared and thought he could get at least three more tours out of him. Unfortunately Thace’s heart had other plans. 

“Pidge?” Keith asks. She snorts.

“Honestly, it’s not very impressive if you miss me. I’m such a small target. Not very entertaining.”

“That’s true.” Keith sighs. She definitely had a point.

“You could try Lance?” She asks. On the outside it’s an innocent enough question. Lance was their star trapeze and high wire artist. He was athletic, looked good in a leotard, and used to the adrenaline that came from circus work. Logically he’d be a perfect fit.

But Keith sees that knowing smirk on Pidge’s lips. He walks out of their trailer with a huff.

“Forget it.”

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I'm so excited to see the way the plot unfolds after shiro disappears; how do you think keith is going to "discover" his "new powers" in relation to allura having recently discovered she has magical abilities, and the fact that he has to step up to lead the team at the same time?

I mean, I remain skeptical that Keith is really going to step up and lead.

The thing about Keith is he’s self-sufficient and competent, but this doesn’t mean good things for his character. Keith’s self-sufficiency is born out of necessity- that he’s good at taking care of himself is the nice way of saying he’s spent most of his life repeatedly deprived of people to rely on either practically or emotionally and so his reflex is to assume no one is looking out for him besides himself.

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