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Prompt! Can you do a happy ending (or angst before a happy ending) to the missing dog tags story? I wanna see them be happy, and I love your stories!

part 1 is here!

Capturing Captain Ben Solo proves to be an easier task than Hux believed. He and his pitiful group of rebels had greatly underestimate the firepower that the First Order is willing to unleash to protect one of its most valuable planetside bases.

Solo’s mission fails; he’s tranquillised, restrained and placed in the Finalizer’s strongest cell. And Hux waits on the other side of the reinforced glass, eyes locked on the dog tags–his tags–that rest on Ben’s chest, rising and falling with his steady breaths. He doesn’t look at Ben’s face for fear of being compromised; it’s been 8 months since Kylo left the Finalizer to return to the Light, 8 months since he chose to abandon everything he and Hux had ever felt, and 6 months since Hux’s dog tags mysteriously went missing one evening.

A groan from his captive pulls Hux from his thoughts, and he looks up to see Ben sitting up slowly on the bench, turning to face the glass door.

“Armitage,” Ben greets, rubbing his eyes as best as he can manage with his wrists bound together in metal cuffs.

“Benjamin,” Hux replies with his military-like posture, hands behind his back and spine rigid, because now, he isn’t Armitage. He’s the General. “I believe you have some things that belong to me. I’d like them back.”

Ben immediately looks down to where Hux’s dog tags hang from his neck, the silver chain suddenly feeling heavier than it had done a moment ago.

“You gave them to me,” Ben says, pressing his back against the wall as though trying to get as far away from Hux as possible. “They’re mine.”

“No,” Hux chides. “I gave them to Kylo Ren. I wanted him to have them because, whilst I was meant to hold believe that the military training I endured made me who I am, it was in fact that ridiculous mess of a man who shaped me into the soul I am today. But my Ren is no longer here. So, give them back to me. Or else.”

Hux can feel heart being pulled apart as he speaks, one side telling him to go into the cell and rip the damn tags from around the bastard’s neck whilst the other is telling him to go into the cell and fling his arms around Ben’s neck, holding him until the galaxy ends. He ignores them both, choosing to stay on this side of the glass.

Ben stands slowly, edging his way towards the glass, the sound of the tags rattling somehow being more of a discomfort to Hux than anything else. Ben’s lips are drawn into a thin line, his gaze locked with Hux’s, his steps coming to a sudden halt as he stops right in front of Hux, the glass keeping them separate.

“If you want them,” Ben says, leaning so close to the glass that his breath clouds it. “Then come and get them. General.”

Ben smirks, taking three long strides back, and waits.

Hux growls. He won’t be beaten by the Resistance’s new glory boy. A false hero, if Hux ever saw one.

“Fine. Have it your way, Solo.”

Hux inputs his override code into the panel and the door opens, swishing back and allowing Hux to enter, the door remaining open.

Trying not to allow his anxiety show, Hux takes large but tentative steps towards Ben, keeping his gaze firmly locked on his face, making sure that he doesn’t try anything funny. The hidden blaster in the back of Hux’s trousers suddenly feels heavier, reminding Hux of its presence.

But to Hux’s complete dismay, Ben remains completely docile. When the General stands in front of him, Ben slowly drops to his knees, smiling at Hux before bowing his head.

Hux falters. Ben’s smile. It–. It looked warm. Genuine, even. Like the way Kylo used to smile at him post-sex, or when they’d just woken up in one another’s arms, or when Kylo was just about to tell Hux that he loves him.

Swallowing hard, Hux lifts the chain from around Ben’s neck, removing the tags from him, reclaiming ownership of the things he’d sought after for months. But as Hux is moving his hands away from Ben, the latter shifts, lifting his head to capture Hux’s retreating hands in his own. As gentle as any lover, Ben brings Hux’s gloved knuckles to his lips and kisses gently, eyes closed, as though this is the last intimate moment that the most star-crossed of all lovers will ever have.

“I’m sorry,” Ben says, opening his eyes, letting go of Hux’s hand. “I regret it, Armitage. Leaving you. Abandoning us. I knew you’d want to keep your tags. But stealing them was the only way I knew you’d see me.”

“I…don’t know what to say,” Hux mutters. There’s a familiar stirring in his gut, like butterflies, but this isn’t a schoolboy crush. It’s galaxy-defying love, a feeling that could push apart mountains with its power, win wars, create life. But Hux says nothing, knowing that one so dark could never be good for someone like Ben.

“No, no, Hux,” Ben says, still kneeling, grasping the bottom of Hux’s jacket. “I’m dark too, can’t you see? I’ve always been dark. Ben. Kylo. Whatever you want to call me. It’s inside my soul.”

Ben looks up, eyes pleading, and Hux feels as though nothing has changed. Whatever Ben is going to ask of him, Hux will do it, whether that he stay on the Finalizer or run away. Nothing matters, nothing else has ever mattered since the day Hux first told Kylo that he loves him and he watched as every barrier that Kylo had ever built up was knocked down with those three simple words.


Ben smiles, and nods, though his eyes remain as deep and as emotional as ever.

“Because I’m not Anakin Skywalker’s grandson,” Ben says, a stray tear falling down his cheek. “I’m Darth Vader’s.”

Forgiveness is a concept of limitation. Does this sound strange to you? Well, you see, in the broader sense of things, no one ever did anything to you. You create your own reality absolutely. Everything in your life you have created, or co-created, and you have done so for your greatest spiritual growth, whether or not you accept it as such. Understand that every situation is a learning process for the benefit of all peoples concerned, to help you to grow in love, honour, sovereignty and compassion.



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