Betsy and the Bad News Bears

Betsy DeVos, she of maximum GOP donations and minimum requisite I.Q., was confirmed as our nation’s Education Secretary today. In a historical first, the Senate was tied and Vice President Pence cast the deciding vote in her favor, laying to rest notions of his ostensible Christianity. (What is less Christian than failing to protect children? Pence knows she’s unqualified to oversee our kids’ education.)

During her confirmation hearings, when asked about her position on guns in schools, DeVos–an NRA supporter–offered her now-famous answer that a school in Wyoming, for instance, might want to keep guns on hand to shoot nearby grizzly bears. 

Her answer is inane on its own, but I’m weirdly qualified to debunk it. Nearly ten years to the day before he died, my best friend was mauled by a mother grizzly when he was hiking in Yellowstone Park. He was in peak physical condition. In a split-second, she charged from behind, enveloped his whole head in her mouth, punctured his left eyelid and ripped his scalp almost entirely off, shattered his pelvis, ate a four-inch chunk of fatty tissue in his back, rolled him in the dirt, and left him for dead. 

Affixing his scalp to his skull with his hands, he hiked four miles to the nearest road. The first two cars drove by, apparently terrified of his blood-soaked visage. The third car stopped, called 911, and he was airlifted to a hospital in Idaho.

He made a full recovery. He was that strong, that determined, that bad-ass. 

A year to the day of the attack, he returned to Yellowstone and slept near the site where he nearly died. He refused to live in fear. 

Through his subsequent research on grizzlies and why and when they attack, I learned quite a bit. Here’s the thing: even if DeVos herself weren’t bonkers, her grizzly-gunning theory would be. 

Grizzlies, despite their size, are fast motherfuckers. In order to shoot and kill one with a gun, you’d have to see it at a considerable offing. Which means you’d need a high caliber hunting rifle and perfect aim. Most grizzlies won’t charge humans unless, as was the case with my friend, they are defending their cubs. (He saw the cubs in the distance and tried to take a different route, but the mother got him first.) So, upon examination, DeVos’ crackpot theory becomes that much more crackpotted. Do we want anyone on school property with enough fire power to stop the hypothetical grizzlies apparently stalking  America’s children? 

The answer for all sane persons: No. No, we do not. 

Today was Day #19 of DJT’s administration. He and his cohorts have repeatedly targeted our free press and our judiciary. Now K through 12 is in the crosshairs, imperiling learning and intellectualism. 

Fascism lies not in its success to destroy the press, judiciary, and rigorous thought, but in its attempt. 

In less than three weeks, DJT and Bannon have targeted all three. 

We can’t blink for a second. 

Resist, resist, resist. 

Forgiveness is a concept of limitation. Does this sound strange to you? Well, you see, in the broader sense of things, no one ever did anything to you. You create your own reality absolutely. Everything in your life you have created, or co-created, and you have done so for your greatest spiritual growth, whether or not you accept it as such. Understand that every situation is a learning process for the benefit of all peoples concerned, to help you to grow in love, honour, sovereignty and compassion.



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