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things i associate with the hogwarts houses


adrenaline rushes, climbing to a rooftop to see the sunrise, bruised knees, sneaking out at nightime, hot chocolate, sitting in front of a fireplace, running through corridors, shopping cart races, midday sun, unstoppable laughter


passing notes to friends during classes, organising shelves, flower crowns, first warm spring day, fierce protectiveness, large bags of candy, group chats, countless hours of practising one’s skills, holding on tight, reminiscing old times


intense debates, muffled speech inside a library, pointing out constellations, writing notes on books, a glass of good wine, pale morning sky, ink on fingertips, learning multiple languages, staying up all night, unreadable handwriting


marble floors, the sound of running water, lists of good schools in big cities, motivational speeches, winter nights, rooms lit with candles, always having a plan, rarely shared secrets, smirking at the people you hate, expensive chocolate


Phew. A visual representation of all the ‘deleted’ scenes that we know of thus far, compiled under the guide of this post by archaicbro (with a couple of extras). Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. I have left out images taken on set that were obviously posed and intended to be used for promotional purposes only i.e. unscripted. However, I have included a couple of images that are not so obvious and are a bit ambiguous.

Righty-ho then. Pull up a chair and let’s go through them all under the cut
*rolls up sleeves*

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The Boys - Fall Aesthetics

Shu: wool coats, hot chocolate, foggy days

Reiji: crisp air, roasting pumpkin seeds, new fall best sellers

Ayato: football games, count chocula, bed sheet ghost meme

Laito: jumping in leaf piles, warm gloves, drive-in movies

Kanato: carving pumpkins, Halloween candy, the fair

Subaru: runny nose, crunching leaves, Thanksgiving dinner

Ruki: fall scented candles, Halloween shopping, crackling fireplaces

Kou: fluffy scarves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHINg, new fall trends

Yuma: bonfires, making scarecrows, watching old horror movies

Azusa: trick-or-treating, pie, dogs in sweaters

yuri-on-ice-imagines  asked:

hello!!! do you have any headcannons as to how akaashi would like to spend christmas with his s/o? happy holidays! thank you so much!!!

  • He’s the first to wake up, thinking that you’d enjoy a nice mug of peppermint hot cocoa his thing on Christmas morning. There’s no rush to get up, he’ll wait patiently for you to wake up if you’re not already.
  • He’s such a sweetheart, gently guiding you from the bed with a robe waiting in hand for you. He’s treating you as if you’re a princess, but honestly you are in his eyes.
  • You’re too excited to open presents, postponing breakfast even though the smell pancakes smells quit appetizing. You’re more than excited to give Akaashi his present. You spent weeks searching for it.
  • Akaashi has always had a sharp eye and paid close attention to the things you pointed out while shopping.
  • The fireplace is going and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. There’s even soft classical Christmas music playing in the background. It’s like a scene out of a romantic movie.
  • After opening presents and exchanging ‘thank you’ kisses for the gifts (amazing ones at that), you guys decide to lounge around in your pajamas, and sit around the fireplace. There’s no rush to don anything. Besides, Bokuto’s Christmas dinner party isn’t for another few hours or so.