fireplace chimney

Brickwork taken to new levels.

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas Performance Piece, Dennis Oppenheim
24’ H x 12’ W x 12’ D
Steel, galvanized steel, epoxy, pigments, cement, bugles, fire brick, foam and fiberglass This piece invites one to consider the fusion of architecture and musical performance. A chimney is turned into a wind instrument, suggesting one could play or perform it. The cavity of a functional object (chimney) is considered for its sound producing qualities. In the same way, one could consider playing or performing a building by walking through it.

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Hi, I really like your prompt fills, they're amazing! I really love the prompt fill on zombies being representations of the seven deadly sins. I don't know if this is thinking too much into it but is/are there any specific person/people who specialise in dealing with packs of Envies? And who does repair work on the corral?

(Part One)

Numbers sleeps out by the Envies some nights.

 Most nights. 

Okay, nearly every night. She thinks that most sane people would with people like Stella and the General in the camp. It’s not that she thinks they’d ever go after her (except for how she does). It’s just that she doesn’t have confidence they won’t get her the next time camp is attacked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Tia says when Numbers tells her this. She hands the girl a bag of food, that day’s rations. “They’ve been doing this way too long for that.”

Numbers doesn’t say anything. Two years ago, when this started, she’d thought people wouldn’t make mistake like that, wouldn’t hit a human instead of a zombie. In a way, she was right.

It wasn’t a mistake then and she doubts it would be one now.

“Thanks for the food,” she says, holding up the bag.

“No fire tonight,” Tia warns. “I don’t like how many Sloths have been around lately.”

Numbers casts an uneasy look at the horizon. Their camp is on a small hill which leads down to a flood plain. She can see the ruins of a city a mile or two away, but between here and there are too many holes, too much foliage, too much coverage for zombies.

“’Course,” Tia says, too nonchalant, “you could have a hot meal if you came to stay in the camp. Get to know everyone.”

Numbers is already shaking her head. She’s the newest member to the camp, the youngest to boot, and she likes the anonymity that gives her. She’s pretty sure Stella doesn’t even know her name.

Tia sighs, used to losing this particular battle. “Well, you know the knock. It baffles me that you’d feel more comfortable out here next to them though.”

Numbers looks where Tia gestures though she already knows what she’s pointing at. Numbers has just put a new batch of Envies in the corral and they’re getting to know the older ones, bumping into each other as they wander around aimlessly. Every now and then, they almost scent her and Tia and stop, those with noses letting their nostrils flare. Then they go right back to meandering, what’s left of their minds forgetting the distraction as soon as the wind snatches the scent away.

“Envies are predictable,” Numbers says because she likes Tia. She rustles in the bag of food, checking out her supplies. “People aren’t.”

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You know what I love? Words that sound and mean the same in Slovak and Romanian

bici/bič whip
un bivol/byvolbuffalo
bogat/bohatý rich
citi/čítať to read
ciudat/čudný strange
dar/dar a gift
o graniță/hranica a border
un morcov/mrkva a carrot
neamţ/nemec german
obicei/obyčaj a custom
praf/prach dust
prost/sprostý stupid
prieten/priateľ friend
pernă - pillow, /perina - blanket
slavă/sláva glory
slobod/slobodný free
sluji/slúžiť to serve
slănină/slanina bacon
șapcă/čiapka cap
slab/slabý weak
vifor/víchor storm
vină/vina fault
labă/laba paw
palincă/pálenica brandy ?
cămin - fireplace, /komín - chimney
cârciumă/krčma pub
curvă/kurva whore
glas/hlas voice
lebădă/labuť swan
oţel/oceľ steel

*first translation is in Romanian, second in Slovak

I still believe in Santa Claus

This was in 1996.

It must’ve been 3 or 4 in the morning. I heard something on the roof: a THUNK, the jangling sleigh bells, then the slow plodding of footsteps toward the chimney.

Quickly I ran downstairs, careful not to wake my parents. Then I waited by the cookies and milk, hiding behind the couch.

The jangling grew louder, echoing down the chimney. Thuds, scrapes. Wind whistled. Dark soot fell and clicked off the cold coals.

I remember looking down and seeing how hard my little fingers gripped the top of the couch. The creak of the leather, the whites of my knuckles. It’s all stayed with me.

I jumped as a black boot slipped out from the chimney and kicked up dust. The red of his suit was frayed, like the hem of a castaway’s pants, and the colour faded to a soft pink. Not like the mall Santa at all.

The other boot fell. This one had a manacle crimped around it, so tight it had chopped through the boot and bit into skin underneath. Then a length of chain dropped next to his foot and jangled in the hearth. It wasn’t sleigh bells after all.

He sat on his heels and stooped forward with a cascading crack of two dozen joints. He pushed his face through the hanging stockings, threadbare hat hanging low, and strings of white, matted hair clinging over his face. He emerged into my living room, short and emaciated, dragging a red burlap sack blackened by soot.


He saw me and stumbled in shock. The face. It just, I couldn’t believe it. The deep wrinkles. The wiry beard, coated in sediment from infinite chimneys. The shape of it, too - not jolly and round, no - concave, with hanging, sallow skin. He cowered away from me like a dog that’d been kicked too many times, but I still caught his eyes. Small, impossibly black dots, darting away to look anywhere but back at me.

He dragged his chained leg to the tree and began dropping gifts beneath it. Beautifully wrapped gifts, a facade covering the horror I was witnessing. There came a sudden tug on his chain and he moaned in fear, quickening his pace. Then the chain tightened and began reeling him in. He stretched frantically and took the cookies in his hand, shoving his whole fist into his mouth, then chugged the milk so fast it streamed over the sides and onto his dirtied suit.

A harder tug took his feet out from under him and he smacked his face onto the carpet. With bewildered black eyes, he finally stared up at me, stretching out his hand.

I remember the look he gave me. His whole ghostly visage, trembling in fear. And I can still hear the whimpering as he slid backwards into the fireplace and up the chimney. That whimpering wakes me up every Christmas Eve.

I still believe in Santa Claus. I just wish I didn’t.


As thanks for such adorable art of the hc community’s otp (jotarsen :D), here are some nice headcanons for @mcpastels! she asked for jonathan and human dio with some hcs involving winter, so here they are!

Jonathan Winter Fluff

  • Jonathan is all about winter. It’s the season of roast beef and mashed potatoes, of family, of giving and receiving, and he loves to bask in all of it, including the cold. He’s like a walking furnace so he has no qualms with the snow!
  • He loves when he and his s/o get all bundled up in matching coats and scarves, all while walking around town to cafés and stores for gift shopping and holding hands. He’s a domestic and romantic kind of guy, so he looks forward to such activities each year.
  • While he won’t be throwing any snowballs at his lover because he is a GENTLEMAN, he loves to make snowman families! They’ll always be complete with a mother, father, son, daughter, and even a dog if his s/o has enough talent to do so because he can’t. He likes to dress them up in different accessories too!
  • Loves to decorate for Christmas. He’ll hang all the lights, a reef, mistletoe, a giant, organized and bountiful tree, Christmas-themed tablecloths and napkins, stockings, trinkets, etc. etc. etc. He’ll spend a whole day with his s/o just decorating. He’ll still blush at putting up the mistletoe, though. Nerd. And did someone say cHRISTMAS BAKING-
  • Winters are rough, and often his s/o will forget their gloves and come home with dark pink hands that can barely move because their stubbornness led to their blood being frozen. Jonathan will always sigh and gently scold them for his, but his inner (and outer) romantic will love kissing their hands and gently massaging their wrists to warm them up.
  • This man’s got a fireplace, a REAL fireplace. Chimney? Check. A place to cut wood in the backyard? Check. All those fancy fireplace tools? CHECK! House smells like wood and hearth? ABSOLUTELY CHECK. He loves wrapping his arms around his s/o and curling up near the fire on a cold night with some hot cocoa and a book.
  • The snow may make your skin cold but his rosy cheeks are gonna warm your heart, my dude.

(Human) Dio Winter Fluff

  • Even when he isn’t a vampire, Dio prefers the colder months over summer. Something about wearing bigger coats, reading a book by the fire, and being able to go and buy expensive gifts for people makes him feel even more sophisticated than he already is.
  • He and his s/o are going to wear the finest matte coats, his in a nice velvet black and theirs in a bright red of burgundy. Complete with scarves and mitts and boots that act as perfect accents. Whether or not his s/o actually wants to be warm, Dio will swear up and down that they are merely dressed to look articulate, even if he really would be freezing sans-coat.
  • He won’t be initiating any snowball fights or sculpting at any point, but if his s/o dares to throw a snowball at him, his anger or his need to assert dominance will lead him to glare at them and prepare a snowball of his own in retaliation, and from there, it may escalate. He’ll be pissed if it damages his coat, though.
  • Dio’s gonna decorate his house, or mansion, rather, more for the sake of impressing guests than being merry. He likes to hold banquets and balls for the sake of maintaining social prestige, even if dealing with other people annoys him.
  • He’s not made of ice, though (HA GET IT BC THIS IS WINTER STUFF HAAA) and he does get cold, so except this season to be the season that he’s more than willing to initiate cuddling in bed and wrap him around his s/o under thick layers of blankets. If his s/o teases him about it, he won’t deny it but he will tell them to shut up because “it’s bloody cold, let me do as I please.”
  • Like Jonathan, he has an authentic fireplace but it’s probably a lot fancier. He doesn’t curl up around it, but he will lay on the coach or chair near it and hold his s/o on top of him, laying on his chest or sitting on his lap. Most time he’ll be reading a book, but he also likes to pet them and stroke their hair. He also likes to have his hair stroked but don’t tell Jonathan.
  • He isn’t the warmest person around winter time, but he’ll thaw out a little~
  • I hope this was good enough to thank you for your adorable art!!!


Christmas vocabulary in polish

(n.) Boże Narodzenie – Christmas Day

(n.) Siano – hay

(pl. ♀) Lampki choinkowe – fairy lights

(pl. ♀) Sanie – sleigh

(pl. ♂) Krewni – relatives

(pl. ♂) Pierogi z kapustą (kiszoną) i grzybami – dumplings filled with sauerkraut and mushrooms

(pl. ♂) Trzej Mędrcy – the 3 Wise Men

♀ Bombka – christmas bauble

♀ Choinka – christmas tree

♀ Jemioła – mistletoe

♀ Kartka świąteczna – christmas card

♀ Kolęda – christmas carol

♀ Pierwsza Gwiazdka – the first star

♀ Świeczka – candle

Wigilia – christmas eve

Zima – winter

Anioł – angel

Bałwan – snowman

Barszcz – beetroot soup

Biegun Północny – North Pole

Dziadek do orzechów – nutcracker

Dzwoneczek – bell

Elf – elf

Karp – carp

Komin – chimney

Kominek – fireplace

Łańcuch – chain

Opłatek – wafer

Pasterz – Shepherd

Piernik – gingerbread

Post – lent

Prezent – gift

Renifer – reindeer

Sernik – cheesecake

Stroik świąteczny – wreath

Śnieg – snow

Święty Mikołaj – Santa Claus

Żłób – manger

Niespodziewany Gość – unexpected guest

Rudolf Czerwononosy – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

(n.) - neutral

(pl.) - plural

Here’s the list of polish words connected with Christmas - food, traditions etc. Hope you found it helpful!

Wesołych Świąt! – Merry Christmas!