White Wonder in Gothenburg

From the herringbone floor to the classical ceiling, this Gothenburg home is pretty perfect. What drew me to this home tour the most was the original fireplaces or kakelugn–a tiled stove, in Swedish. A kakelugn is typically found in many Swedish apartments you’ll see online but most of them are tiled entirely in white like the one here. I’ve never seen such an ornate one like the one above in the bedroom. It really stands out among the overall white, serene decor–a definite trademark of Swedish design, and I love the contrast it creates. The fireplace in the dining area is so unique as well and I’m loving the lighting choices throughout the entire home.


My brother and his girlfriend got a kitten, so I chased it around with my camera for a while. The lighting was pretty bad, so I had to crank up the ISO to 3200, which I try to avoid whenever possible because my camera (a Canon 60D) gets a little spicy up there.
His name is Packer (after the American football team) and he’s a little hellion! (but I still love him)