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Firelady Katara. August 2014. Pen & Ink, Photoshop CS6

Thanks to tumblr, I learned this week that Zuko and Katara could have been canon? While I don’t subscribe to the “Zutara” pairing myself (although in my head I secretly ship Zuko with everyone because he’s so lovable) I thought about what would have happened to Katara if she and Zuko did become a thing.

Assuming she married Zuko, she would have become the Firelady (or whatever the proper term for the wife of the Firelord is), and that prospect piqued my interest. Needless to say, that thought lead to this drawing of a fifty-or-so year-old Katara in her Firelady raiment. I tried to keep some Water Tribe elements in her costume (the crescent moon in her hair and the wavy could be flame could be wave pattern on her cowl). 

If I AM going all the way with this Zutara thing, I also think Zuko would have made her a betrothal necklace. I was going to do that in Fire Nation colors too but I think he would have kept it in the Water Tribe scheme so she always had a bit of home with her. 

I also gave her a nose ring because I do what I want. 

Still on my avatar kick. I will always Zutara. Forever Zutara. Older sexy mid 20s Zutara. Still on a journey.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love LOK. I love Aang and Katara’s kids, and I love how unique and interesting they are as people. In spite of this, even if Zutara had become cannon, those characters would still exist, just with different parents, and possibly different relationships to one another. Not trying to piss off the Kataangers, and Makos, I just disagree with the ship, mostly for reasons related to how unhealthy those relationships felt to me. Anyway, rant done. Enjoy some fanart :P


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DAY 21. Some characters had different hairstyles: Zuko, Aang, Katara and Sokka to name a few. Which hairstyle of each did you like better? *Avatar*

Katara, fire nation style!

Hair sooooo much prettier, like the necklace better too, but it’s not in this picture.

Toph, just normal earthbender style

She looks better with green, it matches her eyes <33

Aang with HAIR!!!!!!


Riverperson Sokka, ahahahaaaaa!!!!!

:) makes me smile :PPP