Day One: My First Character

As painfully embarrassing as it is, my first character was Firemist on Warriors Cloud. She was a good character, definitely. All the qualities of a good deputy except her very evil rival had the job. She was the hero in her story, even if she is a bit misguided in her ways. She was very traditional, following the old ways closely even if they didn’t apply to the more modern times very well. I made Firemist when I was either 12 or 13, so there’s that. For a young child, I had a pretty complex character, even if that character was a cat.


Guitar shopping night is my favourite night!

This week: Long & McQuade Brampton, Northwest of Toronto, Canada.

  1. If I ever have to buy a 36 pound guitar I want ti to be this one.
  2. I love Gibson gold.  This ES-335  plays as good as it looks.
  3. Beautiful ES-195.  The colour is getting close to Gretsch territory!
  4. Speaking of Gretsch:  these!  I am a sucker for “sparkle” but that orange one on the right is so pretty.
  5. I once saw BB King in Vancouver with Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  needless to say it was a fantastic show.  My only complaint was that I was sitting center stage about 20 feet back and I had BB’s amp pointing right at my face!   After an four of him hitting those staccato punchy notes he is famous for, I thought my head was going to explode!  It didn’t though.  :D
  6. Notice anything odd about this Gibson “Lucille”?  Hint:  it’s semi-hollow.  No?  OK, hint #2: what feature do you usually associate with a semi hollow?  NO?!?  OK:  hint #3.  IT HAS NO F HOLES!  Lovely colour though.  
  7. Speaking of lovely colours, this is a new Strat and I don’t think I have seen this colour before.  It kind of looks like Firemist Silver…but not quite.  What the heck is it?   Don’t make me go to the website!
  8. I will admit I was not crazy about the Select line when it came out.  But I must say that Select Telecasters are amongst the most beautiful Fenders of all ever and ever.  Look at this lovely hunk of deliciousness.  I would lose the ‘bucker though…Fender should be single coils IMO.  

Made in America.

(Candy apple) Red, (Olympic) White and (firemist) Blue (metallic)!  Strats and Stripes for Ever.  

I’ll stop now.

  • 2006 Custom Shop ‘60 Relic (candy apple with matching headstock).
  • 1987 American Std. (Olympic white)
  • 2005 Custom Shop Ltd. Ed. '66 Closet Classic (firemist)

There was a time, long ago, when I loathed the over-sized "CBS" headstock on a Stratocaster.  I felt that the original Strat headstock was perfect…and the “CBS” headstock was so out of proportion and goofy looking.

HOWEVER, I walked into the Long and McQuade store in Mississauga in April of 2011 (It must have been either April 29th or 30th because I remmeber going home that night and doing my taxes.  Since the deadline for filing Canadian income tax returns is April 30th, and I NEVER do my taxes until the very last day I possibly can, so it MUST have been either the 29th or the 30th!), and I saw this used 2005 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition ‘66 Stratocaster Closet Classic in Firemist Silver Metallic.

At first glance I was in love with it…and after many years of literally hating the CBS headstock, this guitar was so beautiful it changed my long-held opinion in less than 5 seconds!  :D

A relaxing #Straturday at home with 6 #Stratocasters and 152 #watts of #amplification.

1) 1988 #AmericanStandard #Stratocaster (Black)
2) 1987 American Standard (#OlympicWhite)
3) 2009 American Standard (#FiestaRed)
4) 2006 #CustomShop ‘60 #Relic (#CandyApple)
5) 2005 CustomShop '66 #ClosetClassic (#Firemist Silver Metallic)
6) 2007 #Nash #S63 (#Seafoam)

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