@blairtrabbit: they would find some amazon civilization
blairtrabbit: johnny would almost get them killed
Me: like
Me: immediately
blairtrabbit: like jack would see the giant women step out of the bushes his eyes would get really big

blairtrabbit: and he would side eye johnny and shake his head slowly

blairtrabbit: but it would be to late
Me: hahahaa oh my god
blairtrabbit: johnny would have his mouth open taking a deep breath

blairtrabbit: then the very next shot
blairtrabbit: them in a cage over a fire

Me: “I do not know why you continue to behave this way toward women when I suck your dick every night, Johnny,” Jack says

Me: but in a more PG way

blairtrabbit: johnny just has his head in his hands

Flower of Fire

Meant to protect the abused from their abuser – no matter the variety. Best when worn: can be made into an amulet, drawn on the body, carried on paper. You might also rest your perfumes upon it, so that the mist becomes a form of protection, I recommend doing one or two of the above, so that even if you forget one, your anxiety about forgetting it won’t alert your abuser.

How I joined the Phandom

Me-(goes on youtube)
Me-(sees ‘danisnotonfire) oh he’s cute lets watch this
Me-(watches video) oh he’s adorable let watch another
Me-(watches all videos in 6 hours) I want to frickity frack with this man
Me- wait amazingphil
Me-(watches all videos) dear lord he’s the cutest thing to walk the face of the earth
Me- wait
Me- Phil is not on fire
Me- (watches Phil is not on fire 393583059231298364 times)
Me- I was wrong
Me- I want this man to frickle frackle with that man