Heads up! It’s National Hat Day—time to celebrate headgear that’s anything but old hat.

Woman’s Hat,” c. 1962, designed by Sally Victor

Fireman’s Hat,” 1838, made in the United States

Woman’s ‘Snail Fantasy’ Hat,” 1993, by Carlos New York Hats

Man’s Hat,” mid-20th century, by Beaver Hats/Jimmie Burns

Woman’s Hat,” c. 1908, made by Joseph G. Darlington and Co.

Child’s Mouseketeer Cap,” c. 1955–59, made for Walt Disney Productions

Woman’s Hat,” c. 1959, designed by Halston

tfw u realize hte button on the elevator is a firemans hat and not a stylized beaver lying on the ground wit its legs out in front of it

It was so strange to me that when I went to my OB/GYN to schedule my hysterectomy the waiting room was covered in pictures of babies in various cute poses. One even had a fireman’s hat on! I realized that most people are coming here to have children yet here I am, a 28 year old about to have a hysterectomy because I don’t want them. 

I kept looking around at all the pictures and the women sitting in the waiting room with me and just thought, “Yep this is the right decision”. 


More Art Monday

Explore our collection of textiles and costume accessories with depictions of America’s Presidents and founding fathers.

Embroidered Picture,” c. 1800, by Sarah Montgomery Thompson

Fireman’s Hat,” 1838, artist/maker unknown, America

Printed Textile: “Apotheosis of Washington & Franklin,” late 18th century, artist/maker unknown, England

Blue Bloods #6

Summary: The arsonist makes a threatening phone call.
Characters: John Winchester, Female Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Karen Singer, & Cole Trenton.
Word Count: 1,562
Warnings: Language, suspense.
Author’s Note: The feedback is amazing. Thank you so much!
Miss the beginning? 


The fire had been put out hours ago, yet ash still fell from the sky, drifting down like snowflakes at the end of a winter storm. John stood across the street, talking with his sons and Chief Singer. Bobby had taken off the faded yellow fireman’s hat when the Winchester’s approached, partially out of respect for the commissioner and partially because it was hotter than hell.

With a hand unbuttoning the jacket, Bobby shook his head, “I dunno what to tell you. This is completely different than the previous fires.”

“It’s him, dad, he’s finally escalating.”

John looked at Dean, “Without definitive proof-,”

“Fuck definitive proof!”

“Excuse me?” John dropped his hands and faced his oldest son.

Without realizing what he was doing, Dean puffed his chest out, “You heard me. I’m fucking sick and tired of doin’ this job the ‘right’ way! We all know it’s him!”

As John took a step closer, Sam pressed a hand to each of their chests. “Alright, alright, back off, the both a’ya.”  Father and son glared at one another, hands balled into fists at their sides, and chests heaving. It wasn’t until Sam pushed them back and gave a shout that they heeded his words.

“Dean, I get it, you’re frustrated. Hell, we all are, but we don’t even know who this guy is,” Sam kept his voice free of the anger that threatened to burst out at any moment. The arsonist had everyone in Lawrence sleeping with one eye open, if they slept at all. Anger, frustration, and fear was everyone’s go to emotion.

Blowing out a harsh breath, Dean shoved a hand through his hair. “Y- yeah, I guess.”

“We’ll git him, son, we just have to find somethin’,” Sam looked at Bobby as the chief spoke.

“That’s all we seem to be sayin’ lately, ‘we’ll get him, we’ll find something’. I’m sick of it! I just want to catch this asshole!”

The older man nodded in agreement before putting the fire hat atop his head. “I’ll let y’all know when we find something.”

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Whenever a [male] stripper takes their clothes off, they’ve still got, like, a fireman’s hat on, or a tool belt on, or a policeman’s gun on a holster, right? Because even when a man’s naked, a woman wants to know that he has a job.
—  Jim Jeffries