@blairtrabbit: they would find some amazon civilization
blairtrabbit: johnny would almost get them killed
Me: like
Me: immediately
blairtrabbit: like jack would see the giant women step out of the bushes his eyes would get really big

blairtrabbit: and he would side eye johnny and shake his head slowly

blairtrabbit: but it would be to late
Me: hahahaa oh my god
blairtrabbit: johnny would have his mouth open taking a deep breath

blairtrabbit: then the very next shot
blairtrabbit: them in a cage over a fire

Me: “I do not know why you continue to behave this way toward women when I suck your dick every night, Johnny,” Jack says

Me: but in a more PG way

blairtrabbit: johnny just has his head in his hands

me, a week ago: wow if keith cries in s4 i’m gonna set myself on fire

also me, a week ago: wow if they release keith’s vlog before s4 i’m gonna set myself on fire

me today:

Flower of Fire

Meant to protect the abused from their abuser – no matter the variety. Best when worn: can be made into an amulet, drawn on the body, carried on paper. You might also rest your perfumes upon it, so that the mist becomes a form of protection, I recommend doing one or two of the above, so that even if you forget one, your anxiety about forgetting it won’t alert your abuser.

Amatsuki and Luz (and Mafumafu?) supporting USSS’s Final Summer Tour Live

Amatsuki: I went to see UraShimaSakataSen’s live at Ryogoku Kokugikan! Everything they’ve worked on until now all came together! Each person has their strengths, and each person really compliment each other well in a group, it was seriously a great performance.

It makes me the happiest to see my friends like this, breaking down walls and letting it all out more and more

Good work the four of you! Work hard tomorrow too!

Luz: I went to see Ryogoku’s UraShimaSakataSen Final Live with Amatsuki-sun!

This was the first UraShimaSakataSen Live I’d been to, but it was a great live that had me smiling all the way through!

At the bamboo cutter bit there were so many generations I was slapping my hands together I was laughing so hard

Mafumafu: Around half of MafuTsuki’s LINE is sleep-talking, it’s not japanese

I’m going to the UraShi Live tomorrow by myself

I look forward to it


M: the UmaShima live was h ella good right

A: hella good, that bit when Sakata jumped into the sky

M: good jumping

A: at that part I didn’t think Mafu-kun would erupt fire

M: sorry It’s cuz I ate something spicy..

A: but when Uratan protected a puppy then turned into a human-tanuki hybrid, I cried at that scene

M: the explosions huh, I got serious shivers

A: and when senra-san’s chest hair jumped out and shima-san stopped it, Hollywood should be ashamed

M: I didn’t consider Hollywood-san, but those two were seriously ikemen huh

A: anyhow did Mafu-kun even come?

A: where are you?

M: at home