yesterday my darling baby Karla was super down because the pjo/hoo fandom is… well its mostly dead u.u so i went back and dug my old files and FINALLY finished this!! (theres a small wip u can see here which was 6 months ago lmao and it was already old then) tbh the whole BOO Ending Situation kinda ruined the books for me :// there were a lot of stuff about the whole series that was very problematic and a lot of stuf i plain hated. but the characters are still amazing to me and i still love them to BITS and all our headcanons and all the friends i made here! ill never forget that. so thank you! and this is DEFINITELY not goodbye as ill be making more drawings of them ok shh dont worry and cheer up darlings!!! <3

It’s that time of the year again.

 I decided to make a Christmas follow forever, so all the people here deserve +follow because they are awesome and they are such cuties and they are really rad. 

My little reindeers. (a.k.a my lil bitches)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MAY 13TH)

i wanted to make something for you bday but i had no idea what to do so i asked maria and karla for help and thats what it ended up like?!?!

Fisrt of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING ART! I think i speak for everyone when i say thank you for all the feels even tho they hurt. Thank you for always being so funny and nice to everyone here, even to those stupid anons that didnt even deserve your kindness. I also need to thank you for like half of my followers because everytime you reblog me i gain 47681486 followers and thank you for getting me hooked on panic!at the disco songs and for making me feel special you know why. You are so nice!!!! I really enjoy talking to you, Vika:33 (because ‘vika’ is such a cute nickname omg)

“Viria is one if the most talented artist I’ve ever come accross. She’s sweet, funny, and also very adorable. I enjoy and look forward to her artwork and new pieces she creates.”  InKarla’s words.

“I just wanted to say thank you, Viria, you’re such an inspiration to me and thousand and thousand of other people that use your art as a support. I totally love the way you draw, it’s unique and inimitable. Plus you’re a beautiful and funny girl, down to earth and nice with your fans. Keep doing what you love, and thank you again (: xx” In Maria’s words.


       ***HUGS YOU****