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The Evolution of the Fire Nation Throne Room

The throne room before the war

Before the war, throne room is bright, and and illuminated by the natural sunlight pouring through the large windows—which is only appropriate seeing how the Sun is the greatest source of fire.

Behind the throne is a dragon–the symbol of the first firebender. Together, the sunlight, and and dragon represent the Fire Nation’s adherence to a more pure form of firebending before the war. Soon, these symbols of the ancient ways of firebending will be shattered, as the throne room slowly transforms.

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runrundoyourstuff  asked:

AU in which Iroh is the Avatar?

1. Rather than being frozen for a hundred years, Aang dies in the blizzard.  The Water Avatar after him dies as a child before she can be discovered, and the Earth Avatar languishes unfound in a poor Earth Kingdom village on the edge of the Si Wong desert until he dies in his thirties in a sand storm.  When Iroh is born, absolutely no one is looking for the Avatar in the Fire Nation.

2. Iroh is still the son of Firelord Azulon, still the golden prince of the conquering Fire Nation, and still the Dragon of the West and celebrated general. In fact, he doesn’t have any idea he’s the Avatar until his son dies in the seige of Ba Sing Se.

3. When he goes on his spiritual quest, the spirits basically tell him he’s the Avatar and also a total blockhead. Unfortunately, at the time, he’s really too depressed to do anything about Ozai and the Fire Nation war machine. In fact, he doesn’t start to wake up from his depressive daze until Zuko’s scarring and banishment.

4. So Zuko is on a boat hunting the Avatar with the secret Avatar standing right next to him. There’s no way this is all going to end in disaster. Fortunately, Iroh is a sensible human being who decides he is not going to bother with this Avatar hunting nonsense, so he turns to Zuko and goes: Good news Nephew! You found the Avatar. And now the Avatar is kidnapping you. And we’re going to meet up with some friends of mine from all four nations. Isn’t that wonderful? Zuko does not think it’s wonderful. By the way, this is one of those universes where the Order of the White Lotus holds Zuko captive and forcibly teaches him statecraft.

5. When Iroh goes to the White Lotus and tells them he is the Avatar, Bumi is delighted. He won’t stop cackling. Pakku is horribly disgruntled, both by Iroh being the Avatar and needing waterbending training, and by Bumi’s glee. Also Iroh has to quickly implement a ban on Jeong Jeong teaching Zuko anything, ever.

au-where-everyone-lived  asked:

For the AU ask, an AU where Sokka and Katara find Korra (or Roku for that matter, whichever you prefer) inside the iceberg instead of Aang.

I’m going to go with Roku because I haven’t seen that done yet. Actually, let’s go all the way. Let’s make it so Roku and Sozin and are now Aang and Zuko and vis versa. (Also, I wrote 99% of this before realizing that the cycle won’t allow for Aang to be succeeded by Roku so, I’m just going to go ahead and throw in a cycle reversal too to explain it).

  • Aang met Zuko when he was first learning to the Avatar. In fact, it was his friend Kuzon that first introduced them. And they immediately hit it of, and became fast friends
  • Like Soziin in canon, Zuko too had a dream of sharing the Fire Nation’s greatness with the rest of the world. Zuko, being short-sighted, and and because this version of Zuko hasn’t gone through a redemption arc, genuinely thinks he’s helping the world, and he is. That’s why he even managed to get Aang’s help. This holds true later too, when Zuko begins to get greedy and begins to wonder if maybe, just maybe there’s a reason the Fire Nation is so much more advanced…
  • So maybe he got a little greedy and started annexing a few regions claiming he had the people’s best interest at heart, so what? They’re clearly doing better under him…
  • Aang and Zuko begin to bicker, and the divide between them grows. In the end though, Zuko dies because of his own stubbornness..if only Aang had gotten to him in time. 
  • When Firelord Azulon takes the throne immediately after his father’s demise, she is still furious, and blames Aang for his death, going so far as to place a bounty on Aang’s head. 
  • But the Avatar eludes him and eventually dies while on the run. 
  • The next Avatar, Roku, is born in seclusion. And, just like Aang, he too runs off and is eventually found by Katara and Sokka. 

So, unless I’m mistaken, it would seem that Ozai copied his father’s hairstyle until the day he ascended the throne.

Interesting. It helps support the idea that Iroh was Azulon’s favorite and that Ozai was constantly vying for his father’s affections at least.


Zuko does his hair  similar to Azulon and Prince Ozai. That’s…interesting especially since Azulon kind of wanted Zuko dead and didn’t really think much of him. 

Then again, it could be less about imitation and more about practicality and comfort. 

Edit: So, judging by the last time I posted something like like this, people keep thinking I mean the top knot, so I’m going to do a really shitty edit with some red lines