firelord azulon


So, unless I’m mistaken, it would seem that Ozai copied his father’s hairstyle until the day he ascended the throne.

Interesting. It helps support the idea that Iroh was Azulon’s favorite and that Ozai was constantly vying for his father’s affections at least.


Zuko does his hair  similar to Azulon and Prince Ozai. That’s…interesting especially since Azulon kind of wanted Zuko dead and didn’t really think much of him. 

Then again, it could be less about imitation and more about practicality and comfort. 

Edit: So, judging by the last time I posted something like like this, people keep thinking I mean the top knot, so I’m going to do a really shitty edit with some red lines 

  • zuko: hey azula, I think I'm getting a cold
  • azula: cold?😂 I eat sleep and breathe firebending☀️🔥⚡️you have to earn fathers love 🙅🏻I keep grinding💯nonstop🏃‍💨💦future firelord🙋🏻🔥RIP Azulon👴 Fire Nation Oath 3:14🙏