fireladyswag replied to your postHave you ever been on a dirt bike? Ridden a motorcycle? Bungee jumpin?

Yooo, I wanted a dirt bike too but my mom said I wasn’t a boy. ._. Omg you have to ride one. It’s so much funnnn. Ahaha I’ve only been bungee jumping at six flags. lolololol.

Ah it sucked so much when she said that to me! And when she wouldn’t let my get high-tops since she said those were for boys! :/ But she did let me get low-tops, so I wasn’t completely Converse deprived. 

Like I don’t even know where I can ride one though. It’s not like any of my friends have them. 

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and everyone else who I follow and/or follow me!

I just can’t write you all out ;)

I love you<33 

fireladyswag replied to your post: Fandom has definitely ruined zutara for me. Not that I liked it much anyways, but before I saw fandom, I could at least tolerate it and was fine with it as a crack ship. But wow, after seeing fandom, I pretty much have a visceral gag reflex whenever it’s brought up.

i am a cool zutarian. i actually keep said characters in, you know, character. lolol oh fandom you silly ass fools.

my point!