Some interesting factoids I use to feel good about my fics:

1.) The average paperback book page is between 250 to 300 words long.

2.) The average adult reader reads 300 words per minute.

3.) 50,000 words is a paperback novel.

Use these numbers to get a real feel for how much more you’ve written than you thought.  Reblog with your count to feel better about how much you’ve done.


oh yeah my Gamecube haul

got the top ones in the mail today, the bottom is my entire collection so far (I lent my friend my actual Colosseum game yeaaars ago and never bothered to get it back)

the only thing preventing me from marathoning these games right now is my lack of a monitor with AV ports (people keep telling me about the HDMI mod but mann that is a lot of money and/or a lot of effort) but there’s this old giant TV in our living room that’s like 32+ inches and low quality so maaaybe that?

either way one day I’m going to force my friends to suffer with me in Mario Party and Four Swords and Warioware and they’ll not enjoy it