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❝every band from the sunset strip had to have a ballad and they dominated the airwaves in the late 1980s… every cool rock band penned a ballad worthy of proms and nights spent crying over an ex.❞

1. i still love you  //  kiss  2. don’t close your eyes  //  kix  3. where you goin’ now  //  damn yankees  4. i’ll never let you go  //  steelheart  5. doesn’t matter  //  killer dwarfs  6. too late  //  jetboy  7. love of a lifetime  //  firehouse  8. wait for you  //  bonham  9. to be with you  //  mr. big  10. thunderbird  //  quiet riot  11. i’ll see you in my dreams  //  giant  12. ecstasy  //  vinnie vincent invasion  13. love is on the way  //  saigon kick  14. close my eyes forever  //  lita ford ft. ozzy osbourne  15. house of broken love  //  great white  16. i found you  //  l.a. guns  17. please dear  //  faster pussycat  18. can’t find my way  //  hardline  19. hold on to my heart  //  w.a.s.p.  20. love song  //  tesla

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Crazy For You. (Firefighter!AU)

TW: Minor character death.

You were good citizens doing the right thing and what do you get in return? Death apparently.

Maybe you were firefighters and this was your job as part of Firehouse 8 and maybe you did it out of the good of your heart but also a paycheck. Maybe you had propelled down the side of a building to save the bungee jumper that thought he’d take a chance using the back swing to break through the glass and rob it.

So you did your job.

You propelled down the side of the building, you were the lightest and therefore the only one who didn’t pose a threat to the broken cord that barely held his weight when he hit the bulletproof windows full force when you tugged on it to get him loose. They cut through one of the windows below you for you to push against but you couldn’t pull him through it due to angles and gravity.

“Give me your hand.” You had instructed and it went fine, unhooking his harness from lines he had used and hooking him to you but then as you started to be pulled up by the members of squad and truck, he freaked. The sirens in the distance were reminders he was going to be arrested and he had dangled so precariously by, literally, a thread.

“Stop, hey. Stop.”

You tried to soothe but he tugged violently and it was like watching in slow motion as he let go of you and the hook he was hooked to you by snapped from his flailing and full weight. Then you looked up into the horrified eyes of your team as your own cord began to fray from scraping against a jutted out piece of metal. Your heart skipped, hearing as his body hit the car below and there was no way he could have survived that fall.

It was silent, your ears so filled with your own heartbeat that you couldn’t hear your company as they scrambled to send the squad captain down.

“Darling.” That certainly snapped you from it, eyes locking with gentle brown and you stared at him in horror.

“I dropped him.” You panicked, your head turning quickly but he was already chastising you.

“Focus, hey. Focus.” You looked at him, the soft keen of your cord as it frayed even more, the snapping of another cord. “You did not drop him. He freaked, you could not have done anything, alright? But right now we have to be very careful in getting you up. You with me?”

You processed for a second, the adrenaline setting into you as he began working to wrap a rope around your waist. Obviously hooking you to him would not be a good idea as demonstrated by what just happened. He had to go slow, the slightest shift and you would be falling beside the criminal. Maybe if you reminded yourself he was a criminal enough times you wouldn’t feel as gross as you did now.

“I need you to talk to me.” You finally whispered, you could not deal with that kind of stress right now, your mind could not go to those dark places. He sucked in a breath, the understanding immediate.

“So, how’s it hanging?”

“No, don’t make me laugh.” You stifled it, sharing the same panicked smile with him as he regarded you curiously.

“Did you take the test?” He finally asked.



“I’m in.” He smiled at you, looping the knot on one of your thighs and switching to the next.

“That’s fantastic. I knew you could do it.” You had taken an exam for the squad company, the squad Calum was leader of and you had done so with flying colours.

“Calum.” You interrupted his tale of one of Luke’s antics earlier in the day and he didn’t take his eyes off his work but he hummed in the back of his throat. “Please don’t let me fall.”

“Don’t you dare. I am not letting anything take you from me.” He promised, his eyes snapping to yours with a vigor, resolve so strong that you had to believe him. It was silent as he did the last loop and you knew what that meant.

“Now you have to tug the cord until it snaps and then you will fall until the rope catches you.” He instructed, guiding your hand and wrapping your fingers around the black braid. You took a deep breath, the nod automatic as you had to prepare yourself for the feeling.

“I can’t do it.” You were panicking after a few moments and he nodded, understanding but knowing he had to keep the stable position he had or when you went to swing, he would swing with you.

“Yes, you can. Just like you aced the squad test and just like you scaled down here without an ounce of fear.”

“I think we have discovered that was rash judgement.” You deflected to humour as your defense and winced as another of the frayed pieces snapped, falling past you in tangles.

“Hey now. That isn’t bad. It just means you will have to do less of the work.” He soothed, racking his brain for what he could say to distract you long enough to let your defenses down and just make you do it. The words were tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them.

“We are dangling above pavement at roughly 100 feet and the cords about to snap so I think now is the time to tell you I am crazy in love with you.”

You looked over at him, the shock that the man that you had mistakenly fallen in love with shared your feelings when you were supposed to be just friends, in-house romance was forbidden, written all over. But you had allowed the hold you had on the cord to slip, your grip tight from fear and it gave. You screamed, a sound that he would not be able to forget as you dropped from view but he had himself braced for the sharp tug that he thanked God came.

You were bruised, hissing as he pressed fingers into your tender sides as your claim of I’m fine when he knew you weren’t.

“Put the ice pack on it, hun.” He instructed, handing it to you and you made a face behind his back that had Lieutenant Hemmings laughing. He had been in charge of truck since you got there and you really respected him.

“It’s been three days.” You were quick to state when they tried to coddle you but you guys were a family, dysfunctional but family so they knew you better than you knew yourself. They also knew you were not equipped to handle the fall of the criminal by yourself so they were going to coddle you until you broke and maybe even after that.

“I don’t care.”

“Yes you do. That’s why you are being so captain like.” You argued, eyes widening as he pressed his lips to yours. It wasn’t like everyone in the house didn’t expect it, your friendship had always been so close to a relationship.

“I am not being captain-like.” The word boyfriend was on the tip of his tongue but he didn’t want to scare you off when you hadn’t defined anything. “Now, ice pack.”

You hissed as he pressed the cold packet to your skin and you wrinkled your nose, blushing as he kissed it.

“The soulmates are being cute.” Michael groaned and you shook your head jokingly at him and Calum.

“Absolutely not. If you are the person that I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with, then I want a refund.“ You teased, kissing him as he rolled his eyes at you.

“Alright sassy pants- Whoa, what are you doing?” He yelled as you pressed the ice pack to his arm instead. “That’s cold.”

“Now you know why I don’t like it!”

“NO, NO, NO, NO.” He yelped as you dropped it down the front of his pants. “IT IS COLD!” The house began laughing at the usually well put together captain jumping around.

“IT’S COLD BECAUSE IT’S FROZEN SO STOP TOUCHING ME WITH IT.“ You yelled, smiling because now he knew how you felt.

Your ribs would be screaming with pain later as the laughter gave way to unshed tears in the darkness of your bedroom but that was alright. You could handle it because you would hear him before you saw him. The shuffle of his feet as he entered at the sound of your sobs from the couch where he insisted he slept until you were unbruised. You would feel it when the covers shifted, his warm body wrapping around yours as he tugged you to his chest.

It would be alright.

You would be fine with your ‘soulmate’ by your side. You looked at him, eyes so blurry you could barely make out features as you finally replied to his words.

“We’re laying in bed and it is a distinct possibility that my heart is beating at 100 mph and I am having an emotional breakdown so I think now is the time to tell you I am crazy in love with you.”

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