“Pyroma…ever since you told me you’d still take care of me while I was pregnant with Eruva…I have slowly grown to love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart now and you’ve been so great with Eruva. I wish to have children with you and watch my babies grow up with you. I want to be old and grey with you siting on the porch watching our grandchildren play. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and this ring is a symbol of my love for you. I’m happy to call myself Crystal Blaze.” With her vows, she slipped the ring onto Pyroma’s hand.

The blue haired woman took the ring she had next, “I forever hold myself to take care of you until the end of our days. I confess my love for you here and now to the world, and I’ll always be with you in this life and the next.” Slipping the ring on her smile was heartfelt.

“As are you…and Crystal, I might be able to use my magic to…to get you pregnant with my child, if that’s something you want,” she said nervously.

“What, really?” Crystal’s eyes widened, “I’d love that. I loved being pregnant and I’ll gladly have as many babies as you want,” she grinned brightly.

That brilliant smile would’ve brought Pyroma to her knees had she been standing, and she pulled her into a kiss.


“That movie was wonderful,” Crystal said as they emerged. She saw how the sun was setting and she smiled, turning to Pyroma. Reaching over, she hugged her, “This has been a fantastic date.”

Pyroma patted her back, enjoying how she felt in her arms, “It’s not over yet, sweet cheeks.”

Crystal pulled away slowly and she tried to look through the glass holes into Pyroma’s eyes. She thought she saw yellow, and it was so intense she was speechless.


“So you like them?” Pyroma asked, wringing her hands.

“They’re perfect! Thank you soooo much!” Crystal gave her an adoring smile, “Where did you get them? There isn’t a flower shop nearby.”

“Magic, my dear,” Pyroma was relieved, “Magic.” She shook her head, “Would you like to go see a movie later? Next showing is at five.”

“Of course! That sounds amazing!” Crystal chirped happily.