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It’s donnneee!!! \(;v;\) And I can’t draw Harutaka to save my life sooo… ;n; But I hope this is enough for my good friend pure-awesomness-motherfrickers. This was supposed to be posted on Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t get to finish this until today…Sorry for any errors there might be. Hopefully she likes it, though. >.< Sorry for the delayyy!!!

Oh and also: Unlike my first comic, this one is the english read from left to right. Sorry, I kinda forgot halfway through. ;n;

IT’S FINALLY DONE I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER FINISH although this was suuuper fun to draw

But GEEZ it looks more confusing than what I wanted it to be. First of all, read it japanese (manga) style, which is right to left. Second of all, the main idea of the comic was that Sapphire for some random reason asked why Ruby made the bandana along with the rest of the outfit, and for some random reason Ruby sees younger Sapph whenever she takes off the bandana so he can’t look at her without seeing younger Sapph for some random reason which is why he made the bandana and I’M SORRY I’M HORRIBLE AT EXPLAINING THINGS DELETE THE CAPTION IF YOU WANT I’M GOING TO GO WORK ON GIVEAWAY STUFF OKAY BYE.

Motherfridging arceus what the heck have I done to you Summer

Long story short Kiki’s headcanon of Summer decided to inspire to draw this and it turned out like CRAP. So basically Summer’s family died in a freak fire when she was young and she was the only survivor….

So basically: feels feels feels Omg I have to draw this starts drawing What is this unadulterated poppycock.

Oh, and on a happy note:  I am accepting drawing requests so PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE send me some because I NEED THINGS TO DRAWWW

anonymous asked:

Can you draw HeadPhone actor running and crying?

Sorry, anon. I know you asked for a picture of Heaphone Actor running and crying, but I could only do crying… >~< Not to mention that this is pretty much a scene from the manga… I wanted some reference and I think I got carried away… Anyways, I know it’s probably not what you were expecting, but I hope it’s alright for you, nonetheless! I’ll probably post a better picture later!

@-@ It’s finally done…Ahhhh…That took so long…The outline and then the SHADING…Geeeez…I don’t even know how many hours that was…

o-o Oh snap. It’s been 3 hours. I was supposed to get off 2 hours ago… Oh well. This is my first work with colour, not to mention shading.. So in other words my first actual project. This is Pokemon Ranger Ben, as you may have guessed. And…yeah. That’s it. 

I have no quote to go along with this picture. (シ_ _)シ

Anyways, here’s a rough sketch of Ruby, to go with the one of Sapphire I posted earlier. ‘v’ If you notice I cut both of their hands off an if you put the Ruby one on the left and the Sapphire one on the right there’s a liitle part that should be there but isn’t shown. THEY’RE HOLDING HANDS OMG But they’re NOT holding hands. They’re just touching fingertips. I found that to be a nicer, cuter touch than holding hands. (Cuz Sapphire would be too embarassed and Ruby doesn’t want her to know his feelings) 

This is a little thank you to rubyisthebomb for the promoting~