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How do I block the "Nsfw" tag???

you have to install “tumblr savior” on your browser ! it exists for chrome and firefox, i don’t know for safari tho…

then it appear next to your research bar ! :D the little T and then, you click and you can blacklist the tag you want ! :D

i don’t think it works on mobile, tho, sorry…

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Okay so this is probably a really stupid Question.... but how do you reply to replies to your own post? Like @xxxxx responded to.... (what they said) (what you say)? Because i have all these sweet people responding to my Stuff and i cant thank them and I feel really bad about that....😖

Hi Anon =)

That is absolutely not a stupid question! It took me a while to figure it out when I first started getting replies to things, and congrats on people saying lovely things about your stuff, whatever that stuff is =)

To make those reply posts, you need the xKit browser extension for tumblr (and it’s super useful for many other things too, so I highly recommend it anyway) (and the one that you should get is the New xKit for firefox or chrome)

And from there it’s part of the one-click reply function, which I believe is default and you don’t have to add it to your xkit functions, but you can go in and tweak the setting, and when you hover over a reply on your activity feed, you see a reply arrow off to the right, and you click that and it opens a new post with the reply formatting already in place, and you can write your response =)

One thing to note, however, is that such reply posts do not notify the person you’re responding to. There is a setting to use the @ mention function, I haven’t tried it because it says it’s still experimental, so I usually start my responses by @ mentioning the person in question so I’m sure they’ll notice 

I hope this helped =)

Fox Alignment Chart

Lawful Good: Nick Wilde

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Neutral Good: Mozilla Firefox

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Chaotic Good: Disney’s Robin Hood

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Lawful Neutral: Fox Mulder

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True Neutral: A fox

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Chaotic Neutral: Starfox

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Lawful Evil: “What does the fox say" 

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Neutral Evil: Swiper

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Chaotic Evil: Fox News

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Red pandas (Firefoxes) at the Kobe Animal Kingdom, Japan

fox emoji review

what a good friend! soft eyes and face. i love this boy 5/5

something feels off about this to me but, nonetheless still a good fox 4/5

microsoft back at it again with the thick lines. it looks like a bootleg firefox mascot 2/5

oh.. oh my god…. a soft boy. a good boy. a friend boy. i would trust him with my life and my wallet 6/5

more beautiful foxes.. less pure than samsung yet still soft and trustworthy 5/5

i mean, it is a fox. i think. it looks more like a shiba inu if anything with the colors and round snout. still, shiba or not, nice fox 3/5

what the fuck. what the fuck is this. this isnt a fox 0/5

a realistic approach, he might seem intimidating but he’s really just misunderstood. he would guard you with his life 4/5

this is like the emoji one fox except with less soul and dark intentions. this is the kind of fox who would rob you behind a denny’s, and the mortal enemy of all foxes 1/5



My Senior, IE-kun humanhead version

I only made ones for the first five designed browsers.  So These are the only five I can make human headed versions. ok :)

Please look out for more characters! Like Netscape, Vivaldi, ‘Spartan’, Mosaic etc etc… 

Another shower idea

Remember Legends of Superflarroween? What if we did another event like that, but in the summer? Like, everyone picks a movie and writes a Legends of Superflarrow story (or makes art) based on it. How many people would be up for that if I set it up?