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wortelbrood  asked:

Hey you! You've got a post about tracking Anons on Tumblr, but it's not up to date since there is nog 'ignore' button anymore (it's replaced with a little 'X'). Do you or your followers have any idea if there's a new way to track the IP of Anons? Thanks!

Sadly, Tumblr has disabled any relatively simple way to find out someone’s IP address. I don’t know of any way that does not rely on external tools.

Here’s what I do: I have downloaded a Firefox Add-On called “IP Address Lookup”, which let’s me highlight any web-address and then check the IP and location for that site via a right-click menu. There are other add-ons that do the same thing, for Firefox and for Chrome, so I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you =)

Obviously, this doesn’t work for anons, though, since you don’t know their blog’s address. For that, you’d have to install an IP tracker to your blog, for example statcounter. This will track everyone who visits your blog, I kind of think it’s quite a violation of privacy. Also, a lot of trolls use proxys to obfuscate their IPs, so you might not always get the actual IP.

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i personally use ublock origin for adblock it's pretty good and i think it's on the first page of the firefox add ons

ok sorry but ublock is even more confusing for me?? how do you even say ‘block this site, dont block this site’. its a big mess of ‘elements’ whatever those are, and i cant even find the button to turn them on and off, all i cna do is block everything on a page and not block anything on a page. how cna i do like ‘tumblr is trusted, the adverts arent’
the other blocker I had used to have a menu like:
‘this site is doing something on this site: enabled’
‘this site is doing something on this site: disabled’
like i need that degree of simple, im really fuckin uneducated on how tf all this http stuff works

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so i reached 3.5k so here!!!!


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