FireflyFacts 82/98 | Serenity (Film)

“Joss Whedon has revealed that the reason Wash and Book were killed off in SERENITY (FILM) was because Ron Glass and Alan Tudyk could not commit to sequels. Universal pictures wanted all main cast to be contractually available, so Whedon had to find a way to remove them from the story. In the original script, all members of the crew survived, with Zoe and Wash promising to have children together.“

FireflyFacts 97/98 | Out of Gas

“The red button Wash rigs up to call the shuttles back in OUT OF GAS was taken from the set by Alan Tudyk after they had been told the show was cancelled. Tudyk mailed the button to Joss Whedon with a note saying ‘When you get your miracle, just hit this’, which was Wash’s line to Mal. This was in case Whedon managed to revive the show, which he did in the form of the film SERENITY.“

FireflyFacts 77/98 |  Objects in Space

“The filming of OBJECTS IN SPACE began the ‘Summer Blame Game’ among the cast. Any time someone messed up in a scene they would yell the name 'Summer’, after Nathan Fillion did when Summer Glau forgot her line at the end of a very long continuously-shot scene. This continued all the way through filming the series, and the film.“

FireflyFacts 46/98 | Cast and Characters

“The role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds was originally written for Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Nicholas Brendon, but shooting conflicted with his schedule for Buffy.“

FireflyFacts 80/98 | The Message

“By the time THE MESSAGE was shot the cast and crew knew that the show would be canceled. When Greg Edmonson wrote the music for the funeral at the end, he told Joss Whedon that he wasn’t saying good bye to Tracey, he was saying goodbye to the show.“