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solarbaby614  asked:

How much of the way Maleficent raised Mal do you think could be attributed to the whole villain aspect and how much do you think has to do with the fae thing? Because even the three who raised Aurora raised her as a human kid, because she was one. But Mal is at least half fae. Do you think there is a different standard on how they raise their kids?

- Faes, like humans, come in many different packages with many different personalities and goals. To put it shortly, some faes choose to use their powers to help others, while others would much rather prefer to take over the world. Alas, Maleficent just happen to fit into the second spectrum.

- Mal was raised to have the same beliefs as her mother. She was taught all of the ways to use her powers for corruption and evil.

- As she grew to explore her own thoughts and ideas in Auradon, rather than her mother’s, Mal realized that Maleficent had tried to take something very special about Mal and twist it into something awful.

- Most Faes are known to be very delicate when teaching their children about their powers, never daring to push them. A fae is a delicate creature, and their powers can so easily be tempted into devastation if they aren’t treated right and can even drive a Fae into madness.

- Luckily, Mal was in a place where any sort of magic was prevented, so she was able to truly learn about her Fae genetics in Auradon.


mal/carlos moments in descendants 1&2 ( requested by @ultramalostrash )